Through It All

Through it all, I want people to think of me first and foremost as a follower of Jesus Christ. I want people to think of that before anything else about me comes to mind. I am and do a lot of things, but I am in love with Jesus Christ first and foremost. That is who I am and the most important thing of all. Through it all, I am God’s.πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ

Drawing a Map

I am working on writing my autobiography, which is my attempt to testify to the greatness of God’s mercy, love, grace and provision for me all my life and as a way to determine the damage and repair of myself after and while in active recovery. I wish to focus on God first and foremost for He is the Champion.

But as I write this thing, and being a big picture person, I see a map drawn before me of the great occurrances of my life. And I see how my decisions caused many of the deviations and detours and how God kept up ahead of me every step of that crazy chess match. It shows that my relationship with Him, my salvation, was more important than veering from what I thought was His “big plan” for me. He was molding me, holding me or wrestling with me every step of the way so I would fall in love with Him back.

Pause. Just let that soak in because I am certain He has done that for you too. No one loves us more than Him, they can’t.πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ

How I Trained to Run a 6.5-Second Mile

I have not done this for a while, but I wanted to share it, having just shared with a friend who found it useful. Here is how I did it.

I first conditioned and disciplined myself to get up first thing in the morning (before my toddler son at the time) and walk a mile. I had measured with my car’s odometer how far a mile was from my house. Gradually, when a mile became easy, I got up earlier and walked two miles. Then, when two miles was easy, you guessed it, I got up earlier and walked three miles. But I stopped there and alternated 2 miles one day, 3 miles the next and always took Sundays off of walking. Then, instead of increasing my distance, I started walking faster. At first I could only walk fast a half a mile, and gradually that increased. I did not push my body until it hurt, I listened to my body and the slightest ache, I walked slowly again. (Also, I must say that from day one, I stretched before and after my walks.) Then when walking fast the entire distance was easy, I started jogging a bit, just a little at first and any soreness, I walked again as fast as I could. Later, I would alternate jogging with walking. Eventually, I could jog the whole distance. Then I started sprinting the same way. Any resistance, I jogged, eventually alternating those until I could run the whole way as fast as I could. Then my body and heart were conditioned. Once the body is conditioned, it is a matter of will and you can go as fast as you believe and allow yourself (within reason). At the end, I was up to the first mile at 6.5 minutes, the second mile at 7.0 minutes and the third mile at 7.5 minutes. Pretty good for an overweight 37 year old, praise God.

I stopped because I got pregnant and did not want to jeapordize the baby’s health. I have not gotten back into it but I may, I know how to and have started walking 1-2 miles a day, depending. Who knows but if I can do it once, I and you can do it again. And with God’s help, anything is possible (if you really desire it). Never be afraid to try something new that challenges you and helps make you healthier for the Lord’s sake. ❀

Success is Golden

To be successful, make many tiny accessible goals, not something grandiose maybe beyond your reach because of a number of variables. So, today I had success by God’s amazing grace in several arenas.

I made it through helping the entire time during our church’s yard sale 7am-1pm. We raised close to $400 for missions, praise God! Success 1.

I kept my fast pure today by God’s grace amidst lots of eating around me and things going on. Success 2.

I figured out how to shampoo our studio carpet all by myself and completed that. Success 3.

That is enough success for one day. I am very blessed and thank God for every success and grace to carry on. He is so good!!!πŸ˜„β€β€β€