Putting it in God’s Hands

When your spouse starts acting strangely and secretively or mean, when your friend ignores you for a long time, when employers belittle you, whatever it is, there is a heavenly protocol. Humbly pray and put such things into God’s loving, capable hands. Visualizing it helps. Put these things you cannot change into the hands of tour loving Heavenly Father who loves you dearly and is always with you. God comforts and brings peace and heaps love onto you. Nothing is hopeless. God is hope!!❤❤❤

Calls You Get Too Late

When there is a tryout for a team or job interview or broken relationship with someone you love or a broken friendship or whatever the case may be and you don’t get that affirmative call from the other person when the ball is in their court, sometimes they have a change of heart and realize their mistake but call too late. Either your number has changed or you have moved or your heart is decidedly alone or what have you. But restoration is God’s business and forgiveness is ours. We can and must forgive and move on. We must ask their forgiveness if we have access to them and ask God’s forgiveness also. God restores. He restores peace if unity is no longer possible but we must do our part and leave the rest in God’s capable, loving hands.

When God Answers Unprayed Prayers

So this morning, I sat uncomfortably in worship and wanted to run up on stage and help lead worship because it was poorly done and I hate that. God deserves our best. And God read my discomfort and heart to want to serve Him by leading worship and when I went to pick up my daughter from children’s church, the leader asked me to lead worship for the kids every Sunday morning. So that is what I will do now happily in love. Yay!!! Praise God for answering unrated prayers!!! He is so very good! ❤❤❤

Comfort Levels

It is fascinating how people differ so much in their comfort levels doing different. Some people are right at home on stage. Some would rather drink poison. Some people are very comfortable working hard outside, some people prefer quiet work in the air conditioning. It is usually guided by our giftedness f t om God. And the beauty of the kingdom of God is that the here is no right answer. Everyone has a role an DC everyone is equally important. Equally. In fact, to me personally, an on-stage, public speaker/worship leader type person, those taking care of the background details seem much more important because it allows us all to function in our giftedness smoothly and if I had to sit down and do tedious work, my spirit would very quickly go from thriving to surviving and struggling very quickly. We have to operate within our comfort level ( within reason, I mean we can’t always do our jobs from soaking in a hottub Lol). We ate generally operating in our giftedness when we are comfortable. I am uncomfortable sitting in the congregation during worship. I just am. I worship alone in quiet but around other people, I need to be leading. That is what I am designed for. We need to do what we are designed to do to be comfortable and content in our work for God. ❤ 

Focusing on God

The worst thing that can happen to us is being distracted to the point of building your own little partition between you and God. It is like each distraction is a brick or several bricks, depending upon its demand for your attention. And what takes down a brick wall is always effort. Now if we provide that effort, it is a slow tedious process. But if God steps in and provides the effort, instantly gone! So, the way to get Him involved is to stop what you are doing and humble your heart and pray. Bam! Done! Then keep clearing away the rubble by eliminating one distraction are are time. Bye, Facebook. Bye, computer. Bye, excess entertainment. Bye, unforgiveness. Bye, addiction. Bye, judging others. And so on. Better to lose one thing (or everything temporary) than everything eternal. ❤

Excellence, Not Perfection

If your focus is on perfection, in yourself or others, you will live in constant frustration, defeat, sorrow or insanity. The only perfect One is God, the Holy Trinity. That is it. What He made is good but not perfect, since sin came into this world. What we should expect from others is nothing. Their mistakes and sins/shortcomings are not our responsibility. However, we are very responsible for ourselves. And what we should strive for is excellence. Not perfection, there is a big difference. Perfection is unforgiving, impossible to maintain, unfathomable by a mortal who cannot dictate environmental conditions which must be met for perfection. Excellence, however, is striving for our best, doing it as well as possible with what we have to work with, trying to give those around us every reason in the world to see Jesus through and in us. We have personal responsibility for this and God expects our hearts to be right as we strive for excellence. God does not have unrealistic expectations and knows we must first try a little as babies then try harder as maturing Christians and then strive for excellence with spiritual maturity, motivated by the love God pours into us and for His glory and honor. And there is enormous freedom in accepting person accepting responsibility and humbly forgiving your past as you ask God to also and then doing something about it. This is truth and freedom here so absorb it. Be blessed. Lay down the burden. Strive for excellence one moment at a time and leave perfection to the only One (God) who can be. ❤