God’s Will

“The will of God is the Word of God” a brilliant billboard reads. Truth. We cannot know God’s will if we do not read His Word for they are the same. Read some truth today. 😄❤


Never a Disouraging Word

From a family that jokes a lot and teases and cajoles, I was once like that with my words. It seemed funny. It got a lot of laughs. But I recently repented of that and used my humor in a different way. Why? All harmless fun, right? I underestimated the power of words, they are so over-under and over-spoken that it is easy to become careless to their power. It struck me as I was reading my Bible how few words were spoken. How often there was silence as a reply. How very powerful and full of meaning and purpose those words were when spoken. Any joking, teasing, kidding where another person or yourself is berated is not in line with “let your yes be yes and no be no; anything more than yes or no is of the devil” or “speak only with words that edify each other”. I realized I needed a word adjustment. People are precious and valuable to God and He wants us to help each other on every level in worship to Him. We should not say anything to another person we would not say to Him. That is my new goal. I will serious up a bit with my words and put that energy into truthful encouragement. Of course, I have to talk, but I will talk gooder. Lol I will retrain myself to only edify, encourage with truth. Looking forward to the challenge of becoming habitual at it. 🙂 ❤ 

For the Love of Writing

Writing to me has always been an amazing centering as well as outlet for my thoughts. It centers me and allows me to organize my thoughts as well as just get them out of my head. I have one of those minds that does not stop. Ever. Even sleeping, I cannot remember a single night of my life that wasn’t filled with dreams, most of them in color. My mind collects everything and analyzes it and over-analyzes it more and then reanalyzes it in case it missed something then tries to make sense of that and then decide how to apply it and then what to keep and what to forget, how to use that to help people, who needs that information and who is better served never knowing and on it goes. This is the mind I was blessed with by my Creator. So here I am with this ever thinking, imaginative, visionary, visual, artistic mind full of ideas and inventions and real life stuff in there somewhere too. And I was introduced to music, thankfully, by my Mom first and then many people since and taught piano and writing music. Then, in high school, Mrs. Hendricks, my teacher, told us to journal every day as part of our assignment. Being the perfect student (lol), I dutifully obeyed and realized that writing things down got them out of my head. It calmed my mind some, something very difficult to do. And I found it brought some order to the chaos of my thinking, making it flow more deliberately and purposefully to help people who may have similar thinking or may not. If people can be helped by my words, why on earth would I keep them to myself. And if I am the only one who is helped, it is still worth picking up the pen, or typing into the computer nowadays. lol I am honored to have been shown these gifts that have helped me so much. So if you have it in you to write, you definitely should write. There are so many benefits. Even if it is just a journal only you see, you remember where you were at this time and it may benefit you later. Next, I will be focusing more on my art so I can maybe have one night that isn’t full of colorful penguins dancing in the clouds. lol 🙂

Power Words “Yes” and “No”

“Yes” and “no” are two of the most powerful words in our vocabulary. With a yes or no, you can command people, relationships, decisions, wills, armies, wars, interactions, intimacy, obedience in children, so many things. All with one word, “yes” or “no”. Yes or no to surf and turf, yes or no to chocolate, yes or no to obedience, yes or no to generosity, so many choices made with such tiny words. However, there must be a decision within first in order for the yes to stay yes or the no to stay no. If a person vacillates like a politician, for example, or someone unsure of what they truly want for whatever reasons, there will surely be confusion and some level of chaos. So the power only remains when it is consistent. So, make a decision and proclaim it loud and proud and the power, you will find, is there for your will to be accomplished. Even if it is disobeyed or disrespected, at least power has gone out from you to accomplish a goal and there is great pride that comes from the effort to be heard. Power is still there. And especially within a relationship, with someone you love who loves you, do not fear your voice or assume your voice will not or need not be honored. Say what you want, especially what you need, and you just may get it. Don’t say it and it probably won’t happen. If you say it, faith can start working and God can also answer your request. And with someone who loves you, they naturally will want what is best for you, to provide what you need, to help in any way they can. It is a beautiful thing to grow a relationship in this way. And it all starts with the simply powerful “yes” or “no”. Don’t be afraid to voice these important words but also use them wisely. Be sure that is really what you want or need.