Travelling the Memories of Places

Visualization comes easily for me. It is harder for some, I understand, but a good hearty freedom of imagination can help fill in what the memories of the eye cannot return to you. I have travelled extensively until about 13 years ago and since has just been vacations and a few family visits. But I can travel back in my mind to England, Poland, Russia, Canada, Hawaii and every other state in thr USA I have visited or lived and remember the particulars of the places, the people, the traditions and unique vocabulary and foods there. I can remember the hiking trails (something I have done wherever I have gone) on flatlands or mountains or waterfalls or beaches. I remember these places. And what I love to contemplate most about everywhere I have been is the quiet spots, the spots of beauty and nature. And I finally figured out why I am such a nature girl (other than being raised in the country on a farm). I can feel and see God most in these places. No matter where in the world, God shines brightest through what He made. Sometimes that is the people but always it is nature. And seeing Him closer always reminds me how close He is always, no matter where you are or what else is going on. And that, my friend, is beautiful.❤


Rain, Rain, Rain

It has been raining almost 3 weeks staight here in Florida with a very few exceptions to that. Wow. Very beautiful rain but getting pretty gloomy. The sun is missed. And I think that is what happens to us when we focus on the wrong things: news, propoganda (or is that redundant?), problems, illnesses, anti-social media, tech, video games, conspiracies, whatever. We focus on anything this world urges you to focus in and after a while, we are a gloomy mess, as soggy at heart than any amount of rain pouring down. We miss and need the Son. We need to focus on Jesus. We miss Him. ❤

Our Herb Garden

So, here is what we did today. We planted herbs- oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil, parsley- as well as one tomato and lavender, with several marigolds. I am happy with how it turned out- all my husband’s design and planning. Yay! I feel an amazing comfort in getting back to my farming roots. So happy God has reconnected me to gardening again. I feel so blessed. And admiring it’s beauty, I watched a great gray heron fly up and perch in a tree next to me to wait out the brief storm. What majesty! I can see God’s glory everywhere. It is beautiful and peaceful. I am so very grateful to God for everything. How I love Him!❤❤❤

Spirit Renewed by Gatlinburg, Tennessee

We just returned from a week in God’s masterpiece, Gatlinburg. We found hiking trails in mountains by beautiful waters and wild turkeys and quiet time with God. There is no doubt that He keeps His eye there to just enjoy what He made without argument. It is beautiful and peaceful and full of His glory. You cannot be there an deny Him. You cannot help but be regenerated and invigerated. He is everywhere and more obviously there. Gorgeous!! And our whole family feels more relaxed and alive and ready for the rest of the school and gig year.😄❤

Spring At Last

I know some of y’all are still knee deep in winter, but that is one reason we live in Florida. Here it is spring! I love this season because it is planting time, pruning time, preparing for beauty outside time! Wonderful! I am dirty every day again and working outside every day doing something! It is phenomenal. The kids are old enough to help so my back is not hurting even. And I used to love my solitude with the plants and now I love my time with family and the plants and mostly time with all of the above and celebrating God and His creation. Nature is such a luxury for just being in God’s glory and beautiful design. Nothing brings me more peace and just sheer joy than that. So happy spring!!! And for those up north, it will happen soon, there is hope! 😄❤

Refreshing Rain

We have had our typical dry season winter here in Florida and from the afternoon to now and looks like for more hours to come, we have been blessed with a beautiful soaking rain. It is fantastic to hear, feel, see. It is most refreshing and beautiful. God sends rain at the right time to everyone, whether they deserve it or not, whether they appreciate it or not. I, for one, appreciate it very much.❤

The Beauty of Weeds

My daughter provides me bouquets many don’t appreciate but I believe truly that every weed has its own unique beauty. So does every person, for that matter. Some may rub you wrong, grow in the wrong place, smell weird, but each and every weed just as each and every person is designed by God and lives by His choice for His love and purpose. Never forget this. ❤