Addicted Me

“Addiction” is the new psychobabble word for “idolatry” we hear of in the Bible. It is putting anything first continuously in our lives above God. Only psychology calls it a medical term so it is considered an illness and releases personal responsibility and declares that people can’t help themselves. So these “addicts” whose decisions are magically taken from them keep doing those things. When our parents or people in our lives pattern idolatry for us, the habit is fostered in the children most of the time. I had a mom who idolized food and a dad who idolized work. So, it is the most natural thing in the world for me to idolize something. I get to pick which thing, right? See, what the secular psychologists don’t seem to understand is that idolatry or “addiction” if you want to call it is really a spiritual matter. It is choosing each and every time on purpose to go to something/someone to alleviate boredom, feel good, not feel alone, alleviate pain, feel loved, feel wanted, etc. instead of going to God, really the only One who can do us any good and loves us unconditionally and forever. So, I have a choice each time I am needing any of those things whether to self-medicate with a temporary and often harmful thing/person or pray and meditate and read God’s Word to seek Him and find Him. So, technically, I can choose to focus on God and become an addict of a diligent relationship with God. I can idolize God? I can certainly put Him first. I believe that is called worship. If they want to call it a medical word referring to excessive focus and repeated behavior on a certain thing/person, it only makes sense that we can be addicted to the reading and application of Scripture. Yes, with certain chemical abuse to the brain, people need medical intervention to withdraw from the physical ramifications of really stupid sin choices. Very true. But much of the time we can be treated with truth, humility, decision to about face (repentance) and focusing on God and His Word as a healthy alternative. There is no choice that we can not make. We can choose to remain in denial and thick lies upon lies and continue to put idols before our Creator God. (Just remember this decision effects not just you but hurts all those around you who love you.) We can choose to be good and seek after God and truth. (And remember, this decision will promote peace and love between you and those who love you.) Please choose God. I did and have never regretted it ever. I have peace and joy and a close relationship with God and am so blessed.

Good Stewardship

When I grew up in the church, the word stewardship was a big deal. It was taught. It was spoken of. Now, it seems an intrusion is some kind to speak of it, as if it old fashioned and an imposition of some kind. However, I believe all of life walking the way of Christ is about having good stewardship. Every single thing we are or have has absolutely nothing to do with us. It, every tiny inch of it, is a gift from God and we are to use it wisely (be good stewards) for Him and for our good pleasure. Him first. This is the idea behind healthy living and good financial decisions (including tithing) and proper use of talents and sharing, etc. Everything we do has to do with our focus and motivation and the purposeful realization that the gifts we are given, even life itself, is for God first and our enjoyment and helping others next. If we look at things that way, it keeps greed and selfishness and narcissism away. Good stewardship is a glorious way of life and really what we are supposed to be about. When we start believing the lie that this is all about us, that our lives should cater to us and glorify us, we miss the peace and rest and freedom that comes with understanding that God is the reason for everything. He is the Giver. He gives because He loves and wants to but we act like spoils brats if we don’t appreciate and understand good stewardship as a lifestyle. When we get that, we are closer to God and open the door to many more blessings.

Pointing Worship to the Cross

Humanism has seeped into the church, slid in smoothly and easily right before our eyes. I was a worship leader for some time as God led me to it. I noticed right away what was needed. We need to point people’s worship and attention to God, to Christ our Messiah and Savior. To Him the worship belongs. We honor Him by pointing people to Him. As soon as we look for applause or have a gleam in our eyes for accolades, we have started our feet on the path of failure at our job. Worship is all about how magnificent God is and not how great someone might sing or play. This worship leading vocation must necessary be the most humbling job on the planet. It is the basic of callings and what we are created for. We were made to worship. To lead people to that, we must let go of ourselves and our status. When we concentrate too much on rote and perfection, we can stifle the Holy Spirit’s movement. We must go where He leads and if His plans differ from what we planned, we must be eager to let go of control and agendas and strive to follow with every breath we take. A person who leads worship must be a person of prayer and Bible study and meditation. A worship leader must rise up to lead on his or her knees. Anything less and failure is looming. God is everything. It is all for Him and about Him. To be successful in churches country wide we must quit the humanistic shows and turn off the fancy lights that bring glory to people and get back to focusing on God. There is nothing wrong with a show, but church is God’s and a show is for people to make money or magnify themselves or for entertainment. This should have no place in a church. We need to give churches back to God and build His kingdom and not our own. This is vital to the life and integrity of the church. God deserves better from us.

Random Thoughts from a Little Girl

If it ever comes to someone having to care for you, please do not take for granted the other person is sacrificing their life to help you with yours. Do not ever assume that person’s sole purpose in life is to care for you. Do what you can on your own. Sickness is no excuse for laziness.

A dog is a blessing for reasons I mentioned in a previous blog and I stand by that list. It is good to have a nonjudgmental friend who rewards your presence with love.

Illnesses are sometimes sent by the enemy and sometimes as lessons by God. Unless we sometimes have discomfort and pain, how on earth can he get us to rely on Him and humble ourselves to remember how fragile we are and how more than sufficient He is to heal and save us. God brings the good and allows or brings the bad for reasons He knows. It is hard to understand but understanding is not our job. Our job is to humbly obey and worship.

Thanksgiving is a very delicious holiday. It is full of good food and is part of a four day weekend where every day feels like Saturday and God is thanked. Yay!

Making eye contact and smiling at people can help them feel not so alone. It is a very simple way to show people God’s love. And it’s free!

When a small child comes up to you to show off a very ugly and unidentifiable art project they just made, it is not perfectionist if lesson time, it is encouragement time and the required response is “Wow! How beautiful/creative/imaginative/colorful!” (Pick one). Encouragement feeds and nurtures a young mind. Discouragement kills the spirit. Never kill a person’s spirit. Make it a goal in life.

“Without medicine, a cold lasts 14 days. With medicine, it lasts a fortnight.” (My husband’s quote)

“Two boys make half a boy.” (Also my Hubby’s) This means that two boys get together, they go into pack mode and their IQ drops by half. Add more boys, IQ keeps dropping more. This is true. I have noticed it with my son and his friend(s).

When focusing on a problem, that problem grows and spreads. When focusing on the Solver of problems, the problem shrinks or disappears. When God has your full attention, there is no extra space for problems. There is no extra space for distractions or things against God. He trumps everything.

When thinking of excuses to make, don’t. The truth is always the best option and most excuses are riddled with lies. If you don’t want to tell the truth for some reason, don’t say anything at all. You will be considered wise or mysterious, and both are good.

When you are sick but can still get out of bed, get exercising to sweat for at least a half hour a day and drink lots of water. You sweat off the toxins and remain hydrated to dilute your system. Also, 2000 mg of vitamin C should be taken until you are well. If muscles are soar, a hot bath with Epsom salt dissolved in it will relax your muscles. If you can reach the sore muscles when warm, rub them using little circles.

When your kids are arguing, don’t be so quick to jump in. Sometimes they will surprise you and solve it themselves. If not, at least you gave them the opportunity. Kids need opportunities to make the right choice sometimes. Of course, they have to be taught that first. And sometimes, they need a chance to mess up and figure out how to fix it. Great adults do this regularly. 🙂

A blessing is always rewarded for obedience. Every time we obey God, He drops down some form of a little diamond for you. And each decision to obey, allows in more truth, chases away each lie and promotes closer relationship with God. When our kids obey, we are happy to reward them. How much greater our Heavenly Father does, considering His unlimited budget.