God is Fair

God is fair. I hear people say He is not, but they just do not understand. God has unlimited power, more than the best imagination on earth can fathom. And yet He made a plan and wrote it down for us in the Bible so we all know what it is. We know from that Bible what God’s will is, what His plan is, how it will happen, what we need to do to be saved and what will happen next. That is extraordinarily fair. He made a plan, wrote it down for us, gave us the plan, and is following the plan. You cannot get more fair than that. Everyone is on the same page as far as having the knowledge about and chance to be saved. We all know. So God is more than fair unequivocally.

People use the fairness argument s a cop out and to blame God for wanting us to worship Him rather than ourselves or the drug of their choice. People are selfish and want what they want, this myopic view that robs them. They believe the lie that obedience is oppressive when in fact, it frees us to joy and peace but doing whatever we want leads to sadness and depression.

God made us and all of us inside wants Him. God is the only One who can satisfy. And He loved us enough to be very fair and make a plan, write it down in the Bible, get it to us and follow the plan. And He goes above and beyond fairness to grace by helping us follow His plan whenever we ask. He loves us that much!!❤❤❤


We Consist of The Sum of Our Parts

No two people are alike, no matter how hard they seem to try. I and you consist of the sum of our parts. All parts are designed and orchestrated by God on purpose and with a plan of being saved and close to Him. So I do not detest any of my or your parts.

The parts are the physical: the skin, the hair, the body type and dimension, the blemishes, the scars, the freckles, the beauty, the ugliness.

Parts also are the spiritual: the eternal spirit, the soul, the heart, the thinking mind, the patterns of brain usage, the emotions that are expressed or suppressed, the tide and current of flow to God the Creator, the eternal residence that is considered to great benefit or suppressed to detriment.

The parts also consist of our past: our upbringing, horrible things we went through, good things we experienced, travels, interactions with people good and bad, decisions we made good and bad, education in school, street education, relative interactions good and bad, home environment, financial and economic experiences, accidents and injuries, wrongs and sins, forgiveness and blessings, all of it.

There is no way with all these parts options two people can or should look alike in totality. We are the sum of our parts. And these are purposeful and useful by and for God thr Creator. That makes me and you quite beautiful and extraordinary. And I appreciate me and you and genuinely praise God for us. If you ponder this, it is the only rightful conclusion. 😄❤

Today I Pray

Today I Pray

Not because I’m perfect but because God is.

Not because I’m better but because I need God to be.

Not because I can do nothing alone but because God can do infinitely more.

Today I pray.

Today I fast.

Not because I am trying to lose those last pounds but because eternity matters so much more.

Not because I like starving but because I love close reliance on God even more than comfort.

Not because I am holy but because I need Jesus to be.

Today I fast.❤

Blessings from Obedience

So, I shared how I went through a frustration patch. Then, I chose to focus on Jesus and preparations for celebrating His birthday. Then, I shared I was able to see His blessings in my life.

Now, as a result of n obedience and sharing all that to help encourage someone else who may be struggling, God rewarded me with a gig for our band and a dinner our with my family, tangible blessings/rewards from obedience. God always rewards obedience. And He has unlimited resources, so obey whenever you can and He will always heap love and loving blessings on us. God is such a good Father!!!❤❤❤

Focusing on the Life Giver

Even if everything is wrong with your life right now (which is always a negatively – skewed exaggeration), love the Life Giver and focus on Him. There is always something beautiful from Him in your life if you are focused on Him. For instance, my husband and teenage son are at odds a lot and angry a lot, my daughter is having trouble with obedience and honesty and a tad of laziness, I have to do a lot for my mom because of her poor choices, I now have added regular responsibility, my weight loss has stalled at only 2 pounds to go, I have a lot of responsibility on me as per usual, I am feeling a heavy weight from so many burdens around me, I am often neglected despite all this, I have no money to do things or get shopping for Christmas, I am missing my loved ones no longer here, so much weighing me down right now. I could focus on these things and get seriously depressed. That would be easy to fall into. I don’t though. I refuse. Instead, I do something else.

I focus on God, the Life Giver. I focus on my residence in heaven. I focus on the great goodness of God. Then, it becomes much easier to see how many blessings I have. Yes, the negative things are all still here, but I now get to play piano at a new church my friends attend and lead worship for. I get to teach my children school. I am healthy enough to work hard and keep up with everything without pain or exhaustion. I have a mom still alive close by. I have a husband and home and children and fish. We have air conditioning and a minivan that is lasting a long time. These are all blessings.

The thing is… sometimes you can only see the good stuff after you put your remaining energy on God. He gives life and is the light source. Focus on Him is the decision. It is always my best decision.❤❤❤

Deep Thoughts

When I am weak, and I realize now that I always am, I take up humility, admitting how little I really am in the scheme of things. And when I put that humility on, I am doing something admittedly and undeniably stronger than most people of the world. Their pride and ego rules them and makes demands of their conscience. Humility realizes that God will have His way no matter what and puts me under His will alongside Him. The really clever part of all this, the weaker I am and the littler I get, the stronger God makes me in His kingdom. And the part of that that is most incredible to me is not the irony of it, not the juxtaposition against the world’s ways… it is that the almighty God of the universe loves me and wants me with Him. Wow. The children’s song “Jesus Loves Me” is the most incredible truth of the Bible and how deep His love is was proven by His death, burial and resurrection. And God loves every person He made the same. Even really horrible people, even me who was among the worst of them. Even me who screws up now, knowing this. How little I am and how amazingly big He is. And I truly reverence Him, respect Him, love Him. God is everything that is best and most important in every capacity of life in the universe He made. How incredible and deep this truth is. How my mind loves to dip my toes in the surface of it and watch the ripples of it wash me clean again. How precious and tender is our Almighty Creator. How little are we, especially me. It makes Him even bigger. God is so good!❤❤❤

Our Free Answer to Prayer

I have wanted a recliner for my husband for years. He has bad knees and has to elevate them after so many hours on them and has a lot of pain. He would not spend the money. So yesterday while we served the Lord together, God provided a free recliner that even lifts up and help you get up again from it. So God granted this free answer to prayer and I praise Him for providing such a gift to help my husband. Praise God who answers prayer and gives every blessing lovingly. God is so very good and loving and generous!!😄❤❤