When I am Weak, God is Strongest

I was weak today. I was worn out physically and mentally and emotionally drained. There is a lot culminatinv and on top of it all my cheek now hurts where the basal cell skin cancer is. God is healing it as we speak (a combo of prayer and Him reminding me what to do to treat it, which I had forgotten) but healing is even painful and distracting. So I am weak.

Fortunately, when I am weak and even weakest, God is strongest. He shows His great power in me- thr power to heal, give joy, show His glory, strengthen me, provide peace, take care of everything I cannot. So I am very very thankful for being weak and trust God even more. He always provides!! Praise God!!

When I am Weak, God is Strong

When I am weak, God is strongest in me because my humbleness allows me to not fix it myself or open my big mouth and I can quietly let God lead and speak and act through me. The power of humble surrender to God’s authority and care for me, belief and trust in Him and my relationship with Him is exactly what He needs to work through me beautifully.😃❤️

Charlie Woke Me

I have started exercising/walking again. And Charlie woke me up just now. Charlie the horse, that is. He is most unwelcome and has disturbed my sleep and a rather disturbed dream. Not sure which put me at odds more, but Charlie is quite painful. After a bit of liquid to counteract old Charlie, I am headed back to bed. I believe it is all owing to my very busy day tomorrow will be. I have patients to see 45 minutes away, evaluation for my kids’ homeschooling year, more patients to see an hour and a half away then a baseball game. Just thinking about all that exhausts me. And here comes bad old Charlie to kick me in my calves while sleeping poorly. Not good. And then Friday is also busy all day and then so is Saturday.

But you know who is in control of my day and my safety and my ragged car keeping running and my family’s adaptability? Yes, God is. You see, I walk with Him and stay close to Him all the time. So when I am out of strength, I just ask Him to help me more and He does. He has unlimited strength whereas I cannot do all this alone. The Holy Spirit is my super power and not so secret weapon. God is always quite literally with me. I praise Him for this! I praise God for His many blessings!

And now I will go back to sleep and sleep soundly, remembering that God is my strength and song. I need fear no overly-busy schedule. I never fear anyone or anything, for that matter. God is in control! Woo-hoo!!😄❤

Joy = Strength

“The joy of the Lord is my strength.” For me, that is not some cute saying, it is deepest truth. Nothing strengthens me more than joy that is nestled in peace and founded upon hope that Jesus is my Savior and Lord. Be very suspicious of a Christian who does not smile and does not lean on joy from Jesus as their strength. And do not be such a person. Lean on the joy from Jesus as your strength and let it show on your face. Be that lightbulb. Own it. Love it. Live it. You can do no better. ❤