It Occurred to Me

I look forward to doing what God wants me to do, no matter what that is. He gives me enjoyment and makes it fun to be where He wants me to be at the moment. This is HIS gift to me for obedience. It is beautiful. I am not sure how else to describe it. He makes me want to do it. Either He gives me this enjoyment from whatever task before I start by giving me the desire or after I obey when someone else asks me for Him to do it. And it occurred to me… God is very cool.❤


God’s Will

“The will of God is the Word of God” a brilliant billboard reads. Truth. We cannot know God’s will if we do not read His Word for they are the same. Read some truth today. 😄❤

The Free Will Conundrum 

I pray often for the unsaved to be saved, that God would move their hearts, soften them, change their minds. I do not want anyone lost. I want them saved and going to heaven, especially everyone. I love these beautiful people God made! I love you! ❤ But the thing is this free will God gives everyone. It is a conundrum, it really is. On the one hand, what an amazing gift to allow us to decide for ourselves whether or not to choose the right side, God’s side versus the wrong side, evil and rejection of God. You see, He requires choice because He is love and love is nothing if not generous and true. Love is not self-serving and longs for sincere love back but does not demand it.

 If we were puppets, God would be imperfect, a tyrant demanding us to follow and obey Him or die. God is loving and will not demand our worship but gives us a sound mind and opportunities and thr Bible to know Him, salvation through Jesus to be saved, blessings in our lives to see His goodness, longings for Him deep in our souls, and His beauty of His glory in His creation and in us and all He has made to make His presence obvious. 

So with ample chances and opportunities to accept salvation ample nd choose God, His desire and mine is that people use these many many chances to decide to be free, be God’s, be loved and loving, worshio, serve God. People can decide. But at some point, the lack of making a dedicated choice will be the undecided’s or procrastinator’s or lukewarm’s or rebel’s choice because time will be up. He will come for those of us deciding to be His firmly and faithfully. It will be too late. And I pray people will get their act together before too late is here and they realize too late lasts forever.

So yes, we have free will and can choose to serve God or ourselves/evil/anyone other than God. And yes, we are big stuff for being able to decide our eternal fate for ourselves. We are free to be wise or fools. So, let’s all be wise and choose God to serve and obey now so too late doesn’t show up before we expect it. God loves us so much!❤❤❤

Will Power

Born stubborn and with an extremely strong will, I assumed most of my life’s biggest struggles were defeated by my own strong will power. I firmly believed that. So much so that I actually prayed many times for God to help other people but helping me wasn’t necessary. “They need you, I’m good”. So foolish was I! Indeed, my greatest strength was realized when God allowed my will power to be broken down and me to humble my heart and realize I am weak but God is strong. What needs to be strong is always strong… God. My will power focuses the strength on me but humble prayer focuses me on God, the Winner. I attached the link for the new song for my kids tomorrow in worship God gave me for them if you are interested. Anyone may use it freely. “All we need is faith and a humble hearted prayer and God will answer us best”.

Seeking and Finding God

I always wonder at people who are seeking God and His will. The first part is rather awkward if you think about it. It is like walking through the woods and becoming frustrated because you can’t find any trees. God made everything and He is everywhere. He is always eager to have a conversation because He happens to love us and thinks He did good making us (and He did!). So, it isn’t a matter of seeking God like He is lost but like we are. Deciding to hear Him is the thing, realizing full well you may have to change be some stuff for Him to be a regular part of your life, well that is what generally keeps people seeking half-heartedly and not finding. And His will is almost as easy to find. His Word (the Bible) is His will. Obedience is what He wills for us, our hardest and most rewarding job. Worship He requires and that is easy. No one is better or stronger or more artistically rich or smarter than God. So there it is. Is a relationship with God that simplistic? Yep. It is. That is as long as we avoid distractions and wrong turns along the way. And He is accessed best by  believing and thanking His Son Jesus Christ for saving us from our sins. Jesus is our mediator between a holy God and us because He lived as we do and understands us better than we do. So there it all is. The whole kit and kaboodle. How to be saved and assured that we will walk with God now and forever when our now is our then. And all of life is better closer to the One who gave it to us. He is amazing! 🙂

The Will and A Way

You can do anything you put your mind to and God gives you the desire to do. I know this because I can too. I got that I formation from a reliable source, the Bible. Our wills are extraordinary and based largely on our faith and beliefs. The will is the driver. The will can take us places our body should not even be able to go based on the laws of nature because our wills are a part of our soul, spirit and body, the driver in charge of all those components of you. Those who have heard from trusted ones that they are unable to do certain things or have told themselves they can’t because their own fears usually fulfill that expectation within themselves. They have let that ugly false message penetrate their will so their driver is handicapped, limited. Now if we feed even a damaged driving will the right food and exercise it (with faith and truth and hope and love and the fruits of the Spirit), that will can be restored to full capacity and mountains can be climbed or moved as the need arises. Nothing can stop it. Even God attends to the faith in our wills. This free will was His gift to us as He designed us all in our mom’s tummies. The will is the life force. The will, because it is in charge of body, soul and spirit of us, can trump all of those. This is why a mom can lift a car her daughter is pinned under, a person can delay their death u til that important conversation happens, a person can live through the horrors of a concentration camp, I survived a rather danger filled childhood. The will can be taught truth through Bible reading and prayer and focus on God’s goodness and love. It can also grow through great hardship and pain, which tests and builds faith, its key component. The restored and strengthened will can then take you anywhere to do anything God gives you the desire to do. I am honored and blessed to have an amazing legacy of missionaries in my family. They have written some of their stories down for me to grow from. But I think my faith is strongest because of my Dad and amazing few family members who decided from my birth to pray for me and my faith to grow. God honors prayers. No doubt whatsoever. God also honors faith. When he sees a humble person with a will filled with or possessing even a small amount of faith, wanting to do something, He honors that desire and helps, no matter what realm the operation or mission is in. God pours into us when we use our wills of faith for good or for worship. A cautionary tale, the will can be suppressed and weakened by inactivity. A lack of working on the faith or strength or truth or moral character of our will is a strong step toward mediocrity and complaisancy, which can be seen everywhere we look. A lack of growth is a huge step backward not just coasting. Funny thing that. The will has too much enormous potential to let that happen. Strengthen the will and faith and you can change the world. Work a bit harder and you can change you. Never, even with the strongest will can you change someone who has set their will against you. God is still the only One who can do that.