Christmas Present and Christmas Past

So because our church had Christmas service this morning and we needed to be there to play in the band, we celebrated Christmas yesterday, on Christmas. And by us, I mean my husband, two kids, mom and myself. Tiny. Happy. Not quiet but peaceful. And there is a lot to be said for a birthday party celebration early because today was calmer and reflective and enjoying family time and new toys and relaxation. It is a beautiful thing. Might just make a thing of it. One restaurant we liked was open so we all dove into the buffet at Golden Corral after church and I didn’t even have to cook. So there is a calm in the house, especially now after I finished rearranging the family room to accommodate a new mounted on the wall smart tv, a little work. And we can play games and snack on homemade cookies and put on fingernail polish (yuck, not for me, for my daughter lol) and rest and ride bikes and play tennis and celebrate the beautiful Savior of the world’s birthday together. Love this day. Love it more now.


Christmas Ode to Readers

May your stocking be filled with warm, cozy feet and may your cup of cocoa be warm. May all that you unwrap be loved for the thought and may your best gifts be unbought, but wrapped in a spirit of live, joy and peace and complete with smile and warm hugs. And may you not ever forget you have God with you wherever you go! Merry Christmas, beautiful creation of God! Much happiness be to you and your family, even if it is just little like mine. God bless us everyone!!

Just Past A Week Left

People doing a 300+ day countdown for Christmas annoy the heck out of me. I really don’t get why you don’t live life now and feel you have to waste it looking forward to something so far away. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. But now we are at 10 days out and that is pretty exciting. Lol 🙂 It is great to have kids to get presents for and watch their greedy little faces rip open their presents and just laugh because you put a $5 bill in box within box within box etc. And they are about to go crazy. Lol 🙂 So here we go soon into presents time but let us never forget the sweet baby Boy whose birthday we are celebrating and don’t forget a little cupcake or cake remembering what it is really about, an extension of the most important gift we have ever been given, salvation through Jesus. 🙂

Christmas: Michigan vs Florida

I grew up in Michigan. So, Christmas happened there for me during my growing up years. Fast forward about thirty some years and we live in Florida, where Christmas happens now. There is a stark contrast between these two places and this is what I see as the biggest differences.
MI: cold, very cold, sometimes snowed, so stoked didn’t
FL: not cold usually at all, pretty much like the other seasons
MI: to keep food cold for get together, wrap it and put it out on the unheated porch, like an extra fridge or freezer
FL: try to cram all food into fridge or freezer because you put it on the porch it will melt or draw bugs
MI: all the family gets together and eats all day, plays games, watches the Macy’s Day Parade, eats more really good food inside
FL: those few family members here get together and go out to eat then spend time outside, maybe even hit the beach or swim
MI: gray skies
FL: blue, sunny skies
MI: scrape off the car and bundle up
FL: flip flops and shorts
MI and FL: lights, presents, Christmas programs or candle light services at church
Both are wonderful and both represent the birth of Christ well. No matter where I am I love Christmas! Happy Christmas, everyone!