God Answered Yet Another Prayer

God never ceases being faithful. God always answers prayer and always knows how best to do that for everyone and His kingdom. Today, He answered yet another prayer for the church. The pastor was having to retire due to severe health issues and decided if he had to retire, no one would have his congregation and would destroy it. It is woundedness, sin sickness, grief all rolled into one. And I saw this almost instantly and started praying and fasting over it for the purity of the church and truth to come out. And God allowed the preacher to be dumb enough to send the truth and proof in hard evidence and was caught and will retire early with truth as the reason. And my next prayer is that He confesses to the congregation for his sake and the sake of the integrity of the church. We are very very forgiving. It is (or very well should be) our M.O. we forgive so Jesus will forgive us (see the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6). So praise God for answering yet another prayer!!!! God is worthy of all praise!❤❤❤


Headed Down the Road of Praise

So, been comparing women’s Bible studies and looked at several books to possibly use for my Sunday School class, and I keep doubling back to the 30-Day Praise Challenge by Becky Harling (http://www.beckyharling.com). This book meant so much to me and I grew much closer to the Lord as it guides through praise verses in the Bible for focused praise for many topics. There is no substitute for praise and no greater therapy or tool for growth and healing than praising and focusing on God through life. I am so excited!😄❤

More To Do

God chose for me to now lead a ladies’ Sunday School class. So next week I start with the Lord’s help. Sometimes we are put where we are needed, not for our benefit overtly but for the good of the kingdom of God. He is the most important part of everything and without Him, nothing good happens. He is in charge and I go where He leads. So praise God for seeing in me a humble enough spirit to want to work through. And may that always be for me and you and all of us who wear His name.

“Praise the Name of Jesus. He’s my rock! He’s my fortress. He’s my deliverer and in Him will I trust. Praise the Name of Jesus!” ❤

Regular Band Gig

We had a great gig tonight!! Praise God! We even started off heavy with life and therefore out of sync with each other. Even with that and about a hundred little foibles, we managed it and got tighter the rest of the sets and were happy and vibing so that we cheered each other up and the crowd and it was fantastic. So many compliments and we are playing there once a month now. Amazing. So proud of our band family and this great team. God is so good!❤

Praise God!! Goal Attained!!

I have reached my goal with God’s help!! I have been working on this goal since the beginning of June of this year. So I am proof that big goals (losing 50 pounds by Christmas) can be accomplished with God’s help and consistent effort on our part. And I believe that is true of every goal. God is so wonderful!!!❤❤❤

We Consist of The Sum of Our Parts

No two people are alike, no matter how hard they seem to try. I and you consist of the sum of our parts. All parts are designed and orchestrated by God on purpose and with a plan of being saved and close to Him. So I do not detest any of my or your parts.

The parts are the physical: the skin, the hair, the body type and dimension, the blemishes, the scars, the freckles, the beauty, the ugliness.

Parts also are the spiritual: the eternal spirit, the soul, the heart, the thinking mind, the patterns of brain usage, the emotions that are expressed or suppressed, the tide and current of flow to God the Creator, the eternal residence that is considered to great benefit or suppressed to detriment.

The parts also consist of our past: our upbringing, horrible things we went through, good things we experienced, travels, interactions with people good and bad, decisions we made good and bad, education in school, street education, relative interactions good and bad, home environment, financial and economic experiences, accidents and injuries, wrongs and sins, forgiveness and blessings, all of it.

There is no way with all these parts options two people can or should look alike in totality. We are the sum of our parts. And these are purposeful and useful by and for God thr Creator. That makes me and you quite beautiful and extraordinary. And I appreciate me and you and genuinely praise God for us. If you ponder this, it is the only rightful conclusion. 😄❤