Still a Little Crazy Interrupter

I realized I interrupt a lot. I actually caught myself as I was doing it. And of course if anything is wrong that I do, my husband is going to make it 100% worse guaranteed. At first, I would fume, but now I realize it has kept me humble and now I realize when I mess up whereas before I would not realize I had done it. So I am going to work on not interrupting. I need to relax and take a deep breath and wait my turn to talk, even if it is exciting and I am looking forward to adding to the conversation. And I will work on not interrupting and stop being still a little crazy. I will ask God for help and work on it.😄❤

Anchor Of Our Soul ~

An Anchor to the soul,the hope of our certaintyJesus became the wayto everlasting eternity. Sure and steadfast,in the truth groundedour salvation in Himis securely founded. The veil has been lifted,through Christ we enter inin His righteousnessno longer bound to sin. To His Father in heaven,He gave us the boldnessto approach His thronein the cloak of […]

Anchor Of Our Soul ~

You Must Proclaim The Lord’s Death

Photo by Pixabay on The Church looks back on what Christ did for us, recognizing that our sins led to His death, while also recognizing that His death led to our redemption. Why proclaim His death? Because He’s the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world by laying down His […]

You Must Proclaim The Lord’s Death