A Boost for the Soul

When your soul needs a boost

And there’s nothing going right

And the dark creeps on in

Seems to engulf the light.

Give yourself a light boost

With an intentioned heart

And serve someone with joy

And relight your own light.

No longer wait for another to help

When your soul needs a boost, create one for yourself.

Create it with prayer and find someone to help,

Something that needs done and do it yourself.❤


Lies be Damned

May every lie uttered be cast into the sea.

May lies be damned when from lips they leave.

May lies repulse and make skin crawl.

May lies never be accepted at all.

May lies be unable to fool a soul

Or drag them down to hell below.

May lies be open to viewing eyes,

Unable to hide inside their lies.

May truth be brilliant, blazing white.

May truth show its perfect light.

May truth be what we strive for.

May truth be welcome at our door.❤

Be What Others are Not

If no one is being the light,

That is your job

Be the light.

If no one n is speaking the truth,

That is your job.

Speak the truth.

If no one is worshipping God,

That is your job.

Worship God.

If no one is forgiving and letting go,

That is your job.

Forgive and let go.

If no one is serving others in need,

That is your job.

Serve others in need.

Others may be content with selfishness.

That’s not your job.

Just be selfless.

Others’ sins are not your concern,

Just don’t sin.

Be God’s child.❤

Tired of Lies

I am tired of lies that I have told.

I am tired of lies, the soft or bold

Tired of Lies that kill our joy

Tired of Lies that push toward bad toys.

I am tired of lies the media conveys

And tired of lies politicians make.

Tired of lies that take away peace

and tired of lies that whitewash disease.

So what do I do to help kill the lies?

What changes heart corrupted so by lies?

Only my God and the Truth that He is

Can cut through the lies and reteach us to live.

I can tell the truth

And I can tell His Truth.❤

Just When I Thought It Was Over

Just when I thought it was over, it wasn’t.

Just when I thought it was gone, it came back.

Just when I thought it had ended, it began.

Just when I thought it was finished, it rejeuvenates.

Perhaps the problem is thinking

So many things all of the time

Perhaps I just have to ride it out

And see where it is that God guides.

God knows every thought and each whisper.

He knows how it began and will end.

There is no use second guessing the Master,

For it will be as He says in the end.❤

Under the Light

Under the Light of the lamp I can read

Or sew or draw or paint and create.

Under the Light there is warmth and no fear

And darkness is chased off and love fills the air.

Under the Light of Jesus it is the same

That loving warmth pervades the dark,

And remembering that I am Jesus to them

Makes me proud that I’m Under the Light. ❤

As I Fly

As I Fly through this life,

And the turbulence grows,

I know who holds up my wings.

For I once used to walk

And sluggishly climb

But God gave me the Spirit for my keeping.

And along now I fly

Through life’s high points and low

And I never run out of fuel

For even if I glide

For a little while

God raises me body and soul.

We are not alone

On this flight we are on

Even if it seems that we are.

No, God’s in control

When we ask Him to be

So we can have peace and just smile.❤