Forgiving Someone Mean

Ok, so when we are followers of God, saved by Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, we are forgiven of our sins each and every time we humbly ask. This is because any sin in God’s eyes is the same. There is no big or little sin. Sin is sin, all is missing the mark, doing wrong, guilty, from the tiniest lie or laziness to murder and everything between. Sin is sin because God is holy. We are forgiven and made pure and sinless by humbly asking for it because of the perfect sacrifice Jesus was for us to have this right. So forgiveness is our gift, making us right with God and assured of heaven and being with God now and eternally. So here is the rub. We have been forgiven SO we are told that we will be forgiven AS WE FORGIVE others, even mean people, even people who ripped our hearts out, even people who are still mean, even people who are not the least sorry, even people who drive 10 miles under the speed limit and make us late, even people who hate us or slander us. And the extent to which we are forgiven is the extent to which we forgive. So I want to be forgiven fully. I want to stay close to God, the Life Giver, the Love. So I freely forgive every mean person who has hurt me. I forgive freely every pain received from another, every hateful or critical word, every callous person, every crime against me, then initiator of every broken heart. I forgive truly because I deserve to be released from their presence in my mind and I want to be forgiven. I forgive. And I beg forgiveness to anyone I have wronged. And that is how it works. There is a release and peace that comes. Good time to do that before Christmas. And you have to keep doting it because people continue to before mean and selfish and that is how it is. God will help too because He loves you and knows how good it is for you.❤


Not Sure When It Happened

A lot I do remember, some is still fuzzy, and I have lost the memories of many a tumultuous year. And I have forgotten many deep wounds and remember others still (although the pain has been replaced by scars dripping with forgiveness), lots I appreciate and many great little moments worked in. I remember many guys, which led me to the decision that either most guys are selfish or more likely that I have not exhibited great wisdom in the past choosing guys, which is far more likely (or maybe 50/50 with college guys of which I am referring). And somewhere along this 43 year trek of road along this journey, not even sure of exactly when, but I believe God has tamed me. Through suffering and moments of glory, God has melted this wild girl into some semblance of a tame but strong, Godly woman. That is certainly not to brag, I am not sure if I know of many more humble, but it is to say that God is a miracle worker because me being tame is a miracle and only God could do that. I have been a fighter rebel, proud and strong, defending the weak (and me too) most of my life, living free and wild by hook or crook, desperate for adventure and attention and a kind word from anyone, no matter what it took to get one. And God shaped that sad soul into the woman I am, His little girl grown up to be momma to many. And that is why God is my Champion, my Lord and Master, my Savior, my Father and my Friend. He made me, I blew it, and He remade me. What story is more beautiful? Any that go like that. God is everything, friends. Don’t neglect Him for He does not neglect us. He is for us.❤

Supportive Love

Our greatest and sometimes only supportive love has always and will always come from God, our loving Heavenly Father. People are supportive often when it suits them or things are going well or if they are first supported in general. Of course there are exceptions, but enough has happened in my 43 years that I do not expect to be lovingly supported by anyone consistently except God. He made me, knows me inside and out, has been with me since before I was even a consideration, and is my future. Same for you, my friend. Lean on God who loves and supports you. Trust Him and go to Him for all your needs. God will not let you down and even in tests or at the dimented butt of an evil one’s jokes and whims, He gives peace and joy and nd nd justice will follow. Make no mistake. God has your back. ❤

God is Here

God is present with us. He is not far off on some other dimension far off cloud, He is here. He is in the room with us, if saved He is living in us, even if unsaved His fingerprints are all over us because He made us all. He has a vested interest in us. He loves us. He is taking His time for Jesus’ return because of His great love and mercy, not wanting us to be punished eternally. He wants us to be close to Him and trust Jesus as Savior. God is with us, here for us.  Heisman reminds us of how humble He became on our behalf as Jesus was God born a man, the Son of God, the Son of Man, Immanuel, God with us. Here. Now. Do not believe the lie that He is busy or unreachable or small enough not to be able to handle everything at once. Those are untrue. He is here, so capable of everything simultaneously and reachable by holding out your hand and/or bowing in prayer. God is here. He loves you. Love Him back.❤

Then Came the Dawn

The darkest hours in history always preceded the dawn. That is still true. It will be true tomorrow. In many ways, light is gaining ground and yet darkness digs in, refusing to be extinguished without a valiant effort. However, darkness knows full well that it’s time is short. Those benefitting from the darkness will do so for only a short time and then will be imprisoned by it forever. Now is the time to choose light, the winner and champion. For the dawn comes. It always does. It always will. And one day soon it will do so forever. Do not doubt the light of dawn or its power. For darkness runs from it with its tail between its legs. Never doubt it. God is the light and Jesus ushers in the dawn.❤

A Good Meditation

God is good. Only in staying close to God do I resemble goodness. 

God is love. Only in staying close to God do I stay loving. 

God is light. Only in staying close to God do I shine. 

God is wise. Only in staying close to God can I convey wisdom. 

Relationship to God is my priority. God, keep me close to You.❤❤❤

Ego, the Good, Bad and Ugly

We all have an ego. We all have some level of self-pride. This can be a good thing but can very, very easily be a bad thing and bad can very, very easily turn to ugly.

The good: We wash, dress, maintain our composure, fit the part, take pride in our work and do our best, enjoy our God-given gifts and talents, be brave and courageous, write as if we know we have something important to say, speak as if we know we have something to contribute, helping at church to serve God for blessing you. These are all good things.

The bad: any of the and love good things magnified too much. For example, speaking as if only we have something to contribute, writing as if we know everything, bragging about our God-given gifts and talents, taking too much energy into appearance rather than spiritual development, helping at church to get applause. These are all bad things.

The ugly: treating people as if they do not matter, thinking we are the most important people in our house, room, company, band, church, family, whatever. This is a bad ego magnified to excess.

The way to keep our egos in the good department (which should be our goal in any healthy, thriving society, family, church, band, company, whatever, is to stay humble, remembering that God is EVERYONE’s Creator and we ALL answer to HIM. How? Bow your head to God and pray. Read your Bible. Remember. Think. Listen. See opportunities to improve. No one but God is perfect or even perfect at one thing. God is. Remember.❤