God’s Sweet Grace

Thr more time I spend with the precious and awesome Maker of the universe, several things become glaringly obvious and real. Here is my short list.

1. God’s epic grace is very very sweet. God is good at power under control. His love drives Him to perfectly graceful and gentle grace. God is gloriously graceful and the closer I get to Him (when I only in-my-face got it once I started praying with fasting weekly- on Wednesdays for me), the more real and beautiful He is. He is a gentle, careful Father and what immense grace He exhibits all the time.

2. God is holy. Holiness is only something God can do. Everyone else is not perfect and is ridiculously less powerful. When we are saved by the blood of Jesus, God sees us as holy. It is the only way we are saved and secure eternally. Not closed- minded as some less informed people claim. It is honest and truthful and the way it is. And it is a plan full of sweet grace as we were precious enough to Him to provide salvation to anyone who humbly asks Him. Amazing grace.

3. God is always right here. He is not there or busy or will be here later or just was once in the past. God is always right here. And He never is surprised, overwhelmed, late, hateful, unfair, uncaring. He is always here, loving, full of grace, beautiful. He is a humble prayer away at every moment. He cares. He can keep up with everyone simultaneously and not get tired or bored or exhausted.

That is a good short list and what I noticed as I grow closer to God and I have done so on a much greater scale once I started fasting. Praise God! He is so worthy of praise!❤❤❤


Busch Gardens Today

Today, the kids and I and their friends went to Busch Gardens for my son’s birthday. All day. With $13 only. And I have to tell you that despite the hurricane (and prayers I offered up through the day for the areas hit), it was probably the perfect day to spend at Busch Gardens. All the rides except one was running, no lines at all, barely rained until we were leaving, all was just about perfect. I had never been able to ride all the rides and see all the animals before in one day! And my son had the best birthday of his life. So, here I am exhausted physically but exhilarated in my heart for him. And I saw later God’s protective hand on the areas hit so feel so very blessed. God is very good all the time. And He is in charge of everything. He handles enormous things with ease as well as any little trifle of ours when humbly asked. I praise God today for all He is and what He does to prove His love for us all. Amazing!❤❤❤

Jesus Christ, Our Savior

Almighty God, my Heavenly Father, I thank you for your great love. It stirs my heart to comprehend the great sacrifice you made on our behalf. We deserved punishment for our sins, crimes against Your holiness. But you did not leave us guilty. You gave us Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Jesus Christ, our Messiah, your only real Son, born of a precious girl and your Spirit. You allowed His work and words to be written down and poured out for us. 2,000 years later, we can see it all play out in the Words you wrote, the Bible I adore reading and can’t get enough of. Your Son, you loved, Jesus Christ, our Savior died horrifically and rose for us to be guiltless who ask for salvation. Your love is so great for us, the people you made and the saved ones you had mercy on and saved. And all who humbly trust you will be saved still, regardless of their crimes, all sin being equal in your eyes. Oh, Lord God, thank you. Thank you, Jesus Christ. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Eternity is secure because of your love and mercy. Please help me love and obey at every given opportunity. I love you so much, dear God. You are worthy of all praise and honor! May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. May your name be praised in all the earth! Praise Jesus Christ! In His name I pray, amen.❤❤❤

How Cool God Is

I have to tell you how cool God is. We just had this all of a sudden really strong storm pop up. The power went out, tons of water dropped, lightning and thunder cracking all over the place, very close. Blew out a transformer. So, I prayed with the kids and not even a minute later, the power came back on and a half hour later, the storm is all but gone. Praise the Lord! How cool is He!!❤❤❤

Happily Caught in the Light

When the garbage attitudes and evils and distractions of this world weigh in, we have a better way. Instead of falling for the garbage, we can focus on God, the light. When we fall for distractions, we become contributors to it so we must rise above it. And what is higher? God is highest, no one is greater. So I choose to put the garbage out to the curb and instead focus on being caught up in praising Jesus. What more worthy cause is there? What is better than worship? Nothing. So when the world throws relentless supplies of garbage at you over and over, flip the script and praise Jesus, our worthy Savior, who gave His all for us despite the garbage going on around Him and who proved His love right then and there, shining out light like day in the darkest night. Jesus is worthy of our focus and concentrating on Him will dispel the garbage and cast you into the fresh, clean light where He wants you to be. Protected. Loved. Happy.❤❤❤