Prayer Need

God loves us so very much that He loves having a relationship with us, loves being our Heavenly Father. And He commands us to pray continuously. Does God need our prayers? Nope. He wants them, though because He knows we need to keep in touch with Him and be humble enough to ask for and receive His help. And we absolutely need to pray.

Now, what particularly to pray. We pray about everything:

1. Personal needs, praises, worship, conversation.

2. Country being in God’s will.

3. President Trump and elected officials.

4. Church matters, alignment with God’s will, needs, growth, missions.

5. Missionaries and Christians around the world and unity.

6. Extended family and those who are ill or needy or especially needing salvation.

7. Work related needs, employers, employees, etc.

8. Home needs, unity, peace and joy.

9. That God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

10. Best for last: praise and thanksgiving to God!❤


Better to Know

If someone close to you that you love has a problem, it is better to know so you can pray for them. It is always better to know so prayers can be said. What greater live can you show a person than to pray for them? There is nothing else so loving and noble, powerful and generous to do for them. Even if it hurts to know, it is better to humbly pray. Always it is better. Swallow the pride and pray for them. We answer for our pride but are rewarded for our prayers. ❤

“Feeding Demons”

I just read a book called Feeding Demons by Perry Stone. (It is available on his website.) It expounds on the lies and limitations of demons in people. It is a very good book. There are some principles worth sharing about it (but I encourage those seeking more detail to get the book and read it- I am not affiliated with him other than being a sister in Christ.)

Principle 1: God and Satan are in no way, shape or form equal forces. God is infinitely more powerful and Jesus already won the final victory over all satanic forces and demons. Satan is a defeated enemy and he knows it but lies, lies, lies.

2. Jesus has complete authority over demons. As such, those who are humbly close to Jesus also have authority over demons because of Jesus and only in His name.

3. Every person has free will to allow or not allow demons in. We cannot cast a demon out against someone’s will. They must want freedom.

4. Prayer and fasting to and for God builds up spiritual power. You get stronger against the enemy by prayer and fasting. Closeness to God is everything.

5. Jesus’ protection is available to anyone who humbly asks Him to cover and save them and has faith. Faith is crucial and allows Jesus to work through you and salvation is our hope and peace. ❤


Why do we want more despite having so much?

Why do we revisit the past in our minds we thought we long let go of?

Why do we want to do one thing and then fight ourselves about it?

I believe the answer is not simple and is simple. The simple part is a lack of focus on God. The less than simple part is it is easier for us to be in the physical than the spiritual. We wrestle the physical world while wrestling the spiritual one. We are constantly doing this and it is not always easy if we are tired or run down or not spiritually fit or praying. Our selfish peaks through. We see grass as greener elsewhere and find out it is a swamp in reality and damage is done. We give in to the enemy constantly bombarding us with attacks. We battle, battle, battle all the past and the present while trying to focus on the future with God. It is complex and ambitious. In fact, for me it is overwhelming sometimes, but I am learning to keep in the Word and pray and humble myself before the Lord and tell Him about it and ask for help. And when I do that, He gives me what I need for that moment. He loves me, you see, and is big enough to help. So, I guess all the complexity is me trying to do it all on my own and the simplicity is that God really can do it all and will help when I humbly ask Him to. Praise God!❤

Focus Above

When battered, bruised the fighting threatens

And long and hard the darkness deepens

And feeling far from all that’s right

And uncertain if to flee or fight

I find one thing to count upon

One happy truth found in this world

Whenever I humble my soul and pray out

Jesus is here and all problems lose face

For all them are nothing due to He grace.

So humbly I pray and God gives an umbrella

A protection from evil, from every dilemma

And He comes in with peace, joy and love

And all is serene with my focus above.❤

Profound Contemplations of God

Driving to my consultations today, I had a profound thought I want to share for God’s glory. Imagine for one minute how enormous and wise and all-knowing and loving God has to be to answer our prayers. We take for granted He does and know by results He does. But have you ever stopped to think how powerful yet loving He has to be and considerate on every level- knowing the present and future simultaneously and choosing what is best for us without screwing someone else up. I mean, it is a sobering, awe-inspiring thought. And oh how God deserves our praise and awe and worship for just that. Oh how perfect He is!❤❤❤

“Wait & See” is Valid

My Grandma Batterson was a quiet and thoughtful woman, very clean, classy and practical. I would have some perceived emergency and tell her and she would much too calmly tell me to “wait and see”. Frustrating at the roller coaster moment, I see her beautiful wisdom now. Because, you see, most of the time the matter would resolve itself and alway with prayer it would be resolved at least on my end. Sometimes we have to do something, our moral obligation, the right thing, do something. But that is our requirement. When you get busy serving elsewhere or doing chores or work or even take a nice walk or bubble bath and pray, all will be well. And those very few instances we screw up and God forgives us but the person doesn’t because of their own sin of unforgiveness, we are not responsible for that anymore and still have peace and joy. So there is an art to 1. humble prayer, 2. Do your moral part and 3. Get busy doing something else. And my wise Grandma’s advice can then help you too. And on her heavenly behalf, you’re welcome. 😄❤