A Tale of Fishing 

Today, I took my kids fishing. In coats, all bundled up. We caught nothing. We used a lot of time. We were chilly. All worth it. You cannot bond properly with your children without spending tech-free time with them, where God’s nature is the only distraction and it is a calming, welcome one. It enriches their lives and gives them an option to other unhealthy habits they may come across. ❤


Making Fun

So, today, after the work and breakfast were over, and after catching up on house keeping (which my host mom used to call “domestic goddess duties”), I kidnapped my children to race over to the clubhouse and play pool. We made fun in the day. It could have been a long, cumbersome day. I could have just plowed through and accomplished everything. No, that is not what we did. That is not my legacy to my children. My kids will know that I balanced work and play, with equal fervor, while loving God out loud the whole while. And so we make fun happen. So important. Remember the fun. 😄❤

Pool Therapy

My children have been wanting time with me. Today was a clear day so my hubby took us to breakfast at IHOP and then I took the kids to the pool for some time together. We played, we enjoyed, we spent quality time. It has been too long since we have. We all needed it. And now I have happy kids again. And I am happy because I realized the important truth that I have to make time for my children, even if it is letting something else go. There are always a million things to do but I only have two children and one husband I am responsible for personally. God and then they come first. That is how it has to be. It is good. ❤

A Child’s Song

There is as much purity in a child’s song as in their laugh. Both represent the tangible presence of each precious moment of their day and limited experiences. It conveys freshness and newness and is so sweet and clear and good. God must really love hearing the children sing. It lifts my spirit also. Energizes, brings the fun and life to the room. Fantastic experience. ❤

Ferris Wheel

My daughter rode the ferris wheel today at Old Town. She had a blast. It goes slow, it soar into the air, it often has its head in the clouds, it goes up and down with grace. It is elegant. It is fun. And I realized it. My daughter is just like a ferris wheel. And I love her so much the more for it. God blessed me with this sweet child.❤

Bold & Beautiful

My son told me I was the most beautiful woman he knows inside. Lol. At 12, he has now seen and experienced ugly inside in others and himself. So I accept the compliment, knowing well my outer flaws and knowing his heart is finding beauty where it should be. I love my children so much. And I boldly teach them life. That is my job. And they continue to show me the beauty of God. God’s little masterpieces. ❤