Fall Festival Invitations Aplenty

We had five invitations to church fall festivals- three on one night, happened to be tonight. So we went to two tonight, which were timed to be one after the other, missing one. The other two are coming up. And here, we had decided not to do anything for Holloween. I am not judging, just it is our personal decision. My daughter was sad that she wouldn’t get candy (really all she cared about the holiday). And we were bombarded with all these personal invitations to church fall events and oh wow the amount of candy. Tell me God does not have a sense of humor. I am just amazed at how God attends to the details of our lives. He is so good!πŸ˜„β€

A Little Fun

Just wanted to throw a bit of fun your way. My son and I are silly and it is rarely captured. My daughter I catch all the time but rarely are we caught but here is a treat… we are silly. Sometimes lightening the mood lights the load. God created laughter after all. So being fun honors Him. ❀

On the Lighter Side

Yesterday morning, I woke early to attend a ladies’ missionary meeting. I was tired, hurrying half awake to get me and my daughter there. We got there and spent the day and came home and I realized it. I wore my dress backwards all day. Not one sweet lady said a word to me about it. I was too tired to notice. But bahahaha! This made me so happy. Love it!πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚β€