On Stirrings of Evil

Evil is fighting for its rights to wreak havok. Its time is short. Evil will not relent until the day of Jesus’ return. It will not go quietly into the night. No, it will grow where it is allowed.

As Christians, this is not cause for fear. Not even close. It is reason to pray and buckle down in worshipping God, reading Scripture, encouraging each other and saving souls. This has always been our duty but now is so much more important. Invaluable. We and the Holy Spirit who lives in ua are the family’s, church’s, country’s, world’s only defense against evil. We have let it off the hook too long, hoping it would go away. It will not. We must do our duty.

Spirit of Fear be Gone

Fear is a negative spirit just as certainly as its opposites truth and freedom are positive spirits, and we must treat it as such. We welcome into our lives that which is good and we can definitely refuse welcome into our lives that which is evil. It does not have to reside here. We can reject it from our personal lives. And I am speaking truth when I declare this. Likewise, we can collectively reject this evil spirit, steeped in devious lies, from our homes, our churches, our cities, our counties, our states, our country. We must command it to leave in the powerful name of Jesus Christ and fill its absence immediately with truth and freedom. And this one act of rebellion against tyranny will validate our worth in God’s kingdom and this soil we find ourselves privileged/blessed to live luxuriously on. ❤