Rainy Game

We had a great game tonight at Tigertown with the little leagues filing in prior to it. And we got through the top of the eighth inning, tied 1-1, and bam. Flash flood. They got the tarp out and covered the bases just before the downpour. And evetyone relocated to the sheltered part of the stands and we all waited. And when it was well understood that it was not going to relent (it is still raining now at 1am- ish), people started soaking over to their vehicles to go home. All the little leaguers got to see most of a good game and it was nice seeing familiar faces we have seen all season four days a week and sometimes more. It is a nice way to close out the season and I loved the rain coming. Everyone squnched in and wrinkled noses and I freed up and stood and danced and sang. It was beautiful! Torrents with thunder and lightening so enthralling to behold, God’s cleansing and power and bath. So good. And just before this, a beautiful sunset! So precious and momentous. Often the little things mean so very much and change perspectives. Praise God! ❤


Never Embarrassed

I never have embarrassed easily. In fact, that is an understatement. I am weird and never have cared what anyone else thought of me. So when I heard of people embarrassed to say they were Christian or defend their faith, it was a little unbelievable to me and quite horrible. To me, with all God has done for us and all He is doing now and will do, He is the absolute last person on earth to be embarrassed about. It is laughable. In college, I was mocked for standing up for God. Often. Laughed at openly. I was embarrassed for them all, never for believing what I believe. May it never be so! I was sad for them because they are missing it entirely. God cannot be mocked. He is so far above that. And those who mock Him better look out. Never be embarrassed. Ever. God made you to be with Him. Do that and you never have to worry about the rest. It will take care of itself or God will handle it. God’s hands is a very good place to be.❤

Starting to Remember

Many years of my life are hard for me to remember. I believe the psychologists of the day (yes, I had to study psychology while working toward my doctorate in the science of audiology) would say that I repressed or blocked memories too difficult to remember during times of extreme stress. And stress, I am afraid, has been a constant companion of mine much of my life. It is a wonder I am alive really, seeing how they are blaming stress for every illness known to man. Anywho, as God has healed my deep depression relatively recently, He is bringing back the memories I had forgotten in order for me to know the truth and forgive to free me. This process is surprising and beautiful. He reminds me of this good memory or this hurtful one to forgive or this one of me bad I have to ask forgiveness for, etc. And He is bringing them to me in bits I can handle calmly and remaining in peace and joy. And He is through this process drawing me closer to His presence. It is peaceful, joyful, beautiful, even the bad stuff. I am not bragging, I am observing and showing you what can happen if you pray all the time, fast, throw away all social media and addictions/distractions, and read your Bible. Draw close to God and really humbly pull toward Him and He rewards you with what you want… closeness to Him. And it is making me incredibly homesick for my best friend, friends and family. But I know God will comfort me until I can see them. Oh how I love and trust Him. Not really anyone else, but Jesus is my blessed Champion and Lord and oh how I love Him!❤

Sing Him a Love Song

“Sing Him a love song that He wrote for us to sing.

Sing Him His love song again.

Tell of the sweet story of the Christ who came to save us.

Sing Him the love song again.

Once there was a blind man and another deaf and dumb.

Jesus came to them and said “Your faith has made you whole.”

Then the men started singing a love song back to Him.

Sing Him a love song that He wrote for us to sing.

Sing Him His love song again.

Tell of the sweet story of the Christ who came to save us.

Sing Him a love song again.

Then there were ten lepers, he had compassion on them.

Nine of them just walked away, only one came back to him.

He rejoiced and to this day he sings love songs now in heaven.

Sing Him a love song that He wrote for us to sing.

You have to sing Him His love song again.

Tell of the sweet story of the Christ who came to save us.

Sing Him the love song again.”

Oh the Love of God

“There’s a wideness if God’s mercy

I cannot find in my own.

And it keeps the fire burning

To melt this heart of stone.

Keeps me aching with the yearning,

Keeps me glad to have been caught

In the reckless, raging fury

That they call the love of God.

Oh, the love of God.

Oh, the love of God,

The love of God!

Now, I’ve seen no band of angels

But I’ve heard the soldiers’ song.

Love hangs over them like a banner,

Love within them leads them on

To the battle in the journey

And they’re never going to stop

Ever widening their mercy

And the fury of His love.

Oh, the love of God.

Oh, the love of God, the love of God!

Joy and sorrow are this ocean

And in their every ebb and flow

Now, the Lord, a door has opened

That all hell can never close.

Hero tested and made worthy,

Tossed about but lifted up

In the reckless, raging mercy

And the fury of His love.

Oh, the love of God.

Oh, the love of God, the love of God.”

~Rich Mullins❤

My Response to Being Bullied

When I am pushed, I used to proudfully push back harder but now I respod quite differently. I now question the source. “Why push me?” “What do you gain from pushing ME?” “Who is pulling your strings?” “What motivated you to choose a push?” “Are you in charge here or are you a pathetic lacky?” And here is the question I ask when I feel the best about it… “What is the lesson I need to learn here?” I have known since childhood that ALL BULLIES ARE COWARDS. Also, I truly fear no one or nothing because I know and believe the truth that “Greater is God in me than he who is in the world.” That has not ever changed and will never change. The thing is that you will make a bully back down by standing up to them but will only change their hearts with God’s love. Questions are a way to get the person to think, thus planting a seed of thought into an otherwise automatic destructive mode. And maybe I can learn from it as well as they can. There is always more to learn. So I stop any immediate harm first and foremost. Then I question. When Jesus was bullied, He fired back with questions. Is He not our ultimate example? Yes, He is. So there ya go. Works every time and maybe you become their first real friend and give them a tool they can use for good or conversion or repentence.❤

On Down the Road

I decide to go walk with my daughter.

I decide not to helicopter my spouse.

I decided his choices are his.

I decided to stay close to God.

I decided to walk with my daughter rather than police my spousal rights.

I decided to pray and let God work.

I decided policing him has been policing me.

I decided to be free.

I decided God avenge all wrongs against me.

I decided not to myself.

I decided to go walk with my daughter.

I decided right for her is my greater right.

I decided.

It is beautiful.

It is peace and joy from God.

I am free.

Free is beautiful.❤