Props to Fathers

I was just thinking how when I was growing up b in a small farming town in Michigan, really good father’s were everywhere, they ruled the house, they worked and paid the bills, they took everyone to church, they taught valuable lessons like bike riding and grilling and fishing, they were faithful, they lived their family. Now this evil world has turned against them, feminism and liberal woman-superiority agenda, cheating, feminization of me in the media, men being portrayed as dumb on TV and women and kids are smarter, porn epidemic, so many things are really against God’s original plan. So, that being said, those that don’t fall for all that crap and who are still good fathers despite it all, I give you serious props and am so very glad you choose to do it right when others give in. Great job!!!! You are appreciated iated and treasured and so loved! Keep up the good work!! Real men pray! ❤

Father’s Day

I have put off talking about this Father’s Day because it is my first year where I am on this planet and he is in heaven. I am happy that he is happy. I celebrate that he is celebrating. But the little girl in me wishes to be wrapped up in my Daddy’s strong arms, the most (and maybe only) secure and loving place on Earth. My Daddy worked a lot but he was the best Daddy God made. And talking about it, I am already crying like a baby. And Grandpa went to sing with him in heaven a few months ago, so there are no grandparents anymore either. And it would be a complete cry day with sad movie and bon bons and wine except that my husband is still with us. So I will force myself to focus on the living and I really do appreciate my husband, who takes such good care of us and not only loves our daughter but takes great care of my son, as his dad cannot do because he cannot keep a job and married a psychopath with three sons (one of which is good). So Steve stepped up and became a stable father for him and has financially cared for him also and teaches him what father’s teach their sons and loves on us all just the same. So he is my focus and I will avoid focusing on my Daddy or will be mourning all day. I choose optimism and will celebrate a good man loving the fire out of our kids! To all the good men out there loving on your kids, thank you, you are it and keeping things together in the Lord, and keep up the good work! Happy Father’s Day!!! ❤

A Farmer’s Life

Let me start by saying that few people on the planet are better people than farmers. I am not saying that because my dad and most of his family are farmers or because I grew up breathing the fresh air on a farm or because I never had better vegetables and fruit than what I grew up eating on the farm. But a good farmer grows much more than he needs as a business to feed people but few know how little he really makes or how few appreciate it. My dad used to say he felt sorry for city folk who think food comes from stores. No, food comes from the love and hard work of a farmer who tilled and planted and babies and waited then harvested that food all for months with a resulting pay that barely kept up his tractors and supplies and a little left over for the taxes on the land if we were lucky. But farmers do it because it is their passion to work the soil, produce food for people, raise cows for milk or beef, raise chickens for eggs and meat, etc. They know how and are good at it. They were in a long line of farmers who shared their knowledge, it is a part of them. They believe in America, the most patriotic people around. They love their families and it all starts and works for and with them. They know and love God because He surrounds them in the nature, talks to them in isolation for days on a tractor, is with them in the fresh air, the soil, gives them rain at the right time, provides for them. Farmers are ingenuitive, keeping things going, rigging things up, getting function where others would give up in tears. Farmers are businessmen, getting the most of every rare dime. Farmers are the strongest people I know in mentally tough ways and physically tough ways. I watched my dad move full oil drums himself, no equipment to help him. Just picked it up and moved it. Farmers should be studied as roll models and industry leaders, though most would never want that kind of glory. They are humble souls, doing what they know are nd loving what they do, resting up for the next thing on the schedule. Farmers a render beautiful people and you need to learn from them and hug them and thank them for the food. I am proud of that aspect of my highly respectable daddy. And I hope to go back someday and work the soil. It is in my blood and lungs, after all.

The Strength Inheritance

God blessed my Daddy with an exorbitant strength, of will, body and mind. He had an uncanny to eye up a situation immediately and know exactly what was called for and fill the need, whether it was spiritual or physical or mechanical, whatever. God provided him with this as his gift and developed it through years of experiences and opportunities to use and grow it. It was incredible. You could feel him enter the room and he was short but the largest thing in the room. And I learned later that this was not just his own strength but his faith and trust that God would work through Him and provide whatever was needed that he didn’t have. That, my friends, is the greatest power we can possess. And when my Daddy went to be with Jesus in Heaven, he passed that strength to me. I can feel it. It must have been his prayer, knowing I would need it to heal from my great loss of him and everything else that happens in life. And I see that gift as sacred and use it every chance I can. I know that if help is needed, I can provide that either myself or more importantly from God. What is ever the worst that can happen? We die trying and go to Heaven? Doesn’t sound so bad really, so I am game for whatever is in my path to do. I think that is not just true of me but of every single Christian that truly lives for and loves God with all their heart, soul and strength, which should be all of us. Remember that we are on this earth to worship and serve and every time we help someone we are doing both of those. God always is with us to help us do it. Pretty fantastic life, even if there are bumps along the way. God is good!!!

