Hilary’s America Movie

Every American who loves freedom and especially every Christian who loves God and equality and fairness and respect for all people should watch this movie Hilary’s America. We watched it tonight free on Amazon Prime and it was full of enormous doses of truth (and you know from my blogs that truth is a passion of mine and I can sniff it out) and hope. Americans and high school students and graduate students should watch this movie. Christians should watch this movie. Pastors should watch this movie and encourage their congregations to watch it for themselves. ❤


Mr. Nobody

Having the extremely rare opportunity to be alone for a few hours, I opted to watch Mr. Nobody, a “what if? movie. Confusing, different, weird, insane, lump of a movie with little to really hug, it nonetheless made me think. If you like really bizarre thinking movies, here’s one for you. And I am not a movie critic but a connisseur. I find meaning and lessons in every movie. There always is one, often an unintended one. This one had one point, however, and it was hard to dig out. It was the premise that we “what if?” way too much and that the choice we make is just that, our choice. Our free will changes our life. But the choices you make mustn’t make you sorrowful or looking back over your shoulder. Your current path is beautiful. God knew it would be here and He can keep up with everyone’s choices at once and still loves us and can walk with us and help us wherever we are or end up. So stop looking back and love the life you are in. And much of that was implied, so you may find a different message. And we can look back and have missed the love of your life or that perfect job for you or made some really dumb choices you are living with but stop torturing yourself. God knows where you are and can an make the best of it and has always loved you more than a person can. He is love, by the way, He gets it. Be you and love the journey you are on, but draw close to God on it and you are good.❤

Movies & Me

 I love watching movies- all kinds except horror or porn (too much of the trash we have in too much abundance in the world these days and there is no redeeming value, only harm in those). I love action, adventure, drama, romance, documentaries,  animated, the works. My favorite is comedy though and here is why. Comedy always masks and makes lighter severely poignant and severe realities and brings out the funny of this horrible and realistic situations we often find ourselves in. I recently watched (like 5 minutes ago literally) all alone in my little apartment this French romantic comedy called Blind Date (thank you, Netflix) and it made me think about life and relationships a bit differently,and that is the beauty to me of movies and their power. I have never seen a bad movie (yes, I am that annoying type) and believe we can all draw out something new, an i sight, an idea, a viewpoint,a twist from every movie we see. We feel more connected to other people. We see things from another’s viewpoint, we see another part of our world than the little circle we live in. We become a little more understanding or knowledgeable or wise or informed and hopefully less judgmental or closed or sheltered or lonely.  Maybe I am too visual or optimistic but this is how I view the world and movies and me. There are lessons everywhere and we can have open eyes and open minds and open and humble hearts and internalize what we see to make us better. We must grow as followers of God and I see movies as a tool. Of course all tools must be used wisely and for the right reasons and certainly one must be searching for the positive truth in the world. I am quiet and contemplative after every movie, even one I laughed my butt off during. Lost more butts that way. And every movie bears a lesson, even if it is to enjoy and celebrate life. Never underestimate the power of a movie to change your thinking. Just make sure your mind is being changed for the better, as in better in God’s eyes. Cheers! (Don’t forget the popcorn. 😉