Out With my Molar

I had a pretty nasty fracture on my bottom 19 (my bottom molar I bit a ham bone shard with accidentally and it chipped). And dentists have previously terrified me. So, I asked my Aunt and best friends to pray for me on the way and they did. So the whole time I had peace and even joy and the oral surgeon was wonderful and great and all went well. And I am so happy because I know my Heavenly Daddy AGAIN took care of me. I am sure because I have never had peace before at any dentist office ever and I could not do otherwise. I felt God was with me through it. I knew He was in charge and good. So, praise God! My molar is out!



Don’t forget to pray and ready your Bible today. There are great Bible apps that allow you to take the Bible everywhere you go. Just a friendly reminder to read God’s love letter to you today and talk to Him. ❤

The Power of Conversation

You know, as long as you you aren’t in the habit of over-using words, words have amazing power. Our thoughts and ideas matter and what we say and how we say it, especially when being shared with someone else wanting to converse, hold such enormous power. A conversation can change perspectives, soften hearts, harden them or share ideas meaningfully. It all depends how it is used. A good conversation is time well spent and never underestimate its potential. That is why prayer is so powerful, why relationships can be better, why perspectives can change. These conversations are vital and necessary to growth. Always make room and time for a good conversation. Always beneficial. ❤

Pray for No Double Standards

Things would change faster if those making laws on insurance and Healthcare and benefits in general had to have the same benefit they inflict upon others. We would see fast reform if they had to use what they inflict upon us. Double Standards are crimes of the rich for the rich and of thr lawmakers for the lawmakers. No Double standards. They take our gun rights away, they no longer have gun rights or security. We have expensive shoddy insurance, so do they. No lobbyists paying for their vote. No billionare dictator paying for and/or demanding a vote. No more double standards. America would again thrive. Corruption has to go. This is why I say pray for truth. Truth saves us from evil powers and lawmakers. Truth saves. Saves and revives souls and governments. Pray.

My Prayer and Hopefully Everyone’s Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, I love you so much. I pray for truth to be prevalent and obvious. I ask you to guide our world leaders and our President Trump and all those who do what is right that they be protected and be given more wisdom and make decisions that please you. Please revive the church all over the world, wake them up so they live your love and truth and help others to do so. Please save as many as will listen and soften hard hearts. Please destroy delusions and lies and punish those who have harmed others to the fullest extent of the law. Please destroy evil and make it pay for the harm done. And please help me to show You and Your love and truth in my life for Your glory. Please foegive any sins in me as I freely forgive anyone who has sinned against me- I know my enemy is the evil spirit in a person and they are just ignorant pawns. May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Please provide for and protect us. May Your name be praised in all the earth! You alone are perfect and worthy of all praise!!! In Jesus’ precious name I pray. Amen.