Contentment in Any Circumstances

Being happy with what you have is enormous. It is the proper perspective and a key to happiness, rooted in joy and peace. Without joy and peace, you will never be content and happy long term, regardless of you current and any future circumstances. And peace and joy only come from God for He is joy and peace. Only the Originator of the forces of joy and peace can bestow these to you. And God is that Originator. So, to have joy and peace, you have to humbly ask God for them (after you have accepted Jesus as your Savior), and He will happily give them to you. It is so simple. Then you have the keys to contentment in any circumstances (and eternal life in heaven so yay!!). And that is priceless. If you are already saved and contentment is a struggle, something in your life is not in line with God’s plan for you and/or you are thinking worldly and not Godly and you can re-adjust and get right and then humbly ask God for peace and joy. He loves giving us whatever we need when we ask Him. He is a good, good Father!! So there you go. Tools for life. Prayer. Who knew! 🙂

A Warm Hug Sunset

So, as I went to pick up pizza for our family tonight, God blessed me with this amazing view. It was more vibrant with a deep warm red before I got to a red light to snap this pic as it was fading. And it took my breath away. It felt like a warm hug from God and I could not help but be in love with His beauty and care. It felt personal, like a gift to me (I do not care the reality of this lol). I could not help but thank God and praise His beauty. I just felt so much appreciation. Thankful that tomorrow we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, thankful that we have reason to celebrate and appreciation for hope of salvation. I was thankful for the beauty and being in the right place at the right time. I was thankful for having pizza with my family and yhat everyone is happy and healthy. I am thankful that God brought me through every heartache and loss and crisis to glorious new life in Him with my family that I love so much. I am thankful I have a working vehicle to run errands in. I am thankful for peace and joy and love and protection in our great country because of God giving it to us. God’s attributes and blessings to us are constant and perfect. So, I wanted to share that. God is working, I could feel Him, and He loves us and is in charge. He will hold us in His hands. “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” and you’re welcome for getting that great song into your head. Lol Love you! Praise God!!!

Sitting by the Pool

I am sitting by the pool, my kids swimming and having a great time. And there is this beautiful sunset to enjoy and fresh breeze. It always amazes me the clarity and beauty God provides in His nature. He does a really good job of both in the world He made. And no matter what dark noises go bump in the night drawing in around us, we need never fear any of that. You know this when you sit and pray in nature. You feel God’s provision and strength. There is no doubt who is incredibly powerful and quite capable of taking care of us and loves us to boot. There is no doubt. I wish you God’s peace tonight!

Returning to God

I just read this again and want to share it with you. It is from a devotion al book I have read and reread hundreds of times. This is an excerpt from Tia Stanley, as follows:

“This is a true story about a girl who grew so tired of living with her strict parents thahouse, ran away from home. But soon she found out that life was not so easy on her own. She couldn’t find a job and it didn’t take long for her friends to get weary of her living off their kindness, so they kicked her out. In desperation the 19-year-old was driven to prostitution. 

“Years passed. Her father died, her mother grew older, and the daughter’s life just became more hopeless. Still she would not write or go home to her mother. One day the mother heard that her daughter had been seen in a certain part of town, so she went looking for her. The mother went to every cheap hotel and store, asking to put a picture on their walls. It was a picture of herself, now a gray-haired woman. Beside her picture was a message which simply said: ‘I still love you! Please come home!’ 

“Months went by and nothing happened. Then one day the daughter, who was now very worn and sick, wandered into one of those hotels. You can imagine e how shocked she was to see her mother’s picture on the wall of that dirty, cheap, hotel lobby. As she read her mother’s message, she began to cry.

” That night she started walking the many miles back to her home. It was early in the morning when she finally arrived at the front door of her parents’ house. She began to knock but found the door was already open. Afraid that someone had broken into her parents’ house, she ran inside and found her mother sleeping. She woke her and told her she had finally come home. Mother and daughter began to cry as they held each other. The daughter said, ‘I thought someone had broken open the door!’ But the mother shook her head and answered, ‘My dear, from the day you left I’ve kept the door unlocked.’

