Outside Work

Truth be told, I have always preferred outside work over I side work. I love being out in nature. It just feels like I am closer to God, more in His direct creation with greens and browns and feeling the earth and caring for the plants. It just feels right, like it is supposed to be. It calms the body with beauty and you breathe in deep with fresh air. You hear the birds singing their songs, see the bugs doing their thing and all of it is just harmony. So I got to work hard and cleaned up the oak tree corner. Now we can swing with greater beauty around us and I am just smiling thinking about it. Be blessed by God today!!

On the Road Again

I started walking again in the early mornings before the kids are up. It is a good time to enjoy God’s nature, pray, contemplate life and get some exercise all at the same time! 🙂 It makes me happy to be back walking. It is like getting a jump start on the day. Nothing profound about it but sure is nice sometimes to just partake of the mundane. 🙂 Have a beautiful day! ❤

Sitting by the Pool

I am sitting by the pool, my kids swimming and having a great time. And there is this beautiful sunset to enjoy and fresh breeze. It always amazes me the clarity and beauty God provides in His nature. He does a really good job of both in the world He made. And no matter what dark noises go bump in the night drawing in around us, we need never fear any of that. You know this when you sit and pray in nature. You feel God’s provision and strength. There is no doubt who is incredibly powerful and quite capable of taking care of us and loves us to boot. There is no doubt. I wish you God’s peace tonight!

Music of the Divine

Nothing stirs the soul, awakens the imagination or feeds the mind like music. It is a dance of the Divine on the ears and hearts of its listeners. It is constant in nature and can be heard always when still. People recreate it to their best abilities, people try to capture and convey and tell their own story as it is played. Music can go against its nature and denote pain or upheaval, express negativity and rebellion, hatred, evil. Everything good can also be used for evil, but in its pure form, in its purest self, music speaks of Divine things, joy, peace, hope, gentleness, it is a love thing. And when I have hiked alone and sat for days under the sky and found rest and solitude in the world God made, the music of nature sounded sweetly in my ears as strongly and as real as the best of Braums or Mozart or as sweetly as Jewel or Fernando Ortega. Yes, it sometimes had the fun of Marley or passion of Santana or expressiveness of Adele but in its subtlest form. In nature you have to be still and quiet to hear it but it is there as strongly as you or I. It breathes out the music of the Divine and breathes in the unclean then out comes the clean music. It cleanses the soul as it plays this timeless rhythmic original piece. Nature orchestrates the Divine music with clarity and distinction so beautifully that tears flow. I long to hear it again. I long to play it. When my fingers lightly touch the keys, I work to repeat the sound I hear in my soul from these visits. I work to portray the fingerprint of the Divine in my expression of music. I long to play with other musicians with such similar longings of the heart and together it is so beautiful. To come close to the emotion of the Divine music which flows and encompasses the very soul of a musician is to share a very special place which no one but a musician can possibly understand or appreciate but enjoys hearing when pure of heart. To open one’s self to the expression of music is to become vulnerable to other’s interpretation of it or knowledge and rejection of you personally because it is such and part of you. But to express yourself to the Divine is to worship Him and the rest takes care of itself. A musician is being who they were meant to be when they tap into the natural music of the Divine and deign to play what their heart finds. It is truly beautiful!

Power of Droplets

Thousands of droplets fell from heaven for the last couple days here in Florida during our latest exciting rain train, a leftover gift from some tropical something somewhere in the world. So, we accumulated lots and lots of extra droplets. They tried to take over the world, but they did manage to take over the neighbor’s oak tree which decided to fall down an land against and on my minivan. Yes, I am now a cliche homeschooling mom who coaches and has a minivan. Yes, I like that better than I ever thought I would. A vette would still be more fun to ride. Anyway, so I awoke to the delight of incredibly hard work cutting out my car from Poison Ivy’s fury (get the Batman bad girl reference?) lol. This was not fun. My fingers got messed up, my arms still feel like jello. But all dug out, the car had two things wrong, a damaged passenger side mirror and the antennae was bent. No broken glass, no messed up paint job, no dents. Amazing. And to that I say Thank You, God for taking care of us! And I also realized that one droplet cannot fell a tree. Two or three might not be able to or even a hundred. But you get enough droplets together, relevent to the situation, and real damage can be done or real good can come about. It can go both ways. But that last droplet is the straw that broke the camel’s back and we need to pay attention to every droplet, whatever your current droplet is trying for. One makes a difference. Many are lots of ones.

Thunderstorm Concert

Rain pounds the earth and cleans the trees, yielding rich water for life. The rain falls steadily on the roof, sounding loudly through the house in a rhythm of its own fancy. Cracks of thunder and bright beams of lightning break up the monotonony of the raindrops like glorious cymbol crashes in a song. It calms and grows like a crescendo and decrescendo of a song. And the amazing and unique song ends as it leaves only the drip drop off the roof afterward to remind you of nature’s song of praise that you just heard.  And the beauty of the thunderstorm special song is that it is pure, true, honest. Most of all, it is humbling. The great tyrant may hold his head high but he will duck and run when the mighty thunderstorm plays its song. Children dance in its play. I sleep best to its rhythm, loving the song, enjoying God’s pure voice of His masterpiece of nature, the cycles He set in motion coming to fruition. It is incredible and exciting and loud and beautiful. No technology in the world measures up to its power and magnitude. Nothing is as entertaining and exhilerating to experience. Power and perfect brilliance and artistry in nature’s thunderstorm concert. No one can copy it with the same flavor. It is perfect. And if you honor this concert with your full attention, it will renew and refresh your spirit.

Reminiscing with Scenes From Times Past

Walking on a cool, crisp cloudless day, my feet decided a road less traveled with the ticket for this liesurely stroll. i arrived at a little bit of a clearing in the trees lining this rocky dirt road or path rather. Through the break I could see two black eyes looking straight into mine. Maybe 30 feet seperated our bodies but our eyes met and minds explored each other’s motives. Big ears straightened tall and neck extended and we observed each other for quite a few moments until she concluded that I was no threat and continued grazing. A beautiful doe alone and then soon not alone as several others appeared around the cusp of trees that had masked them from me. Fifteen total, a small herd for Michigan, all feasting happily on my dad’s corn. He would not be pleased but I enjoyed these animals and enjoyed more the acceptancee of them as a safe place. Maybe a half hour passed, maybe longer, until my black lab refound me after an exploratory mission and consequently found the deer to chase off. Sheba’s playful antics could not sway me from my present peaceful state of mind at the exchange I just experienced. My mind takes me back to that moment sometimes, where wild ones saw me and knew we were connected somehow and accepted me as safe. Both built by a common Father, it does the sould a world of good to make friends with an animal, many. The more we see and know of the creation, the greater homage and worship we pay the Creator. All this is His. He still rules it. And what is made by Him still knows it is made by HIm. They are keenly aware, and being with them reminds us, we who are faced with more distractions than ever, more lies than ever, we can retain a sample and reminder of that purity, that worship, that humbling of ego and uplifting of uniqueness inn design. We are greater when we make Him greater.