I Still Sing

Though difficulties rear their evil head,

I still sing.

Though enemies rise up under my feet,

I still sing.

Though dark clouds fall and disasters call and hard edges lunge,

I still sing.

What is this raging joy and tumultuous peace, this source of hope and rest and ease?

It is He, Jesus, my Lord and King.

To Him, I still sing.😃❤️

I Know Not

I know not the storms I will drive through or that will beat upon my home when I am fast asleep.

I know not what scoundrel poses as a man of valor that I will meet upon the way.

I know not what temptation will lurk in dark crevasses of my bromen spaces within.

I know not what obstacles I will trip over along the way I must go.

I know not any of these hardships or whether I will meet them at any moment BUT

I know who made Me. I know Whose arms I run to when I am happy or weak or afraid. I know Who heals and teaches and loves me unconditionally. I know Jesus Christ of Nazareth and I am His. So all those other things pale greatly in significance to His light and salt in my life which I can then share also.

I know Whose I am. I know the Great I Am. So I am ok.😃❤️

The Saddest Lies and Sweetest Truth

“I walk alone”, the sad song sings amongst a million echoing. The hardest thing to believe is the lie of solitary suffering.

“You’re not enough just as you are”, that lie falls on a million hearts. You’d be ok if you could change this or that but not be the same.

A million other sad lies extend to houses all across the lands, near and far we are the same targets of an evil game.

The truth is millions of times sweeter, if only you could be believers, that God is our forever friend, with us daily to the end.

And He loves you just as you are, His best creation, His loving heart. And He designed you just the way He would do it all again today.

So do not heed the many lies that try to hurt and make you cry. For lies they are and read the Truth, for it was given just for you.❤❤❤

Ode to Blessed Imperfection

I am not perfect but I strive to be humble.

I am not eloquent but I work to encourage.

Never early but ready when I get there.

A million flaws but a million and one smiles.

I miss a lot but see the needy and help.

Not popular but known to love the Lord.

I focus on the big picture but God points out the details I need.

Not always lovable but my children respect and love me.

Not always a great wife but always a forgiving one.

I am not perfect but I am blessed to know humble is better.😄❤