“It doesn’t matter to Jesus what things we’ve done or how badly we’ve lived. The moment we decide to turn to Him and ask His forgiveness, He will accept us and give us another chance. He is the only One who makes it possible for us to start a new life, living His way, because that’s the only way we can ever have real love, peace, and satisfaction that lasts. With Jesus, the door is always unlocked.”

I love that. Forgiveness is what God does beautifully and He is the only One big enough to choose to not only forgive but forget it also. This is amazing. And He is patient while we voyage through managing to forgive ourselves as well and not keep bringing it up or reliving it. God’s love is unconditional. He is waiting for you to humbly pray to Him and you are instantly forgiven and home. Ahhh. Rest and peace and joy for our souls!!!

Practical Life Advice

On friendship: True friendship is rare and precious. Be the friend they need you to be and they can return the favor in time. Love unconditionally. Read your Bible and pray.

On parenting: You are not taking care of babies as much as you are raising Godly adults. Be who you want them to be. Be patient but be a parent not a friend. Friend comes later. Love unconditionally. Read your Bible and pray.

On marriage: You are not perfect either. Work on you. Do not be selfish but be generous. Love unconditionally. Read your Bible and pray.

On caretaking: Take a break once in a while and breathe fresh air. It is not selfish. Rest. Exercise. Lo e unconditionally. Read your Bible and pray.

On being in a band: These are your people, your family. Rock on. Be generous. Love unconditionally. Read your Bible and pray.

On art: Once art fits a category, it is less art than it was when it didn’t fit. There is no box. Express yourself freely. Love unconditionally. Read your Bible and pray.

On being an American: Pray for your President and good leaders. Expose wrongs. Stand for right. Love unconditionally. Read your Bible and pray.

On worship: Every act of obedience is worship. It is a lifestyle not an event. May or may not involve music but always involves concentration. Love unconditionally. Read your Bible and pray.

Everything you do is for God not man. Almighty God is who we serve. Humbly pray to Him and He helps and loves you every time. Stick close to Him and life is better, peaceful, joyful. You got this. ❤ 

The Truth About Cats & Choices

While different cats have different personalities, having had many cats throughout the years and being thus somewhat of an expert, they all behave in some very similar and rather predictable ways. All of them sleep a lot. This is important because when awake they are very much energetic and busy. All of them eat a lot when they are awake or do their best to. All of them in time get used to you and socialize with you, by cuddling or tolerating your existence or being in the same room with you or playing with you. All of them talk when they have something to say, some have more than others. All of them, if you stop feeding them and they can get away, they will leave and find food. After eating if they like you otherwise will return. If you mistreat them, they will escape if they can. What does all this have ro do with the price of eggs? We all, every human being on the planet, needs certain things. We all have different personalities (some people several) but we all need certain things to live and survive and thrive and all of us are somewhat predictable to an extent with what we need. When we don’t get it, if we can, we eventually get away and find what we need. This sounds selfish to some and base/rudimentary/feral, but there it is. People run away from people/situations all the time to get what they really need. We all have those needs. But the thing that separates us from animals is that we are complex in our brain development in that spiritual matters/God are important aspects of our lives and we live by a set of moral laws and higher thinking with a complex language. We are not just feeling, emotional beings, we also have a spirit and soul that yearns to please and worship our Creator. When we don’t please and worship God and instead fill up on substitutes (like addictions, other people, our own abilities or looks, some hobby that takes over all our energy,  whatever), we keep chasing that satisfaction that will never come unless we do what we are designed to do. And listen, nothing in our past or present is big or ugly enough to keep us from changing our focus to please (by obeying and praying) and worship God. Then bam! New life, no need to run away anymore. There is peace and joy in every aspect of your life when you please God and worship Him as you were designed to do. And not doing so deprives us of our God given destiny for peace and joy. That choice is ours alone. 

The Light of Christmas

Tonight we drove around and looked at the lights, stopped for pizza downtown and saw more lights. It was beautiful, serene (pretty hard to come by), calm, easy and hopeful. There may be evil pervading most areas but here right now there is a pervading calm and happiness. Because of light? Because one Light came to earth and shared Himself with the world. There is light and hope from Him still, harder to see sometimes, but right now as the dark grows darker, what light we have from Him still shines brighter. We have His light in us and it still offers hope and peace and joy and nothing can change that ever. That is truly beautiful and that is why we celebrate Christmas with Light. 🙂