Life is Our Choices Mixed with God’s Love

Let me explain. We are made by God and for God. We live for ourselves until we accept His love and direction. Then His love can shape us only as much as we allow Him. Free will says we always can choose or reject God’s love and shaping. So sometimes it takes a long time to become who we were designed to be. It is our choice. It is all about how we choose to respond to God’s great love. He is everything. 😃❤️

Half Done

Well, during my ongoing spring break spring cleaning saga, today I bleached one bathroom and scrubbed it thoroughly. So, one is done. However, we have one more that I could not do because I spent too much time recovering from bleach fumes. Ah well. Half done.

I think sometimes we all are ambitious with plans and goals but in the end what is done is done and the rest will be done when it is done. We need to relax a bit on expectations of ourselves. I think we so often show grace to others but not ourselves. And that is ok to have something to do later. We shouldn’t put God off until later but should be okay with some things that aren’t so important in the eternal scheme of things. It is ok to leave those half done now and again. 😃❤️

Your Bigger Purpose

Today we all went to a great new park in our city. Among many things there was a ravine with a stream on tht bottom, quite deep- cameras don’t capture that depth when said camera is in my hands- and elephant ears growing in them quite tall. These elephant ears grow in this ravine beautifully. They look great, they have everything they need and are rather the star of the show. However, they serve a greater purpose. They were planted just to be pretty and get the glory. They keep flooding down, they shade plants that grow below, and they keep erosion down. Very useful!

When Zac was little, we watched Thomas the Tank Engine quite a bit and the show talked about the glory of being a “very useful engine”.

I say all this to remind everyone that like the elephant plant and Thomas, we were made for a greater purpose. It is cringworthy when people live only for themselves and pleasure and glory but never give credence and honor and service to the God who made us all, in fact made everything we know of. How myopic and dastardly to ignore the higher purpose we were made for! May it never be! We have to seek out and fulfill our higher purpose for God’s glory because He wishes it. He is always more generous than we are, He rewards any sacrifice we make for Him or others He loves.😃❤️


Sometimes we cling to friends. Sometimes we cling to family. Sometime everyone is busy and we cling to diversions. But by far the healthiest first and best Person for us to cling to is Jesus. We should start there. He is for us, lives us, knows us more intimately than anyone else, understands, has the power to do anything, and is never too busy to cling to. In fact, unlike most people, He longs for us to cling to Him. We are never alone. He is never elsewhere. Cling to Jesus.😃❤️