Blow Your Mind

My love language is time.  People whose love language is not time do not understand that.  Just as my son, whose love language is gifts, speaks a foreign tongue to me.  I give him gifts because I love him and force myself to, not because they mean anything to me other than that’s how he feels loved.  My daughter’s love language is touch.  She hugs and kisses me all day long.  Again, not my forte, so I have to make myself physically available to her for hugging.  My husband is good at giving me time, though his love language is acts of service.  So, I purposefully serve my husband because I love him and he purposefully makes time for me.  It works!  Why does any of this matter?  Why would it be important to another human soul? 

Here’s the kick- if you’re not speaking the correct love language to a person you are trying to reach for Christ or minister to or love, you might as well be speaking a lost Japanese dialect with a French accent.  To love someone, you have to study them and learn how they feel loved.  Without speaking their speak, your time’s wasted and theirs is as well.  They will not feel what you’re trying to convey. 

The beauty of God is that he knows everyone intimately and purposefully.  So, He can guide you in your quest.  But the truly beautiful thing is that He speaks proficiently in every love language.  He is a master of every tongue, because He loves the soul, the heart of the individual.  You are truly loved by God.  If no one on this planet that you have regular access to knows how to love you right… God does.  Give Him a chance to show you.  It will blow your mind.

Every Minute Counts

I was praying over my baby before sleep, as we always do, and I was reminded that people need reminders sometimes of how extremely important every minute of the day is.  We have such a tiny piece of time on this planet, and the decisions we make carry over into forever, which we cannot even fathom the length.  Satan’s plan of attack is simple- distract us from that knowledge and get us thinking more of ourselves and trivial matters than we should.  Our stance must always be in keeping the big picture in our heads.  Hey, this is stupid.  I may die in a minute of two and then forever will be here.  Is this worth risking heaven and God’s presence forever over?  Isn’t God worth our best here??

Heart for Worship

I have written a lot and still do write songs.  I used to wonder why God gave me so many songs with no contact to publish them or get them out to the world except the few places I’ve attended church.  I used to want the world to hear my songs and use them to worship God or mean something to them or help them.  I used to want to tour the world and sing my songs to help other people who have been through similar problems or who need to worship God with a new song or voice.  This was my passion for many years.  Now, as an old lady (39 really), married with kids, I realize something.  God gave me those songs as a gift for me and my worship and growth.  If people want to share them, great.  But we are told to “Sing to the Lord a new song.”  So, we all are supposed to be worshiping God the way He gives us to do it.  It is life-giving.  It is instructional.  It is our duty.  It is amazing.  Write them down if you can to remember God’s play on your life just then.  If you’re driving down the road and can’t write them, sing them out unabashed because you are given them.  We all have a song to sing and we all have one God to whom all songs belong.


Some silliness just came to my attention in my church.  There was a dispute between the pastor and the music director.  Both are very good at their jobs, respectively.  However, they are unable to agree about something in particular.  What that is is of no importance.  I am reminded, however, of the fragility of human beings and how damaging silly behavior is when our pride gets in there and fights harder than we allow God’s Spirit to fight for us.  If we just get out of the way, God will work beautiful “magic”.  If we allow our silly selves to guide us and our tongues, however, bad things happen, like our music director leaving.   This should not be!!  How do 2 men of mature faith allow pride to divide them?  Both are strong and mean well.  I long to scream, “What is wrong with you two? Why on earth do you think any of what you do is all about you?  It is about God’s kingdom expansion and NOT YOU!  Get over it!!”  Will I do that?  Time will tell, but what needs to be said to the kingdom at large- get over yourself.  God’s church is absolutely not, under any circumstances, for you, no matter who you are.  It is for Him.  If you can’t handle that, get out of it so the church can grow!!!!