When I am Weak, God is Strong

When I am weak, God is strongest in me because my humbleness allows me to not fix it myself or open my big mouth and I can quietly let God lead and speak and act through me. The power of humble surrender to God’s authority and care for me, belief and trust in Him and my relationship with Him is exactly what He needs to work through me beautifully.😃❤️

Still Sick, Still Going

Living my life sick is like living 100 miles an hour as a snail. I feel like I am barely moving through a whirlwind. But such is life. Everything is done. My illness will be soon. My daddy always taught me to push through. And except for sleeping in until 11am this morning, I have pushed through. Worked on band things, worked on the house, shopped, did crafts and school with my daughter, cooked a all while blowing my nose a hooked coughing all day, and I am still alive. Thank you, Lord, for that. But now it is time to sleep. And thank God for that!😄 God bless you and I hope you don’t catch this virus. ❤

Sick Days

Yesterday and today have been my sick days. I am rarely sick because I generally do not allow it because I have too much to do and yes, my faith in God’s healing ability and my will are that strong. I allowed this one because I needed some down time and rest. October was insanely busy and we needed rest. So, November is not so busy and we don’t have a gig until Saturday, so it is a good time to rest. I hope everyone else stays healthy and happy. I will be healthy again tomorrow and back at walking and school. God bless you all! Remember to spend some time with Him today! ❤

A Friend Suffers so I Suffer

My band family sister is a beautiful woman, loving and kind, an amazing hostess and loving friend. She has suffered with leukemia for some time and now is going to go through chemo. Our band family is hurting because she is hurting and we are praying for her healing and no pain to plague her. We are praying in earnest for when my friend/adopted family suffers, I suffer and when I suffer, I will 100% of the time, as I have always done when I have sufferred, will be exhaustively in prayer. It is my go to. When I hurt (or any time really) I pray. I go to the Great Physician God my Father for illnesses to leave. I heal through God because I have faith that He heals and know full well He does and wants to. I pray when I suffer so here I will be praying. We will pray during school, for every meal and in conversations in between. God knows and cares but responds to faith because of His goodness and not because of me. I love her and so does God so I will pray. I will also cook for her and clean if she will let me and do whatever else I can but I pray for those I love, knowing it is the very best most powerful and most effective thing I can do. I am just a little girl but God is enormous and powerful and has proved His love to me over and over and over. I count on His love. Sometimes it is all I have. And I have His love and fight for those I love. God is so very good!!!!