A Treasure Hidden is a Small Treasure

If you have a huge, life-changing treasure, you share it. If you can keep it to yourself, it is a small treasure, a personal treasure you want to be selfish about. But I guarantee that if it changes your life in a powerful way, you cannot help but share it.

This is why I share about my personal relationship with God, my Heavenly Father. It changed my life from a roller coaster to peace, from addiction to recovery from addiction, from victim to overcomer/servant, from anger and hurt to forgiveness and joy, from focusing on survival to focusing on eternal future.

Now a bunch of people see that as pushy or preachy. That to me sounds like coming from a place of hurt, disbelief, woundedness, ignorance, intolerance or guilt. When a valuable treasure is shared lovingly, it is meant in love as a sharing experience to say, “Hey this helped me a ton. Who knows, maybe it would help you?” I see that as sharing something helpful with helping in mind. That is the goal. To be the light to help other people. It may be interpreted as an attack. It is not meant to.

Everyone makes their own decision about the prominence of God in their life. I did and every person also does, whether they believe they are or not. I voice and can only voice my own experiences and hope I may be a help to others. I do not judge because I am not even close to perfect, which is the least possible qualification for such a role as judge. I just wanted to clarify. I found a very valuable treasure in closeness to God and just want to share how much that relationship improved my life.😄❤

Lies in Your Sites and Fire

The closer I get to the Lord, the more I see lies clearly and detest them. My daughter has been testing me in this and I have been calling her out and she is learning that lies will get her punished more than anything else she does wrong. My son learned this arpund her age also, so he gets it. “Mom hates lying so you better tell her the truth or you’ll get in so much trouble” I heard him whisper to warn her when he thought I was out of the room. This is great. There is a reason. Satan and his demons are the “father’s of lies”. They promise what they cannot provide (like power and security and wealth and pleasure, etc.) and lie like they breathe. They lie incessantly and only want to kill and destroy and torture everyone. So lies are not ok. God is truth so we must seek it, love it, live it to please Him. And I want to please God and not honor His enemy who wants us dead. Can I get a witness? Sometimes it seems like noone tells the truth but I know some do, at least selectively, and I do and my kids will it I have anything to say about it. My husband is an adult and has to make that decision for himself but truth is my goal for our family and I pray accordingly. It also makes you much easier see through lies around you. Truth is good. Keep shooting down the lies and focus on truth and build that up. Truth is oxygen and light for truth is God. ❤

When Travel Becomes Vacation Not Destination

Being an adventurous traveller most of my life since high school (and dabbling before that), travelling was the destination. Looking, searching for what different areas hold, what I was missing. I travelled through relationships that way too for a while but I digress. And I realized yesterday that I have arrived at my destination and all travel from now onward is done for vacations. I have found what I have searched for. It was not a physical location. It was not a person. It was a closeness to and healing from God. And I am complete and have arrived. I am content and incredibly happy. I am secure. In God first and then myself and my husband. There is now a fulfillment in the present, a new dawning of peace and calm and a bliss. I know this little girl is complete, no matter what happens to me. And I know my destination is heaven, far better than any place here, which must be incredible. God loves me with a sweet enduring unchanging love and fills and healed my brokenness. All the travel was searching for what He gave me as fast as He could without further damage. What an incredible God we have, so worthy of our everything. Now, I am absolutely brimming with Love and love is my home now.❤❤❤

The Frog in the Box

There was this boy who carried a box to school for show and tell. It was something he found by the creek that was unique and fun and a treasure to him. I fact, the boy got to thinking about just how special his little frog was that he starting  wondering if anyone else really deserved to see his treasure. so show and tell time came and went and he sat and held his box, refusing to share. Several days went by and a horrible odor emanated from his box. You see, he was so busy protecting his treasure from other people that he did not nurture it and feed it and his precious frog died. We are often like that little boy. So eager to protect our talents and treasures that we end up pocketing them and keep them them ourselves, without allowing them to be released to their full potential. They were gifts from God and end up benefitting no one. We have themohemo use them, nurture them, share them. It is amazing how God blesses our efforts when we use the gifts He gave us.