Jesus is Near, a Poem of Comfort

When bad things happen, Jesus is Near.

He is ever a prayer call away.

He cares every moment and loves to the stars

And always can comfort and stay.

When good things happen, Jesus is near.

He celebrates life with us.

For His love is for better or even for worse.

And He makes glad hearts joyfully trust.

When nothing happens, Jesus is Near

For every disappointment or rejection.

He comes to us even when nobody else does

And will comfort even the loneliest soul.❤❤❤


Today I Pray

Today I Pray

Not because I’m perfect but because God is.

Not because I’m better but because I need God to be.

Not because I can do nothing alone but because God can do infinitely more.

Today I pray.

Today I fast.

Not because I am trying to lose those last pounds but because eternity matters so much more.

Not because I like starving but because I love close reliance on God even more than comfort.

Not because I am holy but because I need Jesus to be.

Today I fast.❤

I Noticed

As I turned off all the distractions,

The cellphone, the tv, the music, distractions,

I noticed the flowers in bloom in the yard,

The sound of the birds and the insect’s alarm.

I noticed my breathing the fresh air around,

The sounds of my children speaking around.

I noticed they loved the look in my eye

When distractions gone, and they saw my delight.

I noticed the quiet, the calm and the peace

And talking to God was immediate ease.

And I noticed that life was much better by ten

And decided the distractions were at a permanent end.❤

The Day Comes

Events may move you, darkness pursues you, all may seem lost. But wait. The day comes next. This is always the case.

The bleakest outlook always happens in the closeness of the moment, the blindness to the next moment when the day comes. It always does.

This is because God orders the day. The night cannot always reside, though it wants to. God says the day will come next and bam, it does.

Do not live in the night. Do not give it power. Trust in God’s charge of the day, for it will come.

Live for the day and not the night. Live for God, knowing He still controls everything.❤❤❤

I Ponder Life

I ponder life, with its brevity and pain.

I ponder life, with its glory and triumph.

I ponder life, and how precious every soul is

How connected we are in our dependence and makeup

Our chemistry and design, our breath in and out.

I ponder life and our connectedness, up close

And I see no difference between us, none.

My life and your life, no matter the shell or mask,

Share the same oxygen, need the same nutrients

I ponder life in its base form, I see it.

Do you? If you do, we share that vision.

We share even the knowledge that we matter.

Every life has value, preciousness to God.

We share a Creator. I ponder life.

And you are beautiful to me, I am beautiful too.

And no matter your views,you are precious.

Don’t let evil hate divide us as it is trying so hard to do

Those serving selfish greed or evil hatred or ego.

Let us know better about life and its tenderness.

Let me love you and you love me. Join my hand.

Declare that we pondered life and decided to keep it

For it is designed to be kept and appreciated.

And united we are standing tall and strong

And divided we choose not to be or we would fall.

I ponder life and decide it is precious, yours and mine.❤

The Lost In the Crowd

Sadder still than those alone,

More depressing than this verse,

Sadder than the remnant prince

Of lands lost to the sea.

Such is the sadness betwixt the crowd

Of one lost soul therein,

Especially when the poor soul lacks

The knowledge that he is lost within.

And surely does God’s loving heart

Sorrow at the loss of he

Who unbeknownst is lost in the crowd

When easily God would help thee.

But call upon God, dear fellow man,

Hear His sweet call so near.

Decide salvation yet today

For God wishes to live eternal with thee

And never would He abandon thee

If you but let Him save you.❤

Pray On

Every day and now, pray on.

Every task to do, pray on.

To prevent bad things, pray on.

To worship the King, pray on.

To praise our God, pray on.

To raise our hearts, pray on.

When feeling depressed, pray on.

When life is stressed, pray on.

When you’ve no words, pray on.

When happy for grace, pray on.

And never forget to pray on

For every need, toil or strife

For God is awaiting your prayer

And loves and longs to make right.❤