Peaceful Anyway

You know, everyone is responsible for their own behavior, but when the person is close to you and chooses to dishonor God and themselves and even you rather than put down their addiction of choice, it is easy to take that personally and be upset. And it is upsetting, frustrating, difficult. But their choice is their choice and ours is ours. We must stick to our commitment and our decision to do the right thing ourselves. In this way, we remain at peace in our hearts with God’s help and continue living and doing the right thing. Addiction is a sin sickness and hurts everyone, even the person doing it. It is pathetic and sad and they feel grief and guilt all the time. Sometimes our peace and gentleness and fruits of the Holy Spirit and many prayers will allow them a place to seek help and heal. And sometimes not, but better to try it and remain obedient than to get our disobedient pride up and throw them out in the process. ❤


Caught in the Calm

You know the calm before the storm feeling? So serene, so sweet, beautiful breeze full of rich oxygen, relaxing, perfect. You feel me? That, my friend, is where I am right now. I am at peace. I am calm. Not a thought out of place, no intruding cares or concerns. All is in God’s hands, all in His control. I am in peace prayer mode and God is the reason. This is where I am living right now. And I feel that whatever storm is about to blow in, God will sustain my peace in it. I can live here internally eternally. My Heavenly Father God is peace so as I keep close to Him, I have peace with Him. It rubs off on me. He is improving me, sustaining my good stuff. And He is helping me be healthier physically also. Now 12 pounds down, I am healthier and lighter with more energy and yet more calm. This is a beautiful place to be. I am so very thankful. Only God does this. Nothing I tried on my own ever did for more than a minute or two. Oh how good God is! I wish this for you. I wish this for everyone. You never have to be alone or feel unloved. God loves you so very much! And He has a whole heap of peace waiting your humble request. ❤

Flashback with a Side of Peace

Today at church, for some reason, my mind flashed back to my Daddy’s last moments on this earth before he went off to play and sing in heaven. That day is etched into my heart and I feel everything, smell everything, remember everything. I arrived and he had started heavy breathing. No pain. I sat on his bed and kissed him and said I loved him and hug Jesus for me and ran my fingers through his hair and sang “Jesus Loves Me”. I kept repeating the same song because honestly I could not remember another lyric. It was the only song I could think of. And I sang it for about 20 minutes and he had such a relaxed look to him and then stopped breathing. And once I knew he was not there anymore, I cried for about a year. But I look back now that I can with just tears and not crippling depression, and I see God’s peace and blessing there. So many things in my life I did wrong but that moment, I did right. It was a beautiful, meaningful moment. I, who loved him most in this world, loving him out, just us. Just daddy and me, what I had always wanted. God gave me that. Thank you, God. Please hug him for me. ❤

The Cure for Aggitation

I often feel agitated. I am content and have peace and joy in God. But things vex me. I think those things go hand in hand. I believe you cannot be close to the Lord and not start to see evil as evil and be bothered that more people are not paying attention to God. That is insanity! See… agitation. So, as I am always seeking ways to improve, I realize the agitation welling up in me. My cure for this agitation is humbly praying and reading my Bible. That is it. Super simple. But knowing and keeping from the enemy’s evil distractions are two very different things. And I need to focus on those simple things. They seem to be the cure and answer to most things, truly. And people often sincerely under-estimate the immense power in humility. It is the key to purity and closeness to Christ. It is invaluable from a present earthly and an eternal perspective. Hope it helps you too. God bless and keep you, loved friend.❤

Star Wars & Peace

We are sitting at the theater about to start watching Star Wars as our first and very early Christmas present. And it is peaceful. We chose Cinemark because there are recliners and not regular seats and the seats are assigned so no getting an hour early to push and shove foe a seat. So, will tell you how it goes, but we are peacefully awaiting the start of Star Wars asrewaiginnd I wish you peace also. God bless us everyone.❤

Surviving the Holiday Season


Take time to read your Bible

Remember that with God you are never alone or unloved

Drink hot chocolate

Watch a good movie

Listen to or play music you love

Remember that you never have to match someone else’s stress level

Bask in God’s peace and envision the sweet baby born in a stable that came to allow internal, eternal peace❤

Early Bird

I came to the wedding early. To relax. To practice. To breathe. The rest of the day will be a whirlwind. Another black tie convention Christmas gig after. This was my breathing moment, before guests arive, just me and the piano and God. Here we go. Please bless us, Lord. Let’s play.🎩😄❤