Praying for the Ungrateful

Committing to pray for everyone in your sphere means you are praying mostly for people who either don’t think it’s a big deal (so are flippant) or are ungrateful for the prayers. We should never expect a different response because Jesus Christ, Maker of the universe and King of all kings, deserving luxury and worship, died a horrific death and then majestically rase Himself from the dead for everyone to have a opportunity to be saved. And most people are flippant about that or are ungrateful. Why would we be treated better than the King of kings and Lord of lords?

Why are people like that? I believe it boils down to 1 of three options:

1. Rebellious pride- spoiled selfishness

2. Ignorance- not knowing how important and eternal these things (prayer, savation, Bible study, obedience) and decisions are

3. Laziness- procrastinating and/or laxidazical.

And we need to pray all the more for them. The people in our sphere we are responsible to pray for. And it is the most powerful and important thing we can ever do and gift we can ever give. We are looking out for their eternal and spiritual welfare and future and present concerns, even if they could care less. We are loving them despite their blindness. Isn’t that what Jesus did?❤❤❤


Fasting Day Change

I will be fasting on Thursday this week and will ask you to either fast with me or pray with me during that time. My usual day of the week is Wednesday, but my mom’s birthday is tomorrow and we will be taking her out to lunch for her birthday.

I hope I don’t screw up anyone’s schedule. I will be posting my prayers tomorrow for Thursday’s prayer and/or fasting day.

We, friend in Christ, need to fervently pray. Jesus Christ is the hope of the world and we are responsible for praying for our families, community, state, government, President, judges, church, unsaved people, etc. It is our job. We must pray with all our hearts! ❤

Reminder That God Answers Humble, Faith-Filled Prayers

Just wanted to remind you, in this extraordinarily distracting and busy world, that God is still in control and always answers humble, faith-filled prayers. That has not ever changed because He does not change, His faithful, loving character dictates this. God hears you. He knows you by name and how many hairs are on your head (or legs if hair on the head is sparse lol) in a given moment. We must remember through the distractions and cares and worries and busy-ness that fact, that truth. Pray and believe it. Pray that God will send the cold front faster so Dorian turns sooner to do less damage. Then believe He will do it. And pray believing and with humbleness and a right, purified-by-Jesus mind and He will answer that prayer. This is how He works and it is an excellent example. Works in any circumstance. He wants us to remember, have faith and be humble. The God who has upheld and protected the great, beautiful state of Israel, still upholds us also. He is so very good and His grace, love and mercy are very generous to us who pray. Remember that always and get praying for this Dorian situation and any needs you have. Be saved, humble and have faith and God will answer. Every time this is true. He loves us so much!❤

Another Hurricane Coming

So, it seems Lady Irma has not.been gone quite 2 years and here comes Dorian. Well, what should we do? Panic? Buy everything n in the store? Talk about it and worry with it endlessly? Buy a boat? Leave the state?

I say no.

I say pray (with fasting if able), prepare what you can and rest in the Lord’s loving, strong arms.

I learned from Lady Irma that God is stronger than any hurricane. That will always be true just like it always has been true.

So, let’s be the light in this world and remain calm, pray (and fast if able), prepare what we can calmly, and rest in the loving strong arms of the Lord. He is so good!❤

When Prepping for Battle, Pray First

I have been preparing for another school year, anticipating again being in the roll of encourager and motivator while no one is encouraging or motivating me. And an underlying dread was creeping in because of the weight of that.

Then, the Holy Spirit reminded me to pray as I am preparing and imparted the ok to say no to coaching this year so my burden is lighter. It is someone else’s turn this year. I will get back to it. And in addition, I received encouragement and motivation from an unlikely source and that affirmed it and gave me a boost in courage. And further, the Lord encouraged me and motivated me in the book of Numbers. Seriously, do not underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit when reading the written Word.

So pray first. Pray as you are preparing. And this gives God a chance to help and He always does. Praise God!😄❤❤❤

Just Keep Praying

My physical/emotional self is tired. Tired of selfishness, tired of games people play, tired of drama, tired of caring and not being cared for back, tired of pride unchecked, tired of the weight on my shoulders all the time, tired of stress. So true. So true. But…

The mental self can still be moved, can be tintilated by puzzles, can be engaged in enigmas. Can still co-create and write, can still be energized and awakened and thrilled. But…

My main focus I have decided is on my spiritual self, for that will remain into eternity. Here is where the Holy Spirit (who dwells there) reminds me to keep praying, keep doing what is right, keep worshipping. And here He gives me energy when I humbly ask and finally put the tired physical/emotional down. I am reminded that when I feel tired all over and overwhelmed is when I have not humbled myself to prayer and spirit where renewal generously flows over me and rest is sweet and burdens light. Joy and peace are there. For there I meet with my Savior. Sweet relief.

This post is a reminder to myself and a reminder to whoever needs it to humble up, put the physical down, and just keep praying. And peace and joy flow there. Praise God! 😄❤

When Enemies Won’t Stop, You Stop and Pray

The enemy of us all and God will not stop. It will be over for him very soon and he is trying hard to destroy as many as possible now. He will not let up. However, we are not without recourse. We are never powerless and never defeated. See, Jesus Christ already won. It is finished. So if we stop and humbly pray, Jesus fight for us through the power of the Holy Spirit by command of the Father. God, the Holy Trinity, fights for us. We only need to stay grounded in the Bible and humbly pray and God takes care of it. Pray. Pray. Pray. The power of prayer still always amazes me.

Stop and pray. God will make it ok.❤