A Nod to my New Look

So, I have gotten into a different shape, was always a shape but am more healthy and less round. Lol So today, we went to Sam’s Club to stock up for hurricane season like good Floridians, and two guys eyed me up and we’re looking at me and nodding and smiling. I never understood the wisdom of someone being attracted to a person just because of what they look like. How freaking shallow is that? They could possibly not have two spare neurons to rub together or worse, be mean. But nonetheless, I got a nod of approval today. It helps I got too much sun yesterday. Lol Of course, I care not. I find it funny. I am a grandma of a 3 year old and momma of 6 and 11 year olds. And I am still cute? Ha! Even if it is true, who cares now? I am married and he is the last. Anyway, thought that might amuse someone. Ha! I am still laughing about it. The little blessings of life, as it were. A good laugh being one of the best blessings. I love God’s sense of humor. 🙂

Family Fun

My kids have had quite a sense of humor lately. I believe it is due to my having thrown tech and anti-social media away, which took quite a bit of my time before. So I have been more present with my family and everyone has benefitted, even me. So my kids are happy enough to start with the jokes and art projects are on an all time high. It is alive and fun n in this house now. It is a remarkable how much the leadership of a parent trickles down to the kids. And they are doing jokes, skits, we are rhyming, changing words to so gs to make them funny and watching funny movies. Music is everywhere because both kids are learning the piano. It is wonderful! Kathleen this morning just got up and was staring at me around the corner to be funny and just giggling. I love my family. I thank God for having me quit my addiction of anti-social media. My family has benefitted so much! It is beautiful!! ❤❤❤

Funny Story

When I had my own private practice, I saw a lot of older people primarily. And of course I talk to everyone of my patients, having more time and social exuberance than most doctors. And on two seperate, almost identical occasions this funny thing happened. A sweet older lady would tell me horror stories of their bum sons who still live at home, left their wives for seemingly no reason, won’t get a job, are in and out of court for failure to pay child support, and here is the funny part. Both separate unrelated ladies telling me identical stories then would tell me how sweet and wonderful I was and that they would like me to date their son. On both occasions, upon hearing these stories of horrifying men, I would assume the best and try to change the subject and ask them, “Oh, how many sons do you have?” And they would reply, “Oh, just one”. Bahahaha. So funny. Just thought I’d give a chuckle today to start the day. 🙂 

The Jiggly Rockin’ Picnic Table

What a blessing little details in life are. After baseball practice with me and my kids are the park we stopped to play at the playground. And I sat on the shaded picnic table and what do you know, it juggled and rocked when I rocked on it. How did God know I wanted to rock on a rocking chair while waiting for my kids to play? So cool. Lol Yes it may be damaged, but I am really digging this rocking picnic table.

Awkward Moments

So I am here with my son at his friend’s awkward party. And as awkward as it is, it just became more awkward because my ex, my son’s dad, just showed up and started throwing a football around with the boys. No other dad is doing that. He was supposed to come later and pick him up for his weekend. And I am stuck here waiting awkwardly for the party to be over so clothes can be exchanged from van to car. During awkward moments like this, others would play with apps on their phones or go on facebook or attempt awkward conversations with rude strangers here. But not me, I am blogging, talking to you good people. Why? Because writing is therapeutic and organizes my thoughts and I sympathize with your own awkward moments. We all have them. You are not alone. Lol 🙂

President’s Day

So today children everywhere took the day off of school and sat solemnly thinking about and studying presidents. Bahaha! It’s a real thing though!!! Next week we should take off school for Submarine Day or National Aquatics Day or Building Memorials Memorial Day. Amazing. Yes, I am being sarcastic. Oy.

Happiness & Possible Misinterpretation

Many are the folks who are not happy. I am (with the exception of many months surrounding a very heavy loss of my daddy) a very happy person. It is one of the gifts God gave me knowing what my life would be life and understanding the necessity of it well. Thank you, God. I can laugh at and out anything. I don’t even need a reason! My vivid imagination (another related) gift can put a mustache on any obnoxious female or a bonnet on any punk male and I can amuse myself all day long. Get me in nature and that is all I need in the world. But it has always amazed me how miserable people choose to be and how many miserable people looking to be happy are drawn to me. I guess they want some of my happy. (It is all from God, by the way, that is the secret so ask Him and draw close to Him and you can have it too.) And now that my happy is coming back, I see the same thing. So it gives me an opportunity to tell them I have peace and joy (which looks like happy from the outside most of the time) from God. This is a good thing most of the time. Sometimes, it is misunderstood as interest in a person when I am just looking past them at something funny. I don’t pay heed to people’s flirtation because I am married so all that is done, but sometimes I have to clarify. But no one who knows me denies my ability to make things right and keep moving forward. And it is good to have and work on a happiness lifestyle because for every misinterpretation is an opportunity to witness about God’s fantastic peace and joy He provides us for the humble asking and drawing near Him. God is amazing and gives generously, especially when we ask for noble and good things. Better to be misunderstood by being out there and noticable for your happiness than miserable in misery surrounded by more miserable people you look just like. Smile, I say! Laugh. Lighten up. Show God’s peace and joy! Be the light!