Ready for Jesus

My goal as a Christian is to please our loving God be ready to bow before Jesus. I believe that will happen sooner than most people are counting on. They think that because He hasn’t taken His church yet that He won’t. That is poor logic, because it only happens once and God said in His Word that He is being very patient so more can be saved.

My goal and focus is to please our loving God and be ready to bow before Jesus. How do I do that? By being saved by Jesus, pleasing God and bowing before Him now, always keeping the eternal perspective and focus. It is a willful conscious effort of thinking. It requires determined thought which requires far less energy than one may think because aligning with our Creator yields peace and assurance and joy. This is the goal.❤


The Greateat Strength is in Humility

Being the strongest with pride does not make you strongest. Being strong in humility (not self-ebasement but objectivity and self-control) makes you stronger that the strongest proud man, woman or beast. In fact, being humble is an impressive super power. So few seem to be able to access this remarkable ability, either being prideful openly or in secret, thinking of their own benefits. Humility says, “I know I cannot do this without God so I will pray and ask His help and He will do it through me.” That is the greatest super power n in the world for us because that is obedience and faith mixed together, which along with being saved allows God to answer you and handle it. God, the Almighty, Creator of everyone and everything, most powerful Being in the universe! Wow!!❤❤❤

The Beauty of the Bible

The beauty, glory really, of the Bible is that it develops and produces the characteristics of its Author, namely God Authored the Bible so it breathes and builds, develops and encourages the fruit of the Spirit. When I am sad, just a minute ago, feeling lonely while yet again sleeping alone. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, truth be told. And the Spirit nudged me to “take down the Book” and read and the passage I just posted in 1 Peter 5 was my reading. It soothed my soul, placed my focus again on God/Jesus, the Author, and I have peace now and am ready for sleep and rest. God is so very good and His quickest link to Himself and rest is the beautiful Bible. Oh how I love them both!!!❤❤❤

A Beautiful Day to Value

Today is a beautiful day to value. It is brand new and fresh. This day is a new beginning, a refreshing new opportunity to be a better child of God, grow in love and peace and joy and all the fruits of the Spirit. Today is very valuable for it is a fresh chance to spend the day with Jesus. I can pray all day, read my Bible and grow closer to my Lord and Savior. Today is a truly beautiful day to value.❤

New Art Surprise Blessing

To my enormous pleasure, Polk Museum of Art now offers free admission to everyone all the time. Super excited as the museum is across from the library we frequent. And we are super excited to have access without yet another financial drain. Praise God for such blessings! We will go often and I will get back to my oil painting I have missed so much. Yay!!!!❤

Just When I Thought It Was Over

Just when I thought it was over, it wasn’t.

Just when I thought it was gone, it came back.

Just when I thought it had ended, it began.

Just when I thought it was finished, it rejeuvenates.

Perhaps the problem is thinking

So many things all of the time

Perhaps I just have to ride it out

And see where it is that God guides.

God knows every thought and each whisper.

He knows how it began and will end.

There is no use second guessing the Master,

For it will be as He says in the end.❤


I have no wisdom of my own, knowing my limitations as a finite individual. However, God gives n wisdom generously to whoever asks Him with a humble, pure heart. And I know that wisdom from God n is more precious than any amount of treasures on this planet. God’s wisdom is better than time, better than riches, better than power, better than honor, better than the best luxury or vacation mansion. How can that be? God’s wisdom provides the big picture, the eternal perspective and view of God and Jesus that allows and instructs you to live in thr luxury of the fruits of the Holy Spirit- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control, with an enormous injection of hope. ❤ ❤ ❤