Judging Errors

Jesus Christ is qualified to judge for He is perfect and fully God and fully man and died and rose for our redemption. He is qualified to judge us. And someday He will. Until thrn, however, He chooses to lovingly and abundantly supply grace with just a humble prayer. When we judge each other or ourselves, we are in error. God alone can judge and He chooses grace and mercy until judgment day. He in love wants everyone saved. And while that is unlikely because of the pride problem that blinds many. Nonetheless, He made everyone on purpose with love and is being very patient even now so grace and mercy can save as many as will be humble and ask. When we judge others or ourselves, we are saying we are qualified to judge, that we are perfect, that we are God. We are not. The absolute best we can ever do is walk in humble obedience to God and worship Him, then extend that worship into service. That is it, just so simple. Judging is complex and we are not capable of understanding its complexity. The Word of God and the Holy Spirit speak for themselves and declare what is pleasing or displeasing to God. We should just follow that. Find it out and do it. Beyond that, we journey too far. God bless, my friend.😄❤

Independence Day!!

My daddy was a Marine and a farmer and machinist in SW Michigan and the more patriotic man in the world and I am His daughter. He used to do July 4th bigger than anyone I knew, spending hundreds of dollars on food and fireworks at our house. Family and neighbors came to our house for this holiday. Homemade ice cream, grilled meats, mom’s potato salad, sweet corn on the cob, watermelon and a healthy dosage of fireworks to top it off. This is my first Independence Day celebration without him and it will be spent humbly with some close friends. It will be different, quiet but sometimes the quiet company of dear friends is best and we will have a great day. We are looking forward to it! Happy Independence Day!!!! Love you and God bless America!!!

As Time Moves Forward

At a remarkable rate, time keeps moving forward, as we know time. We keep moving, despite whatever chaos or fabulous moments we pass through. Bugs come and bugs go. Great moments come and Great moments go. Horrible moments come and horrible moments go. Time keeps pushing on, pressing further up the journey during the brief time we have on this planet. If we keep this perspective and choose to open our eyes to the big picture, we are reminded that everything happens only for its season and passes away, leaving behind its ashes or scars on its travels. We are more than just dust here. We matter. Our decisions matter as we are held accountable for what we choose to do or say or react about or behave like. These are all a test. You can feel it at the time, can’t you? Can’t you feel that this is intentional to push me to the limit? Or can you sometimes feel after having gotten through successfully that you were somehow being rewarded? Is it karma? No, it is always God. God rewards the good and punishes the bad. In time. It is time He uses as a pendulum. It is time we are to use to prove our place. Why keep moving forward? Because time is tight (great song) and we keep moving on past whatever we are passing.