Answered Prayer

God yet again answered my prayers and thank you to those who prayed with me. All went well and with joy and peace with babysitting our grandbaby. I had asked for prayer because we had seen him only twice in his life and never for long, so we knew it would be quite a shock to him and adjustment for us. He is a very busy little man but we had happy moments and even an ever so brief nap. All is well and God remains constantly and perfectly good!❤❤❤


When God Corrects Me

Sometimes I screw up and sometimes is being nice. However, God sees fit, in His amazing and infinite grace and mercy, to correct me. I used to hate that because I was a bit of a control freak when I thought I was right and intended right to happen of my own volition. I have matured, thank God and n only because of Him, and release control to God, who is actually capable of carrying our the absolute best in any situation. I have been wrong lately in my thinking. And He showed me this tonight. And great was my praise.

The surest sign that you are maturing is that each time you screw up takes less time for you to realize it, confess and repent, become humble enough for all that in thr first place, and praise God for His wisdom and sovereignty over everyone and everything. And I really don’t want to go over my screw up and bring more attention to myself. I really want to n lift up the name of Jesus and glorify God. I want Him to have all the props because my obedience of Him is also due to His grace and mercy. He sees fit to correct and loves me enough to love me back every time. It is truly beautiful how He works n in my life in every big thing and every little thing. And I love seeing my kids love Him too. Makes my day! God is so very good friend!! 😄❤❤❤


Determination is rooted in faithfulness and is fed with persistent courage. The will of a person is the initiator and the moral character its determiner of consistency. But the Author of all these within us is Almighty God, our loving Creator. He is the DNA which allowed all else to develop. When people compliment us, they are complimenting Him and I praise Him for that. It is so impressive how He works. In a very “me” and narciasistic/selfish world we live in with pride and ego encouraged, I am deeply honored and privileged to understand that it is not about me but it is most definitely about God. (That will be manifest now or later.) And I am positively floored when He hears and answers my prayers and works through me in any small way. That the powerful Creator of everything we know of loves, made and wants to be my Heavenly Father is just incredible and I am filled with gratefulness of Him. What a perfect God we serve. He is so good!❤❤❤

Psalm 113:1-4

Psalm 113:1. “Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord, you his servants; praise the name of the Lord. 2. Let the name of the Lord be praised, both now and forevermore. 3. From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised. 4. The Lord is exalted over all the nations, his glory above the heavens.”❤

When God Sneaks in an Answer to Prayer

I have to praise God tonight and thank Him for this weekend. I realize that He snuck in an answer to prayer. And I am here to say that as true as I am writing this, God answers prayers prayed, even those prayed over many years that you aren’t even sure of anymore but still you pray. And God loves sneaking in some love with an unexpected answer that is so so sweet! I really appreciate the love from God He showed with this answer to many prayers. So awesome is God!! ❤ ❤ ❤

The Laws of Nature

God created this world and everything in it using physical, biological, mathematical, etc. laws and lots and lots of love. And if you study His design long enough, you will be amazed by His skills and also ask why. Why go to all the trouble? Why is it all here? And the answer is as profound as the question, and I know it. Wanna hear it? God designed everything because 1. He wanted to and frankly, He can do whatever He wants to do and 2. His immense love compelled Him to. As soon as He thought of you, He loved you so much He just had to give you life. And here is why we say God is love. He cannot operate without it. Love is God’s DNA, if He has such a thing, or at least His M.O. (modus operendi). And if that does not well up your praise and worship of God, I cannot help you. 😄 ❤

Realizing with Help that I Have Been Praying the Wrong Prayers

So, sometimes we need help. I asked a sister in Christ for help today. I generally just ask God for help. Today I was led to ask a sister in Christ for advice and received an encouraging true answer back in response. And it turns out my prayer has been ineffectual because I have been praying the wrong prayer. I thought it was one thing and it was something else. (I hate to be vague, but it is very personal but still want to share the praise.) In addition, she gave me great advice and actions to take aling with my prayer and fasting prayers. So I am over the top encouraged and am up for the long haul of a new prayer and action plan. And this is why we have a kingdom/church of heaven and not just individuals. Sometimes we need each other. Everyone has different gifts. And praise God for obedience in us and contrite hearts in us so we may do what He designed us to do and help each other out. Praise God Almighty!!! His design is perfect!!!😄❤❤❤