Lead Me to the Rock That Is Higher Than I

Today I want to tell you that it is okay to cry in the presence of God; even your tears can be a prayer to God when you don’t know how to express your feelings in His presence. Break out and cry out to Him; if you have to cry, allow the comfort of the Holy Spirit to fill your spirit, soul, and body. God is All-knowing, Omnipresent; He is the only One who knows how He will get you out of these calamities. You need to be honest with Him, tell Him your deepest fears and anxieties, and let Him give you rest as He promised in Matthew 28:20.

Lead Me to the Rock That Is Higher Than I

Yahweh Is A Personal God

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels.com It’s easy to look around at what’s happening in your life and come to the false conclusion that God must not care since nothing is turning out the way I hoped. Remember, Yahweh speaks to God’s immediacy, accessibility, and presence. This is not a God who is far away […]

Yahweh Is A Personal God