Seasons/Ebbs & Flows

There are a myriad of seasons in life: growth, decline, learning, forgetting, deep love, cold remembrances, exploration, settling, building, moving, strengthening, weakening , exercising, and neglect. These seasons ebb and flow like the tide, sometimes mingling together in the waves for a time but ever changing. And this is our lot in life, our epic journey we must make to our eternal destination of our choice, heaven or hell. We walk this road, this tidal path. It is an adventure, sometimes happy, sometimes heart-breaking and everywhere between. Keep journeying for the right, dear friend. Keep your focus on our Savior Jesus Christ and He will maintain your peace amidst all the changes. He is faithful and just and hope and truth. Woo hoo! ❤


When Things Go Wrong

If things always go right in your life, that is so wonderful. Except, we are promised trouble due to the existence of sin and selfishness in this world. We live, for now until Jesus comes for us, in a world of opposing forces- one that wants us to morally grow in love and grace and one that wants us destroyed and dead. Good and evil are there. And our own selves has to constantly fight selfishness and badness in our own choices. So going wrong is the natural conclusion to all that sometimes. So what do uou do when uou fall off that goodness horse? You just jump back on that horse and ride on. How? Humble prayer and Bible reading and repentence (rejecting the bad and accepting obedience and good). Jesus is our path to freedom and all good in our lives. He is the only way. And the good news is that he understands and is for us and loves us. No one gets or loves us more. ❤

Love Forever

We have all had someone love us for a moment. Some love us during one brief season. Some love us when it is convenient or for selfish motives. Very few actually love us for life. I am honored to have a few like this left on this earth, but it is comforting beyond measure to know that Jesus loves us unconditionally forever in the deepest way. He loves you like that too. He even died for us to prove it. We can bank on it, rest in it, live there. ❤

On Down the Road

I decide to go walk with my daughter.

I decide not to helicopter my spouse.

I decided his choices are his.

I decided to stay close to God.

I decided to walk with my daughter rather than police my spousal rights.

I decided to pray and let God work.

I decided policing him has been policing me.

I decided to be free.

I decided God avenge all wrongs against me.

I decided not to myself.

I decided to go walk with my daughter.

I decided right for her is my greater right.

I decided.

It is beautiful.

It is peace and joy from God.

I am free.

Free is beautiful.❤

Ok Now

You are not “going to be ok someday”. You are ok now. You are beautiful and pain is part of the journey, loss is part of the journey, screwing up and repenting to start over is part of the journey, illness is part of the journey, all as much as love is part of the journey. It is important to change our perspective to keep on track and stay on the beautiful journey designed just for beautifully created you. You are ok now. In fact, you are purposefully and beautifully designed and creates by a perfect God who believes you can and should do what He designed you to do. And modification and realignment is part of the journey. You are beautiful, baby. Even if you feel ugly or some selfish monster tells you you are. God says otherwise and His Word trumps everything. You can believe Him. But keep on your precious, important journey. Keep going. It is part of it and you are beautifully ok now. Keep going with God’s help. ❤

Rough Day

I realized I missed a friend’s call two days ago. That is annoying. And Steve has been irksome all day, thr kids argumentative, got bad news today of the moral character of someone I know, worked hard in the yard and packing up the van for a gig tomorrow but did not drink enough water and got dehydrated, and in general felt blah and irritable. So it was a rough day. Nonetheless, I find great comfort in the fact that God is the same today as He was yesterday. No one else in my life is consistent and faithful- my dad was the only one and he is in heaven now- even myself lately, but God is consistent and faithful. No one sees my inner beauty but God. No one wants to love and be with me all the time but God. God is still loving as always, still made me on purpose, still uses me whenever He sees fit, still blesses me with little diamonds He drops down for me. God is so very good and for that (and maybe only that today) I smile and have peace and joy in my heart. God is everything. God is more than enough. I am content. ❤

Equipped to Serve

God designs us to serve Him and others in a particular way. Some to parenting, some to decoration, some to worship, some to organization, some to public speaking, whatever the case. God loves variety and loves us. We are given an innate gift to serve. Our task to honor God is to find and use it joyfully. Each person and each gift is beautiful! ♥