Working with a Diva

So our band has to sandwich a violinist soloist at a Christmas party. They called and want to use our PA, as they don’t have one and want extra speakers and to sound great and and dedicated sound man (for free of course) and everyone get their an hour earlier for them and a million things we don’t even have as professional musicians. They want to be “Headliners” and make a name for themselves. And this is a small Christmas party. And I laugh. Divas. Haughty. Demanding. My immediate thought was if they had such high demands, why not get their own PA and hire a soundman. And an agent and butler and cheuffeur and press secretary and so on. Laughing still. They are lucky they spoke to me after God calmed me down and filled me with peace and joy.

I thought of this and realized these clowns are a lot like us sometimes when we live our lives. We think of self-promotion , what we need, fight for our wants, demand things of God while doing our best to prove we are the most important thing in the universe. And God must just laugh at that level of irrational diva mentality and pride. He, Creator of everything we know and don’t even know. And here we are fleas with our little instruments instead of acknowledging God’s superiority and asking for help are like a diva toddler screaming “Treat me better! I am most important!” As if breathing and the choice of salvation and talents we have were not gift enough. Laughable. Pathetic. Silly. 😄❤


Something Funny about Irma

My mom has been texting all day (she prefers texts) with questions about preparing for Hurricane Irma. After about the fifth question, I asked her one… “Who was it that taught me faith and to trust God, who is way bigger and stronger than Irma?” She stopped texting questions. Lol ❤

Many Hours at the Pool

The biggest reward for cleaning mom’s house and taking care of her, other than the satisfaction that is present, is that her clubhouse has a huge pool and other grandparents have kids that swim there. So there we stayed for hours of fun at the pool. We are a golden tan now and are exhausted but these are the memories you hang your hat on. These are new good tech-free moments with family that make you feel amazing and you remember as the good times for when things get rough. God gave us good memories there with Grandma/my mom and with her pool. Thank you, God!❤❤❤

A Nod to my New Look

So, I have gotten into a different shape, was always a shape but am more healthy and less round. Lol So today, we went to Sam’s Club to stock up for hurricane season like good Floridians, and two guys eyed me up and we’re looking at me and nodding and smiling. I never understood the wisdom of someone being attracted to a person just because of what they look like. How freaking shallow is that? They could possibly not have two spare neurons to rub together or worse, be mean. But nonetheless, I got a nod of approval today. It helps I got too much sun yesterday. Lol Of course, I care not. I find it funny. I am a grandma of a 3 year old and momma of 6 and 11 year olds. And I am still cute? Ha! Even if it is true, who cares now? I am married and he is the last. Anyway, thought that might amuse someone. Ha! I am still laughing about it. The little blessings of life, as it were. A good laugh being one of the best blessings. I love God’s sense of humor. 🙂

Family Fun

My kids have had quite a sense of humor lately. I believe it is due to my having thrown tech and anti-social media away, which took quite a bit of my time before. So I have been more present with my family and everyone has benefitted, even me. So my kids are happy enough to start with the jokes and art projects are on an all time high. It is alive and fun n in this house now. It is a remarkable how much the leadership of a parent trickles down to the kids. And they are doing jokes, skits, we are rhyming, changing words to so gs to make them funny and watching funny movies. Music is everywhere because both kids are learning the piano. It is wonderful! Kathleen this morning just got up and was staring at me around the corner to be funny and just giggling. I love my family. I thank God for having me quit my addiction of anti-social media. My family has benefitted so much! It is beautiful!! ❤❤❤

Funny Story

When I had my own private practice, I saw a lot of older people primarily. And of course I talk to everyone of my patients, having more time and social exuberance than most doctors. And on two seperate, almost identical occasions this funny thing happened. A sweet older lady would tell me horror stories of their bum sons who still live at home, left their wives for seemingly no reason, won’t get a job, are in and out of court for failure to pay child support, and here is the funny part. Both separate unrelated ladies telling me identical stories then would tell me how sweet and wonderful I was and that they would like me to date their son. On both occasions, upon hearing these stories of horrifying men, I would assume the best and try to change the subject and ask them, “Oh, how many sons do you have?” And they would reply, “Oh, just one”. Bahahaha. So funny. Just thought I’d give a chuckle today to start the day. 🙂