Truth Wins

Truth wins. In this world of evil, sometimes it doesn’t seem like it or it is hard to tell which is truth and which is lie and the evil one would like us to believe there are no fine lines of right versus wrong. Well, the fact remains that there is a definite right and definite wrong and a Truth that always wins the argument, wins life, wins eternity in heaven and that is the Bible. Skeptics and atheists have tried to prove it wrong more than any other book, writing, document, anything. They want it to be wrong so desperately but they end up converted or make up a lie and stomp off in a huff. Read the Bible to know the Truth. Read it to know right from wrong. Then choose the right, choose Truth. You will never regret it. You certainly will regret rejecting it.πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ

Stay Close to God

So many are not going to church anymore. It is no longer for any reason except the fact that God and obeying Him is not their highest priority anymore. We can change that and turn it around by giving God His proper number one place in our lives. We do this by staying close to Him- praying, reading our Bible, worshipping, going to church, helping other people, serving, tithing. All of these practices are Biblically mandated and good for our soul, relationship with God and good health now and into eternity.πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ

Your Bigger Purpose

Today we all went to a great new park in our city. Among many things there was a ravine with a stream on tht bottom, quite deep- cameras don’t capture that depth when said camera is in my hands- and elephant ears growing in them quite tall. These elephant ears grow in this ravine beautifully. They look great, they have everything they need and are rather the star of the show. However, they serve a greater purpose. They were planted just to be pretty and get the glory. They keep flooding down, they shade plants that grow below, and they keep erosion down. Very useful!

When Zac was little, we watched Thomas the Tank Engine quite a bit and the show talked about the glory of being a “very useful engine”.

I say all this to remind everyone that like the elephant plant and Thomas, we were made for a greater purpose. It is cringworthy when people live only for themselves and pleasure and glory but never give credence and honor and service to the God who made us all, in fact made everything we know of. How myopic and dastardly to ignore the higher purpose we were made for! May it never be! We have to seek out and fulfill our higher purpose for God’s glory because He wishes it. He is always more generous than we are, He rewards any sacrifice we make for Him or others He loves.πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ

Feeling Murky

Writing my autobiography is hard. The end of the story is great and glorious testimony of God’s grace and mercy, and there are moments of amazing along the way, but there were years of really hard stuff and writing it is reliving it. So I am murky right now. I feel it is worth sharing and going through to maybe help someone else, even one person would be worth it but I will need days between writing in prayer and Bible reading to revive. God is good. He can help me. Praise God!πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