Bend Your Head so You Can Stand Your Ground

There are treasonous evils and principalities fighting all around us on all fronts, in most all countries right now. These forces seem united and he’ll bent on destruction. Those standing for God, righteousness, good, truth, America need to humbly bow/bend our heads to gain the strength of God. Then these evil people should be prosecuted for their treacherous activities and pray the principalities out. I am tired of idly standing by and just praying alone for this country and souls I love so much. We need to unite in prayer and fasting and do something. For heaven’s sakes, why are we so timid against these evil forces? They are defeated foe trying to kill as many as possible let on their way to hell and we just let them?! Why aren’t Christians in an uproar? Are we afraid? No, who would be afraid with the God of the universe on our side??? Rise up, man up, start humbly praying and fast for these lost souls and justice for the traitors to humanity and our freedom.

Praying for Leaders

Leaders, whether of churches or government, make decisions that affect us for good or bad. We need to make a point to pray for them daily because we want them to make decisions that are wise and good, fighting evil and promoting goodness and growth/healing of our land. Plus these leaders are extra responsible for their actions when they face God. Please pray for our leaders. May God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 

Praying Alone in Pain

Having recently lost someone important forever, I was reminded how fragile it all is. How we can laugh one minute and be shattered again St the rocks the next. And tonight, trying to recover from the recent blow, I am informed that my good friend lost her fight tonight. The car who hit her was also unexpected but recovery had looked so close but God thought heaven was a better home for her. And I loved her too. Also tonight while visiting my beloved Daddy, he didn’t know me, has been eating very little and sleeping a lot, can’t stay upright in a wheelchair anymore. And I am wondering just how strong God believes that I am or need to be. Of course everyone in the house is asleep and as I sit alone in my room, I cry. No, I weep. My heart mourns in sorrow and groans in grief. I am just a human being. I feel deeply. I am ripped to shreds. Just how humble do you want me, Lord? I do not doubt You, for You know everything and always what is best for everyone somehow, so much more than we do, but I am doubting the strength You gifted me with. I am doubting I can take any more of it. I am wondering how You will rebuild my brokenness, heal my heart. I know You understand pain. I know people were taken from you too. I know you felt alone sometimes too. I am talking to You knowing you feel me, you get it but not knowing anything else. So here I am to hold, Jesus. You are my only arms right now, Lord. I feel so tiny, so unimportant and I know You probably have a plan I can’t see. Again, I trust You. I will just shut up now and hope You hold me, Jesus. I need you.

Forged by Design

The soul of us was created and determined long before our physical birth. Our essence was forged by design and loving thought on purpose because God knew each of us could work together to care for His creation, each other and work together in worship of Him. Each person we see, each homeless person, each person dying of alcohol poison or drug overdose,each precious child, each strong warrior. Every person was designed on purpose with love by an incredibly amazing and awe inspiring God who wanted them. What they chose to do with that gift is their eternal choice, but that does not negate the fact that until life is passed out of an individual, they were made especially as they are to fulfill a purpose. And the beauty of salvation through Jesus our Messiah and Redeemer is that until the final breath, every person can be saved and forgiven for squandering their gift in any large or small way and can start fresh to be the amazing purposeful creation designed to be. We need only humbly ask and start a new life and journey. All dirt can be removed. We all come into this world with nothing but our potential and love and a choice to make later. All of us. We will leave this world with the result of the choice we decided upon. We are not so grand to have invented ourselves, matter can not be created by matter but by a higher force. The laws of nature dictate this fact. Evolution is a strong and powerful religion of bad science and lies. I have studied much and am a doctor so implore the mind and spirit to reason again at the impotent ramblings of religious fanatics whose goal is to remove the Deity of God and give it to themselves. Know the truth of your design and you will find that you are dearly loved and wanted. There is no mistake. You are no mistake. You are on purpose and loved. You have potential and choice. Please know it is never too late to be restored to your rightful state of effective worship and community with God and His true believers. God loves you so very much and made a way to begin again through Jesus Christ. Feel free to pray to God and feel free to reply if you want me to pray for you.

Fragile and Afraid

Humans have amazing God given resiliency. It is stupendous to behold and mighty to witness. However, looking deeper into the soul of a human, we find immense fragility and capacity for great trauma. I believe firmly that mistakes in part make us who we are and we gain strength and perseverance and faith from having gone through them. But we also simultaneously have a splinter let behind, a potential thorn in our sides. I discovered mine recently. It was a splinter that had not been fully received that has resurfaced and given me and my lovely family quite a lot of grief. It has to do with the security, found to be very important in most women’s lives. When we have been injured and trust abolished in younger years, that apparently does not disappear. It would be lovely if that were the case and we just grew tougher only and that was it. But no, sometimes the old thought patterns re-emerge and we are instantly in that broken moment again. Apparently hormone overload does not help the situation but makes us much more vulnerable. So here is the stange, new-to-now-but-happened-a-long-time-ago vulnerable state of confusion and insecurity. I can not do or say anything good in this state. Everything I say or do seems guided by motives of self-protection and now family-protection that may only exist in the state of mind of long ago, shadows as it were. If am obsessed suddenly with preventing pain or some scenario that I survived previously. It is a hideous and frustrating development in my already busy life. So what do I do with this new bit of information upon its recent discovery? Well, apparently the first thing is to cry a lot, something new I am also uncomfortable with, and then a lot of prayer and Bible reading. Why that? Because it puts life in all its complexity into the proper perspective and scale and focuses attention off the damaged self and onto the only One who can heal deep re-emerging wounds. There is no other cure. I have tried several and they only cause more pain and stress in self and family/friends and many hours of overtime prayer from amazing prayer warriors. So, this new clumsy phenomenon, I hope, will be my splinter gradually pulled all the way out and removed from the picture. In the meanwhile, thank you prayer warriors and of course God, my source of healing, for lifting me up and supporting me through it and thank you so much to my patient and incredibly handsome and loving husband who has decided to stay with the crazy me as I hopefully soon un-crazy. Sometimes things take time, even unexpected things. Praise God He provided a man who helped me see these things and stay the course. I love my husband.