Jesus is the Sweetest Name

Some names meant something to me at one point and now are passing names. Names take on meaning in direct proportion to the dearness of the relationship. When “in love”, the name of the beloved is sweet to you. When opposed, the name of the opposition takes on a sore meaning. It is not public and varies for every person’s experience.

For me, at this point in my long life, the name of Jesus Christ is the sweetest name I know. Every other name has less meaning. I find myself just saying His name to smile and be comforted. This comes for me from a deep respect and long, historic relationship. Jesus has been the only One I trust for a long time. I have grown to depend on Him as I can with no other. I rely on Him and respect His faithfulness. Of course I find peace in His love and redemption also. Jesus Christ is the name which matters most. ❤❤❤


When Lied To by Someone Close

When lied to by someone close, my question is always, “Why didn’t they trust me with the truth?” It is a betrayal, a non-trust, a sadness that they didn’t believe in ME and know my heart that I am trustworthy and love them.

At least that has always been my go to before. Noe, as it has happened so much, I do not question that anymore. I turn it to myself introspectively and remind myself that God’s Word says to trust Him, not any other soul, no matter how close. He says in the Bible to be trustworthy but to trust Him. So we can do the best we can to give people reasons to be truthful and trustworthy back, but ultimately their response is their responsibility and very well may reflect their spiritual condition or woundedness rather than anything reflective of you. Or they can just chose to be evil. Either way, we are to trust God and be humble in prayer over those close to us. We are to pray all the time and rely on Him, trust in Him. People will let us down but be encouraged that God never ever will. He is our perfect God who loves us and wants so much to have a relationship with us that He provided a way through Jesus Christ. Wow. We are so very loved, friend, and God is our constant trustworthy companion. In God I trust.❤❤❤

Wild Ride

Life is a wild ride. 2019 will probably be a wild ride, wilder than usual. I expect it. But I am still full to the brim with peace and joy because of being close to the Lord, whose Holy Spirit generates the fruit of the Spirit in me. Fasting weekly is helping keep close to the Lord also. And regularly attending and playing piano for worship also helps, as well as Bible reading and prayer. And I strongly recommend that focus of keeping close to the Lord. He draws close to those who humbly draw close to Him. He loves us and longs for that relationship. He made us to care for His world and worship Him and since Jesus, to share the Good News/Bible/Gospel message of salvation and of course to have a close relationship with Him. That is why we are here and we need to stick to or get back to the program. Then, no matter how wild the ride we have this year, we are secure in Him and always peaceful and joyful and loved/loving. We must trust that God is always good and trustworthy and faithful to do what He said He would do. And He is that perfect. Trust Him.❤❤❤

What Do You Do If You Can’t Trust Someone?

If you can’t trust someone, I have a foolproof method of maintaining a relationship with this person. Pull up a chair and lean in, this is really good, based on my extensive life experience…


You trust God instead of them. God is trustworthy and no other person I have met (with a very few exceptional cases) is trustworthy. Just trust God. Put your trust only in Him.

Let me expand a bit. Go in with eyes wide open with this person. Do not trust them. Continue not to, people do not change unless they allow God to change them. Let trust in them die, do not maintain unrealistic expectations of them, know they are untrustworthy and do not be hurt or surprised or take it personally. They cannot help it, they have a sin sickness. They are in a human body on a sinful planet, right? Well… what do you expect? Unless people choose to be humble and allow God to rule their decision making, they are going to lie, sin, screw up. Heck, the same is true for me and even you. Just how it is. People have to humbly align their will under God’s to start looking as trustworthy as God is. And even then, one wrong move and bam.

So the key to getting along with people is realizing that everyone is a sin – possible person and is inherently untrustworthy. You accept that and put your trust, faith and security in God who cannot help but be trustworthy and happens to love you and also, ya know, rules everything because He made everything. That God of the Universe, your Heavenly Father, our hope, peace, joy, love, etc. Trust God. He cannot and will not let you down. And there it is. You are welcome.😄❤

Healing Broken People

Most people I know are broken. Most often you don’t see their brokenness until they are humble enough or comfortable enough to show it in front of you or just can’t help but show it because of the depth of that brokenness. The few unbroken are in denial/lies, ignorant of their brokenness or about to be broken. So brokenness is a truth of humanity. This is due to the pride sin we inherited from the first prideful sin in the garden. But I digress. Blame is stupid and unproductive. It remains that people are broken.

Now, as a healer (someone who basically cares about the broken and has faith that God can heal them), I help heal the broken. How is that when I myself am also human and therefore also broken? The answer is the faith thing. The answer is always God. I cannot heal a person, even as a doctor, unless that person humbly admits there is a problem and believes there is help available to them. Humility has to be present and a humble prayer to God to step in and heal. Then healing starts. It is rarely if ever immediate. Healing starts. God does this to not overwhelm us and form a careful scar that is helpful and not dead. And how do we develop humility in people to start this? Prayer and loving on the person. It is a process, a relationship. This is God’s plan. A community that helps each other and cares for each other in worship to Him. Until restoration happens in heaven, we all have to be broken together and share love and knowledge that humble prayer promotes God’s healing useful, beautiful scars. It is the only way it works beautifully like that. Love plus humble prayer in faith.❤

Loving People Anyway

People often stink. They just really often think in a myopic, selfish way and it is just stinky behavior. And they talk that way or only talk to get their way. That happens a lot. We have a daughter that doesn’t have the courtesy to call unless she needs money. She won’t even return our call for us to get the grandkids their presents. We love her anyway. I love everyone anyway. Here is how. I remember how stinky my behavior is sometimes and that God loves me anyway. He has poured that grace on me out of love. So, I can return His love by living the people He lovingly made. Despite how they act, they are His creation and He loves them and wants them saved. So disrespecting them and not showing love to them is like spitting in His face and I really, REALLY don’t want to ever do that. So I love because God first loved me. That is how I do it. It is the only way you can. It is being the light to them so they remember the warmth and beauty the light brings and want to return to it.❤

The Answered Prayer Grace of God

I have to share a story. There was once recently a damaged person who misunderstood comments and actions of people who did not understand that person’s damage or misunderstanding. The damaged one became very upset and lashed out on those who did not know what they had done wrong.

And all could have ended there and relationships severed and permanent hurt on both sides. In fact, this story plays itself out every day all over the world.

However, those ignorant innocents who were lashed out against did not lash back or cry or talk bad about or get upset or what not. No, they prayed, we prayed. We prayed together hand in hand. Then I prayed alone on my knees on my bed also. We and I prayed for wisdom, understanding, help, peace, and joy.

Then I took a deep breath and talked to the offended and immediately received insight and wisdom and knew what to do. I put on my humble and apologized for disrespectful words out of my mouth that triggered the damage and thus created the misunderstanding. And I was met with an immediate change from angry opposition to melted heart before my eyes. I met hostility with peace from God through His answer to my prayer. This prayer’s answer was drenched with grace. God had answered and helped us all. He worked it all out. We conversed and have mended and bonded closer with empathy and understanding.

And friends, God will help you also every time you humbly talk to Him. I am proof. He loves you and I do too.❤