Answered Prayer

Thank you to my friends and brothers and sisters in Christ, the beautiful prayer warriors who prayed for me and my son during this sinus infection. He is 100% better and back to normal and I am healing up now also. My voice is also not affected for our gig tomorrow, praise God. I thank you for faith-filled praying and praise Almighty God, my loving Healer! 😄 ❤


Oh My King

A song I wrote to Jesus a while back:

“You, oh Lord, are worth all praise

Whether or not we praise You.

You’re the great and mighty God

Whether or not we sing

For You created life

And You created me.

So I will worship and bow down,

Almighty King,

For You are holy and worthy of everything.

So I sing,

Oh my King.”❤

Praise and Worship is the Opposite of Murder

Really been thinking about murder lately. Heard a message today on Moody radio while driving to work and that pressed the issue.

Yes, of the 10 commandments, murder is one of those commandments we can usually breathe easy and feel confident and good that we kept it. But did we?

Jesus said that if you hate someone in your heart, you have already committed the crime. And it goes back to the fact 100% truth that God is in the business of heart, mind and motives. (This is why porn is so bad, by the way, already committed adultery when you engage in it, along with the idolatry and further marriage-breaking evil of it, but I digress.)

So, murder is really being extremely angry out of greed, jealousy, selfishness, pride, whatever. You are at that point saying that you are more important than who you are angry at, devaluing them and thus shaking a fist at God and His loving, purposeful design of another human being.

So I quite frankly had to ask for God’s forgiveness for murdering several people in my lifetime. And I would suggest searching your heart for such thoughts and repent of that line of thinking.

That all being said, the opposite of devaluing other people is praise and worship of God and encouraging other people. Telling God how great of a job He did creating people, His ultimate design; choosing to devote yourself to Him in appreciation; and encouraging other people to live up to their designed, beautiful potential from God are all ways to please God and live out His design. This is the opposite of putting one’s self above all of that in your mind.❤

Praise Affirmations

Instead of starting off the day with self-affirmations, start them with praise affirmations. For instance:

1. Lord God, there is no strength in me without you.

2. There is no hope without b You.

3. There is no love without You, Almighty God.

4. There is no perfect except You.

5. God, you are the only One fully dependable, faithful and trustworthy. Thank You for that.

6. God, You are perfect and holy, thr only One who is.

7. I give you today for You know best every time and I love you!❤

Answered Prayer

God yet again answered my prayers and thank you to those who prayed with me. All went well and with joy and peace with babysitting our grandbaby. I had asked for prayer because we had seen him only twice in his life and never for long, so we knew it would be quite a shock to him and adjustment for us. He is a very busy little man but we had happy moments and even an ever so brief nap. All is well and God remains constantly and perfectly good!❤❤❤

When God Corrects Me

Sometimes I screw up and sometimes is being nice. However, God sees fit, in His amazing and infinite grace and mercy, to correct me. I used to hate that because I was a bit of a control freak when I thought I was right and intended right to happen of my own volition. I have matured, thank God and n only because of Him, and release control to God, who is actually capable of carrying our the absolute best in any situation. I have been wrong lately in my thinking. And He showed me this tonight. And great was my praise.

The surest sign that you are maturing is that each time you screw up takes less time for you to realize it, confess and repent, become humble enough for all that in thr first place, and praise God for His wisdom and sovereignty over everyone and everything. And I really don’t want to go over my screw up and bring more attention to myself. I really want to n lift up the name of Jesus and glorify God. I want Him to have all the props because my obedience of Him is also due to His grace and mercy. He sees fit to correct and loves me enough to love me back every time. It is truly beautiful how He works n in my life in every big thing and every little thing. And I love seeing my kids love Him too. Makes my day! God is so very good friend!! 😄❤❤❤


Determination is rooted in faithfulness and is fed with persistent courage. The will of a person is the initiator and the moral character its determiner of consistency. But the Author of all these within us is Almighty God, our loving Creator. He is the DNA which allowed all else to develop. When people compliment us, they are complimenting Him and I praise Him for that. It is so impressive how He works. In a very “me” and narciasistic/selfish world we live in with pride and ego encouraged, I am deeply honored and privileged to understand that it is not about me but it is most definitely about God. (That will be manifest now or later.) And I am positively floored when He hears and answers my prayers and works through me in any small way. That the powerful Creator of everything we know of loves, made and wants to be my Heavenly Father is just incredible and I am filled with gratefulness of Him. What a perfect God we serve. He is so good!❤❤❤