Refreshing Rain

We have had our typical dry season winter here in Florida and from the afternoon to now and looks like for more hours to come, we have been blessed with a beautiful soaking rain. It is fantastic to hear, feel, see. It is most refreshing and beautiful. God sends rain at the right time to everyone, whether they deserve it or not, whether they appreciate it or not. I, for one, appreciate it very much.❤


The Beauty of Weeds

My daughter provides me bouquets many don’t appreciate but I believe truly that every weed has its own unique beauty. So does every person, for that matter. Some may rub you wrong, grow in the wrong place, smell weird, but each and every weed just as each and every person is designed by God and lives by His choice for His love and purpose. Never forget this. ❤

A Tale of Fishing 

Today, I took my kids fishing. In coats, all bundled up. We caught nothing. We used a lot of time. We were chilly. All worth it. You cannot bond properly with your children without spending tech-free time with them, where God’s nature is the only distraction and it is a calming, welcome one. It enriches their lives and gives them an option to other unhealthy habits they may come across. ❤

Park Power

My daughter is having her friend over for a sleepover. Yikes. She is obviously very used to a lot more attention than I am comfortable with. So, with very little deliberation, we headed for the park. The park has nature, playing, activity and lots of wiggle room, and it is absolutely free so it is a no brainer. Much help! And I got a reminder that God made serene things as well as very loud children. Lol. Thank you, God, for parks.❤

Somewhere in the World

Somewhere in the world

There is a quiet noise of nature.

Flowers wave their proud, beautiful faces at the wind,

Trees shade the grateful ground,

Mossy banks frame a healthy trickling stream.

And somewhere in heaven is a similar scene,

There has to be for such a scene

Is heaven to me here, such lavish pause

Somewhere in the world.

Clarity of Fresh Air

When I walk (especially in the early morning but really anytime), I think more clearly. It is the air, the freshness of the breeze hitting my face, the oxygen coursing through my body, the relative quiet the soothes the mind. There is a beauty and wholeness in nature’s exhale. Nature is God’s creation that doesn’t fight Him back like people do. Nature is pure, whole, God’s glorious beauty. I recommend time in it. I recommend living there, even for a vacation. There is God’s renewal in His creation of nature. He blesses your time in it.❤


I am a love expert. Because of my doctorate? Nope. Because I am married? Nope. Because I have children? Nope. Because of my many years of intensive study of many patients and fellow humans? Nope. I am a love expert because I have been loved by Love, mentored by Love, fathered by Love, taught by Love, cradled by Love, instructed by Love. I understand love as much as I can at this moment and more than I ever have by my direct involvement and experiences with Love, the source of true love. I feel Love. I know Love intimately. And based upon these credentials, here is what I know to be the truth about love. Love is a free choice, not something fallen into or out of. Love is always a free choice. Love is patient, loving, kind, faithful, self-controlled, joyful, peaceful, good, gentle. Love is humbly putting others first. It is in direct opposition with the ego, the over-inflation of self. Love does not fail or give up, is always hopeful, endures all things, perseveres, supports, uplifts, encourages. Love never causes harm but extends itself outward to help at all times. Love is generous. Love is moral, chivalrous and noble by default. Love has empathy and compassion for those in need or broken or hurting. Love is very real and speaks only truth and benefit with freedom. Love is not in any way, shape or form controlling. It voluntarily gives up control to achieve service and assistance and compassion for another. Love does not demand, make uncomfortable, belittle, hurt, withhold, manipulate or try to mold into some other n identity. It simply is incapable of such selfish behavior. Love is fiercely passionate about life and protecting freedom of choice (of all people, no matter how great or small) and promotes God’s gifts in people. Love forgives freely and forgets willingly, holding no account of wrongs. Love keeps loving no matter what. That never changes. Love is beautiful and glorious. This is the accurate account of love in its pure and true form. This is love you can bank on, count on. This will always be true. And coincidentally, Love like this is what God is also. These are His character traits. Beautiful, isn’t He?❤❤❤