Mercy and Forgiveness

Mercy is where Jesus paid our sin debt we owed, withholding justice and giving grace instead. Forgiveness is what God demands/commands of us in return. Sure, someone may have been horrible and mean and evil and hateful and may not even be sorry. However, we are to remember Jesus’ merciful payment on the cross for us who didn’t deserve it and give mercy to those who wrong us and don’t deserve it. We are to bestow grace in response to sins against us as Christ bestowed grace so generously on us who sinned and still sin against Him. This proves we understand what Jesus did for us and that we obey back and worship Him by trying to be like Him. Holding back forgiveness is proof you don’t appreciate or accept the gift of salvation and we will not be forgiven until we embrace it fully- why Jesus said the bit about “forgive us our debts AS we forgive our debtors” and Jesus says later, “for if you forgive others, your sins will be forgiven but if you do not forgive others, your sins will not be forgiven.” If we really get and embrace our merciful gift of salvation, though we were unworthy, from Jesus, we will mercifully forgive in return, even the unworthy. Mercy and forgiveness and grace all mingle together. Truly beautiful!😃❤️

Four Crepe Myrtle Trees Change Homes

I grew 4 crepe myrtles up into beautiful trees- pruned, watered, fertilized, sprayed when necessary. They were absolutely beautiful and always made me smile. I loved those trees.

Well, my controlling husband decided bamboo is preferred in that spot along the driveway, so he was ready to pull my babies from the ground and throw them out. Just like that. Who cares what you want. Left a bad flavor in my mouth, so to speek. Then I stopped being mad and changed course.

What would anger accomplish. Justified, sure, in my eyes,but is it Jesus’ way? Do I follow Him or not? When He was teaching, He said many things about it,all wrapped up in love and prayer and forgiveness. So I decided to forgive and find a precious home for my babies.

My mom has a few crepe myrtle starts that never thrived. And she has space and a carport that exposes her van to the morning sun up until 2-3pm. So she needed shade. So, of course, it is only natural thay they should go there and be beautiful and useful for my mom. And as they are 6 minutes away, I can help them thrive. So I transplanted them (having to cut some of the roots to do so) and one is thriving already, one is doing ok, and two are healing up now. Praise God they will live! And by next year, on the way to striving.

When we surrender to Christ, we give up the right to be overly attached to anything or anyone other than Christ. Jesus comes first so we love and pray and forgive when wronged. God is so good!😃❤️

A New Day

Every day we are still alive is a brand new day, a new opportunity to be better- to read the Bible, to forgive someone, to pray to God, to worship God, to praise God, to serve God and others, to actively love. A new day is a new opportunity for improvement. So precious! Praise God!😃❤️

Bandages in Recovery

Ending my addiction was a great gift of mercy and grace from God. I was blessed in my life to have loving people who prayed for me regularly and God answered their faithful prayers. I feel it is a gift every day to be in recovery.

However, it is not easy. I made tons of messes along the way while I was busy being a selfish addict- which all addicts are- and bandages have to be ready to apply all the time. God forgave me and I have recently also forgiven me. But, I made many bad choices that people are not so easy to forgive because they seriously hurt them. I have to try to heal relationships with my kids for one. I have given them years of bad parenting- I did my best and tried to love them but was a secret selfish addict and that always affects innocent children for years. Trying to do my best now is hard because I am not sure how to do all this while feeling everything. I have come a long way but have very far to go. I need a lot of bandaids ready at a moment’s notice and hope and am praying that my kids don’t take up addictions to temporarily mask their pain. They never last long and God is a much better, healing choice for true freedom.

I have to give myself grace while feeling very alone. My saving grace is having a relationship with the Lord. I trust Him and He takes care of me. I am trying to figure out how to do things. So I keep putting on bandaids and pray for God’s deep healing in their lives and mine as we keep going in recovery. Praise God! I am so thankful to be in recovery! God is so good!😃❤️