9 Pounds to Go

At a weight plateau, I was stuck for a few weeks. And now, perseverance has paid off and another pound came off. And I realized that even with 9 pounds left to go of my 50 pound goal, I fit into clothes I have been unable to wear since before my son was born, some 13 plus years ago. I also noticed that I feel great and have as much energy as I had then. And way much more importantly than any of that, I am obeying God with food and not fighting Him. And obedience in every area of my life makes me very very happy, peaceful and joyful nowadays. I am prepared to help and work or just rest for the Lord and that makes me very very happy. And even if years have passed, obedience is attainable and I am proof. Keep at it. Never give up. God is worth it!!!❤❤❤


Days of Serving

I enjoy working hard, adore serving others. I do this knowing that the majority of people kind of take for granted work done for them and pretty much think they deserve it. So why do I do it, knowing this? I figured it out, with God’s wisdom and help, that I work for and serve Him and He loves that from me. I am worshipping when I work. Sometimes whistling too, but always worshipping. Lol. And so it does not matter the state of the heart of the beneficiary of my efforts. What matters to me is my heart and that I am working for and serving God and my secret is my goal. Here is the secret… my whole big picture goal is to please God. And sometimes I please God by fasting and praying in quiet, sometimes praising through my voice and piano, sometimes painting, sometimes hard labor, sometimes spending time with a friend listening, sometimes teaching my children, whatever it may be. But when I want more than anything to please God, I have found that He is pleased and blesses me. Sometimes He blesses me in a tangible way but always He just gives me peace and joy and contentment and makes me feel so good. And now you know my secret. And feel free to adopt it and give it a test drive and you will like it. 😄❤

Watching Herons

Herons are commonplace where I live, but I never tire of watching them. They are regal and appear almost breakable and elegant and yet stand unphased amongst alligators and snakes. And they are the most accurate fisherbirds. I can see why. I watch them fish. They stand keenly, quite still for a time duration that presses my impatient tendencies to the limit. How long will he wait? But he is studying, calculating in his little bird brain. He doesn’t want to put out effort for nothing, he wants a meal, wants it to count. So he waits for the perfect chance, the right position, the fish become quite comfortable in his presence, so long he waits to strike. But strike, he eventually does and to great effect. Great fisherbird. The king maybe. No great heroics like the osprey with his beautiful flying acrobatics. No prattle like the moorhen. No clumsy and really fun misses like the awkward but terribly fun pelican. No, the heron is in its own class. He knows he is the best fisherman around. He knows God made him that way. He is confident.

And here is my lesson from the heron. Two actually… 1. We are all made differently and methodical is effective or even more effective than jump in and see what happens. And 2. God pours confidence in His creation but the still accept it more. The heron waits and studies and grows more confident in the environment God made him for. Quietness in God’s presence builds confidence and success. Not because of us but because of Him. With God, I have confidence. The closer I am to Him in stillness, the less I have to say and the more confidence and success I have. ❤

Never Entirely Silent but Always Listening

There is an art to communication. I find it is easier for me to be silent and listen when one much wiser is speaking. When those without such wisdom speak, silence is difficult for me. I long to learn, want to be wiser, ask God for such things. And when He speaks to my mind or heart, I listen and learn. But God is not a one-sided relationship. He does not want us entirely silent. He wants us to praise and worship and serve and sing and speak. His Words. He longs for relationship with us. Yes, we are to listen. But then respond. And how you respond is where the proof or absence of wisdom will be. Strive for wisdom. ❤

God’s Sweet Grace

Thr more time I spend with the precious and awesome Maker of the universe, several things become glaringly obvious and real. Here is my short list.

1. God’s epic grace is very very sweet. God is good at power under control. His love drives Him to perfectly graceful and gentle grace. God is gloriously graceful and the closer I get to Him (when I only in-my-face got it once I started praying with fasting weekly- on Wednesdays for me), the more real and beautiful He is. He is a gentle, careful Father and what immense grace He exhibits all the time.

2. God is holy. Holiness is only something God can do. Everyone else is not perfect and is ridiculously less powerful. When we are saved by the blood of Jesus, God sees us as holy. It is the only way we are saved and secure eternally. Not closed- minded as some less informed people claim. It is honest and truthful and the way it is. And it is a plan full of sweet grace as we were precious enough to Him to provide salvation to anyone who humbly asks Him. Amazing grace.

3. God is always right here. He is not there or busy or will be here later or just was once in the past. God is always right here. And He never is surprised, overwhelmed, late, hateful, unfair, uncaring. He is always here, loving, full of grace, beautiful. He is a humble prayer away at every moment. He cares. He can keep up with everyone simultaneously and not get tired or bored or exhausted.

That is a good short list and what I noticed as I grow closer to God and I have done so on a much greater scale once I started fasting. Praise God! He is so worthy of praise!❤❤❤

To Listen Rather than Selfishly Speak

A huge problem of selfishness invades our churches and blog sites and pretty much everywhere in that people want to be heard but not listen. People want to be heard and want people to care but could care less to listen back and really hear others. They demand attention and audience like little children but have no time to listen back. This is selfishness and insecurity. If people understood that they are dearly loved by God and are secure in His salvation through Jesus, they would feel His secure love fully and not need validation of others. When God takes root in your heart, selfishness subsides and you long to give attention to God and to others rather than keep talking. This needs to be checked in all our hearts because selfishness stems from pride but being humble is what we need to be right with God.❤

Freeing Life Truth

Once we realize that life is not about us in isolation, it frees us to serve God and worship freely. It is liberating. To know we are not the most important thing in the universe is quite relieving and absolutely exhilerating. To consider God and dwell on Him and the glory of Jesus and powerful comfort and counsel of the Holy Spirit, what joy that is! What a beautiful use of time and attention are thoughts of God. And eternal, spiritual thinking lifts you from the mundane and often yucky physical world. Praise God He is higher than me!!❤