The Waiting

I remember being in a wedding. I was there early all dressed up, ready way before the bride and groom were. Then they were finally ready and we had to hurry up and wait again for the last minute people to get there. Then we waited for the late ones. And finally we stopped waiting. The waiting was over. 

Another time I remember a man I was deeply in love with and wanted and expected to marry. But he kept making me wait and wait to marry. Engaged but no date and stall and I realized I was waiting for the wrong man and I had to stop waiting and accept his decision to not love me back. The waiting was over.

Whatever else I have done in life where I had to wait eventually ended in and stop to the waiting. Things finally happened to change the and tats from waiting to happening. And here we are today with the longest waiting game of my life, waiting for the true in-love-deeply-with-Jesus church to be caught up and gotten out of this place. And we wait. And I see it, many have tired of waiting and have fallen asleep. Many have decided it is not real or really going to happen. Many don’t even care anymore because they filled their lives with more important or pressing distractions like tech, entertainment, desires and lusta, etc. And some of us still are eager and expectant. And our job is to do our job to the beat of our ability as working for the Lord in the worship of obedience and love God and everyone He puts in our path. So, let’s be awake and eagerly serving our Lord. And someday the waitinf will be over. Praise God!!!❤❤❤

Unexpectedly Useful

I put my skirt on the sides of my quilt I am finishing up. And looking at it, the skirt only came down halfway the height of the mattress. Tacky to me, and I knew it would but me every time I saw that, so I looked for a solution. And just like my Heavenly Father that knows and loves me so well, He turned my head to my fabric pieces and my eye fell on leftovers of a beat up curtain sheer, the cotton kind not the impossible to work with sheer. And it was pretty beat up but white and had enough not beat up parts that I was able to cut out what I needed for an extra 6 inches on each side. Perfect. Beautiful. Unexpected. Useful. God. And that is what God has been doing in my life lately. I draw close to Him and He makes ugly into unexpectedly useful and beautiful. He shows me the beauty in everything. He provides even before I get a chance or am just about to ask Him. And there is no doubt that God loves and provides, friends. He walks with me, talks with me. There is no imagination in it, He is truth and clarity. Oh how I love Him and oh how He loves us, all of us He made beautifully on purpose!!! Precious Savior! Talk to Him, draw close to Him. He loves and wants that and you will never be disappointed by it!!! 🙂 Love you, friend!❤

Deep People Observations

Deep people show their depth in their eyes. They are quieter, studiers, wonderers. Deep people ignite passion within their souls by their focus. They find beauty in the simplest thing, they find richness in the quietest scene, they find purpose in a simple arrangement. They search out the why and how and what else and do not rest their minds until they have dug deeper that previously. Investigators, really. Deep people think and study more than idly babble. Small talk is almost avoided altogether, uncomfortable in the very least because most so not go deep enough and in mind at least deep people always go deeper, need answers, need motivations and purposes. Deep people need to live at a spiritual depth and function spiritually, speaking with God. Deep people do not search out beauty but see it every and anywhere as it lies. How do I know these things? I am deep so from experience. Also from intensive scrutiny of others who share the urgency of depth as a second heartbeat. ❤

Kids Ministry

Realizing that every single God-made-in-love child is an invaluable part of God’s kingdom is the biggest knowledge to do any kids ministry best and most effectively. Yes, little people need guidance. Yes, little people need a lot sometimes. If you are keeping your relationship with God tight, He will draw you to love people and God has a soft spot for kids. He loves them. He cherishes them. So I do too. But keep nutrition flowing in from God because when you do kids ministry, you immediately see that many parents are not interacting with their children and they are needy for love, for God, for hope, for validation, for guidance. So many things, so just know that and be ready to pour out God’s love on them. It is a beautiful thing. ❤❤❤

My Morning Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, please forgive any sins I committed, knowingly or unknowingly. And please forgive any sins my family committed knowingly or unknowingly. Please make us all clean before you and help us to walk closely with You all day long. Please be with our governmental leaders. Please keep them safe and give them wisdom, knowledge and understanding to make the right decisions and politicies at the right time for the right reasons. Please reveal those politicians and evil people doing and plotting evil and may they be foiled in their plotting, found out and punished and kept from this evil. May truth be poured out and justice be done. May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Please wake Your sleeping Christians up and help them to pray and seek you and look distinctively at heart like Your people and not the world around them. Help them to understand that lasting peace and eternity with you is far far better than temporary carnality and desires of the flesh that only feel good for a minute when catered to but steal joy and peace and can take your life. And in their returning to you, please heal our land and restore it to vitality and unity. Thank you for all the blessings in my life and for good health and a home to live in with my healthy family. I praise you for your greatness and enormous love and grace for us. May your name be praise. May your wise will be done forever! In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Loved by God

It does not matter if a man (or any human being for that matter) loves me. It does not matter if a man (or anyone) throws me out or leaves my life. It does not matter if a man (or anyone) rejects me or calls me names or disrespects me. It doesn’t even matter if a man (or anyone or everyone) loves me and cherishes me (which my husband does, thankfully). None of that matters in the broad scope of the brush. Those are details one can get lost in. What matters most during our journey through life on this planet is that God loves us. God loves me. God loves you. That means that the God of the universe, the almighty Maker of everything we know or don’t know yet about, every inch of it, loves, cherishes, wants, believes in, treasures me/you/us. He made us each unique on purpose in love and with special precious gifts and blesses us quietly throughout the day to encourage us. That is all we need. And having that, really getting it, is everything and luxuriously rich. ❤❤❤

I Walk Along

I walk along the path during the sunrise.

The heat is not yet a struggle.

The birds sing and find food, the butterflies also

The wind wafts in waves over my skin.

Not entirely awake, I move one step in front of the other

With each, my eyes open more

And I am struck with the immense beauty

The calm and noise balance luxuriously.

I realize God is already up for He never sleeps

I say good morning and He does too in heart and nature.

His gentleness does not offend in the early hours.

God’s presence is always a delight.

How rich my walk when He is there. 

And He is always there.❤❤❤