Prayer Power

The power of prayer can never be underestimated. Prayer’s power is this. Because of the relationship involved between us asking humbly for help and God almighty, our good Heavenly Father (and strongest being in the universe He made). It is like the little mouse Jerry asking the big bull dog for help when Tom was trying to get him in Tom and Jerry. Only God is more than 1,000,000 times stronger than our bullies. So never be afraid to pray or of anything really. God has our backs. ❤


My Daily or Bidaily Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, please forgive any sins I have committed, either knowingly or unknowingly. Wash me pure and clean my heart through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, my Savior. Please fill me fresh with the Holy Spirit and lead me in your design for me today. I place my will as second to Your will. Please draw close to me today. May evil deeds be revealed and punished to the fullest extent of the law so they may be saved or at least prevent others from the same evil. Protect and grant wisdom to our President and those in government who do what is right. Punish the evil ones and support the good. May they have wisdom and understanding and follow your leading and will. Please move and wake Christians up to pray and be lights in this dark world. Please help many to be saved. May truth always be seen and reign and free people from bond age and lies. And may I be a great example and light in this world. Please protect and provide for us for You are our Father. I love you so much, dearest Lord. You are high above us yet love us and this is amazing to me and shows your power and beauty. May the name of the Lord be praised everywhere! In Jesus’ name I prays, Amen.❤❤❤

Ineffective Prayers

There are so few ways to screw up prayers, it is quite amusing how few ways there are. In general, any communication with God promotes thought of Him and relationship with Him. Even angry prayers are communication and thus relationship. Hard to screw it up. Prayer is almost always fantastic and meaningful and valuable in just its existence. You talking to God is always a win. 

However, effectiveness can be hindered by two things: 1. Focusing on getting what you want or your way for you, you, you and not taking into account God or His will or kingdom. Basically, it is a selfish prayer for your benefit, even to the detriment of others. And again, at least you are communicating and letting God know you need Him, which is good, but the focus is wrong, which is bad. Pride is going on there and God will humble pride and rise against it for your benefit. The better way is to humble yourself and tell God what you are feeling and ask His help to improve your focus and clarity and attitude. That is a prayer God loves to answer. Ahhhh. I could tell you how many of those prayers He has answered for me personally and you would get goosebumps. 😄 2. Faithless prayer is ineffectual. Praying but not really buying it. Not believing it will be effective, not believing God cares or can be bothered, not knowing He is greater than any problem, all these demonstrate a lack of faith. The better way is to ask God to build your faith and then pray for what you need doing your best to believe God cares and can and will help. God answers faith. He loves it. He loves being treated as He should by acknowledgement that He is greater and smarter than any problem or need. That is answered by God because it is true. 

So there it is. Two ineffective prayers. But again, any communication is better than none but some and gainer more meaningful and effective than others because of these two things: level of faith and humility. Nothing else hinders prayer’s effectiveness, in my belief. All are good with faith and humbleness. And the more you pray, the stronger the relationship with God, which is beautiful!! ❤

A Ray of Runaway Sunshine

In our band, we play oldies rock (and variety) tunes. One of the songs we do that has always given me grief on my organ lead was Runaway. It was our old drummer’s favorite song, so it sticks out in my head and I always got it right on the repeat but always screwed it up the first time. It plagued me. But something happened. I was led to study it. It sounds pompous, but I rarely study a song, just play it, make it happen. So this is not on any planet my norm. And for the first time ever, I easily and smoothly and perfectly performed the lead both times and can do so without complication or stress every time. I could play it now for you. Lol So, this was my gift. I don’t give myself glory for it was so out of character to think of figuring it out that I know it was a gift from God. A rock song? Yes. Because it was a stress for me and I asked for help and He helped. So it was more about God’s provision and answer to prayer and less about what He was helping with. God cares deeply about us, about me, about you. He loves specific humble prayers and requests. He loves surprising us with creative answers. And it was a moment of sunshine in an otherwise impossibly busy and stressful day. Well done, Lord God! I love you!❤❤❤

Wil Sepulveda

Wil Sepulveda, a Great Drummer and Our Own Runaway

Three Prayer Quotes

“Prayer is the opening g of a channel from your emptiness to God’s fullness.” ~Author Unknown

“It is not God Who is far away from us, but we from Him. If you ask me the best means to presevere, I would say when you succeed in getting hold of God’s hand, don’t let it go. Keep hold of Him by constant prayers, and seek to please Him in little things.” ~Mother Francis Raphael

“The great tragedy of life is not unanswered prayer but unoffered prayer.” ~Unknown❤

Weinstein and Answered Prayer

The creep was reported finally, caught, prosecuted, punished. Truth is out. Truth is visible. This, my friends, was an answer to prayer. I and many others, I am certain, have fasted and prayed that truth would be revealed and seen in its entirety and evil would be exposed, prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law. We have prayed this for a long time and God has seen fit to answer our prayers. This is the beginning. Truth, silenced for far too long, will be growing. God answers prayers. We are still praying, still fasting, still full of faith in God, in Truth. And more people are joining our ranks against this spiritual warfare every day. I know because we are praying for that too. And God still answers prayer and still is in ultimate control of this entire universe. Join ranks. Help us pray. Read the Bible. Fast. Anything you can do. And God fights for us whenever we humbly bow to ask Him to. Praise God!!!!❤❤❤

Compelled to Pray

Several times this month, I have been compelled to wake up or stay up and pray for my husband. I believe there is a strong spiritual war waged against him mostly but through him the family. Tonight I am still up and just finished praying for him at 3am, so I believe this counts as a sleep fast. I am giving up precious sleep because my husband needs prayer. I believe the enemy attacks men most, as they are the head of the family. I will not go down without a fight and I fight the very best way… humble, fervent prayer. I pray this way for my family and country and lost souls. But lately Satan is going for the jugular and attacking families left and right and focusing on the man. It is horrible and I will not have it. Every time I am awaken by the Holy Spirit that my husband is under attack or willingly putting himself in harm’s way, I will continue to rise up and do a sleep fast and pray. I will trust God for energy tomorrow or rest in heaven when I get there. A woman’s gotta do what and woman’s gotta do. And this woman will pray.❤