Seasons/Ebbs & Flows

There are a myriad of seasons in life: growth, decline, learning, forgetting, deep love, cold remembrances, exploration, settling, building, moving, strengthening, weakening , exercising, and neglect. These seasons ebb and flow like the tide, sometimes mingling together in the waves for a time but ever changing. And this is our lot in life, our epic journey we must make to our eternal destination of our choice, heaven or hell. We walk this road, this tidal path. It is an adventure, sometimes happy, sometimes heart-breaking and everywhere between. Keep journeying for the right, dear friend. Keep your focus on our Savior Jesus Christ and He will maintain your peace amidst all the changes. He is faithful and just and hope and truth. Woo hoo! ❤


Ok Now

You are not “going to be ok someday”. You are ok now. You are beautiful and pain is part of the journey, loss is part of the journey, screwing up and repenting to start over is part of the journey, illness is part of the journey, all as much as love is part of the journey. It is important to change our perspective to keep on track and stay on the beautiful journey designed just for beautifully created you. You are ok now. In fact, you are purposefully and beautifully designed and creates by a perfect God who believes you can and should do what He designed you to do. And modification and realignment is part of the journey. You are beautiful, baby. Even if you feel ugly or some selfish monster tells you you are. God says otherwise and His Word trumps everything. You can believe Him. But keep on your precious, important journey. Keep going. It is part of it and you are beautifully ok now. Keep going with God’s help. ❤

Enormous Baby Steps & Faith

My children were quite different in their approaches to learning to walk as babies. My daughter did not try or want to walk until she was 16 months old. She was talking in sentences by the time she was 12 months and organizing and putting Legos together and everything else a baby does early, way ahead in cognition and everything but walking. She liked being carried, it was not a priority to her. She didn’t even try to walk until she could do so quickly and proficiently. She was safety conscience, careful, contemplative, wary. And she runs and jumps and dances with the best of them now. My son, in stark contrast, was walking and talking and balanced by 10 months and was running by 12 months. Huge steps of faith. When met with safety, steps became bigger and bigger and running was a viable and more efficient option and off he ran. These are differences in development and temperament and personalality. Nothing wrong with either, just different. But in our faith walk, we are to choose either, depending on our current level of faith for FAITH plus STEP equals SUCCESS. There is no success apart from faith so it is unwise to step out until your faith grows, right? Well, seems logical but faith is spiritual and not logical. Faith is believing what we cannot see. So taking that step after a humble prayer is exactly what builds our faith and makes our steps count. That is truth.❤

Truth- The Quest

All I know to be truth is the Bible. I do not have evidence that anything is true apart from the Bible. I have no evidence that people are telling me the truth unless it lines up with the Bible. I am skeptical of everyone and everything else. I know that lies pervade this race of humanity because we are all sinful and selfish unless we actively try not to be or are covered by salvation offered by Jesus. In fact, not one person, including myself, can ever be trusted unless I or they are aligned with the Bible. Why trust the Bible so much? Surely there are many spiritual writings. My answer is easy… it has never been proven wrong at all through intense scrutiny- it keeps being proven right over and over. Also, I have faith built in to me from my Creator God. So if the Bible is all I know to be truth (originating from Creator God, the Author of the Bible and Who is in fact truth), I had better be filling my mind with it. I had better study and read and re-read it. I need to know it so I can hold people up to its light to see their true colors and my own. This is why I am passionate about sharing truth often. Truth is the key to freedom and eternal life. Truth brings peace and joy. Truth is God and God is truth. The quest for truth, therefore, is worthy of our time and attention. And the Bible is our proven source of that truth. ❤

The Different Day

The day I have had is the same as every other day. A lot to do, some things missed, some overshot, some tasks completed, extra things done, blue sky, kids healthy, spouse being nice, God is good. What changes is me. My eyes change. My eyesight changes with my perspective, and that changes with my decisions and some emotions, and those are influenced by what I put into my body. Lies and garbage in, separation from truth and peace and joy happens. Truth in and truth and peace and joy and love can flow readily. I have created a road for good to travel with me. I have paved my own road with good input. And that changes the everyday things enormously and changes my power dramatically because God can walk with me and He is pretty strong. 😄❤

To the Point of Objectivity

The closer you are to God, the more you consider Him in all things rather than the sources of disturbances. You remain objective and focused amidst persecution and mistreatment. Names are called and you consider the Source of Life and what He suffered for us and then objectively consider the source of cruelty. You forgive more freely, purposefully, faster. You forgive before the entire name is in the air like an arrow shot from a bow toward you. You decide to be God’s and not defend yourself, knowing He judges rightly and will handle it for you in some way in His timing, and you pray for those who don’t get the implications of that. God isn’t One to mess with. When His children are mistreated, you can bet that unless they repent, they will very much wish they hadn’t. They mistake God’s patience in wanting more people saved and giving so many chances for weakness or being far away or passive. Far from the case, God generously pours out grace, hoping He will love you into turning to Him. I digress, and return to my point. There is a vast satisfaction derived from becoming objective in the midst of incessant criticism and other spiritual attacks. We focus on God and He provides objective glasses and grace to push through it to an even stronger you. This is beautifully peaceful and joyful. Hard to explain how melodious.❤

When Travel Becomes Vacation Not Destination

Being an adventurous traveller most of my life since high school (and dabbling before that), travelling was the destination. Looking, searching for what different areas hold, what I was missing. I travelled through relationships that way too for a while but I digress. And I realized yesterday that I have arrived at my destination and all travel from now onward is done for vacations. I have found what I have searched for. It was not a physical location. It was not a person. It was a closeness to and healing from God. And I am complete and have arrived. I am content and incredibly happy. I am secure. In God first and then myself and my husband. There is now a fulfillment in the present, a new dawning of peace and calm and a bliss. I know this little girl is complete, no matter what happens to me. And I know my destination is heaven, far better than any place here, which must be incredible. God loves me with a sweet enduring unchanging love and fills and healed my brokenness. All the travel was searching for what He gave me as fast as He could without further damage. What an incredible God we have, so worthy of our everything. Now, I am absolutely brimming with Love and love is my home now.❤❤❤