The Journey Home

Remembering Daddy was good in Florida with friends there and my mom. But there is something beautiful about being in Michigan on soil he farmed that made remembering Daddy with family and friends and soil who knew him that made this broken heart heal more and start to mend. I have two homes now, far away from each other and my heart resides in both places, one with the love of my life and my kids and friends and one with my dear family and friends and soil that tugs my heart. My homeland recharges me, heals, calms my mind and soothes my soul. And there, it was good to share Daddy’s memorial with those who knew the greatness of the man who cared for me all my days and protected me all my nights. And the soil of my birth and my Daddy’s toils and triumphs released my tears and soothed my wounds. I felt his love there and the God who gives life to us all is to be praised and glorified and I thank Him for allowing this blessing to wash over me. Being in that space where things grow was healing to my soul. I am renewed after a fashion and the fire in me rekindled to a degree. As I move on down the road on this journey, I take this new joy with me, to have been home and been hugged and loved by those I hold so dear. Thank you, God!

Choices of Reflection

A lot has happened in my lifetime. Most recently, I think of Daddy most, but I have lost many friends and family along the way and we’re I to focus on that, pretty sure I’d go crazy. Instead, I am trying to divert my thoughts to worship and prayer and the blessings and friends and family in my life now. We can choose what we focus on. There is a time to mourn and a time to laugh, a time to cry and a time to dance. We can not get stuck in the negative because the positive needs our participation. In the positive is life and movement and action. In the negative is stagnant sadness, movementlessness. And yes, I understand I just made that word up but it is true. Positivity focuses on good and others and God. Negativity focuses on self, self and self. And today, I really miss my dad and my friend I lost recently but I know that I can not live here. I must mourn and then move on. I have a lot of things to do still. I can not remove myself from life, cannot focus on the missing. I have to focus on what I take from them, what importance I learned, what lessons and enjoyment from knowing them and carry that forward on my journey with God. That is what I must do. That is my calling. Their journey alongside me is finished but my journey remains. And I have an amazing heavenly Father who is always with me on this journey. We are never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever alone.

In Memory of My Best Memories

There is a warm embrace of comfort that God gives you when you curl up with a loving memory. Tomorrow is a difficult time because we will be honoring Daddy’s life. I can do that better than many because people pay very close attention to their beloved hero and Daddy was mine. He was the man in my life, the constant, the breath that gave me wings, my champion. He loved and defended me and my sister. He was loyal and supportive to my mom for 44 years. And my favorite memory of all time was me throwing up the ball and hitting it into the poll barn. Daddy got home from a long day in the field all tired and dirty. He came right up to me and gave me a dirty mud hug with a laugh as he did sometimes and grabbed the ball and pitched for me. He said I needed to make a bigger dent than that and showed me how to get more power in my swing. It wasn’t a long memory but it is deep and holds my heart loved. Memories are what we have when people are no longer with us. Making them should be a high priority for those we love for we, like my daddy, will one day drift off to heaven. Pictures help trigger memories, help remember. But some of my best memories happen in the moments cameras or phones are left behind, moments like daddy scooping me up to sit on the back of his combine or tractor as he plowed or harvested, the smell and turning of the earth, the consistent rumble of the well preserved engine by a master mechanic, the breathing in of the fresh air mixed with soil, and me proud as heck to be my Daddy’s little girl. I remember the pride I had when I used to visit Grandma Batterson and hear stories of Daddy’s taking good care of her all his life once he was old enough to. Her memories became mine, which is why there is importance in time with elders. Memories are little gifts from God to bring a great moment of love into the present and we can pass that into the future to our kids. The importance of memories cannot be understated and their value cannot be measured. And that is where my heart is right now. Make and share some memories as a loving act of service and encouragement. Never disappoints. 🙂