Thankful Moment

For this moment, I just wanted to thank God for the passion for writing. Really, He gave me a desire to write and share that is unquenchable unless I do so, a built in drive, I guess. I thank Him! And I thank you, brother, sisters, friends for reading what I wrote. WordPress was kind enough to inform me that I just reached 10,000 views. That boggles my mind. I do pray about what I write and I pray for those reading it to be encouraged and helped by it and blessed in general. So I do not take lightly this act of love and drive and passion, and I am honored and thankful that God blesses this little girl I am, the littlest of girls. I wanted to share my thankful moment. May you be blessed by God and come to a deeper relationship with Him every day! Keep praying! Keep reading your Bible! To God be all glory!

Living Jane Austen’s Stories

  1. I understand this is out of topic for my normal (yes, I use the term loosely) blogs, but I am about to pick up my pen again (laptop, actually) and write another book, this one an autobiography (not that I am famous but I have led a fascinating life that might help someone else). So, of course, thought of my favorite authors. It occurred to me that the absolute beauty and mesmerizing quality of Jane Austen’s great classic novels is the relatable quality they possess and the positive spin and wholesomeness of that spin. I love Louisa May Alcott for the same reason. Also, I am female and very few men would have the patience to understand how true these characters are to what we go through. There are amazing coincidences, granted, but who cannot relate to financial hardships, choosing a spouse, wrestling with emotions, parental interferences, sibling love and also rivalry, moves, vacations, death of loved ones. Who cannot relate to these experiences? Everyone knows an Elizabeth and hopefully a Darby, everyone knows an obnoxious Mrs. Bennett or detestable Fanny, and I believe I once dated a Willoughby. Lol And I think in real life also our story may have familiar experiences with different faces and meaning but varies so sharply that each view of their life is decidedly unique. To know people fully is to love them. This is why God loves us so much more than any human can, because He made us and knows us best. We are characters that develops as our stories and journeys continue on, each taking twists and turns that are unique to us but never a surprise to Him, the Author. I love getting to know other people for this reason and am very thankful for all of it. We all have amazing stories to tell that will help someone. 

The Power of Perception

Our own life philosophies are always at work to formulate our interpretation of other people’s words, body language and inferences of both. We do not think of it as we do it, it is from such a deep root of our experiences throughout life and training from our upbringing. Someone largely ignored will likely jump to the conclusion that they are not being respected or that others think they are unimportant and interpret through those lenses. Someone put down physically or verbally with often believe people are belittling them or feel unimportant and see through those lenses. A follower of Jesus Christ will see through the lenses of love and compassion and forgiveness (hopefully). Someone growing up with very little may see through covetous and jealous lenses. Of course these things may be overcome and not apply anymore (yay!) And sometimes we just have other sifferences n of priorities or focus unrelated to tragedies, just differences. But because of perception differences, and during a time when our words are being watched by those plotting evil, it becomes more important to be precise and meaningful with our words. Thinking has never been more important before such an important thing as communication, verbal and written. We must be checking our words mentally and spiritually and marinating them before releasing them. The closer we get to heaven, the more valuable are those precious words we share and how we share them. There are people desperate for true, pure Love and hope and peace and joy. We who personally know the God who gives these things have a responsibility to keep that as our priority for energy and communication. And we must also be on guard and not add extras we once could for those many who wish to oppose any truth to protect their lies they have grown dependent upon. Lord, please wake them! Open eyes that we andll may see the big picture as you do and what people really need. Do your best to be part of the solution and not a distraction. And avoid the arguing narrative. People with an open mind to hear are listening and not arguing. Pick your conversations wisely. God bless your efforts for Him!!!

Write Makes Right?

I have a strong bent to vent about ills of this world and people’s bad behavior. I also have a strong bent to write encouragement and good truths I find and believe in. But everything I write is my opinion. And were I to interview people, it would be their opinion. And were I to search news archives, it would be older opinions of other people in the past. And this seems silly but here it is. No person is God. I am not God. You are not God. Certainly the news media or any politicians are not God. Yet people tend to believe what they read (and/or see on tv or computers) as if the writer were infallible or God. Only God is God and only God then is infallible truth. Everything should therefore be checked against what He wrote in His Word, the Bible for accuracy and truth. With all the lies swarming around us on every level, we are responsible to check what we see or read with the Bible for accuracy and truth. God gave us that precious tool for such a purpose and to know how much He loves us. He really does! Never believe anything unless it checks out with the Bible, no matter who says it. We must pay careful attention.

The Talk of Fools

I used to talk way too much. Some say I still do, others that I should say more. I would argue that I talk very little, considering how much goes on in my head and I write way more than I talk. And the more challenges I go through, the more I write and the less I talk. But the talk of fools (I do not consider myself one most of the time but of course we all suffer from foolishness sometimes) is simultaneously comical and sad. It entails speaking at length and adamantly about that which you know little of. Besides the obvious political targets, I include in this category those who have judgmental and hypocritical attitides. And the judgmental and hypocritical ones are everywhere, inside and outside the church and politics and schools and media and everywhere. They seem ubiquitous. And often those who accuse others of judging or being a hypocrite are the most guilty themselves.  So, I thank these fine foolish talkers for their comic relief but I also ache and am sad for the danger of leading people astray. God says He really hates that. So please try to do the research and know of which you speak before you do speak. Thank you ahead of time. 🙂

For the Love of Writing

Writing to me has always been an amazing centering as well as outlet for my thoughts. It centers me and allows me to organize my thoughts as well as just get them out of my head. I have one of those minds that does not stop. Ever. Even sleeping, I cannot remember a single night of my life that wasn’t filled with dreams, most of them in color. My mind collects everything and analyzes it and over-analyzes it more and then reanalyzes it in case it missed something then tries to make sense of that and then decide how to apply it and then what to keep and what to forget, how to use that to help people, who needs that information and who is better served never knowing and on it goes. This is the mind I was blessed with by my Creator. So here I am with this ever thinking, imaginative, visionary, visual, artistic mind full of ideas and inventions and real life stuff in there somewhere too. And I was introduced to music, thankfully, by my Mom first and then many people since and taught piano and writing music. Then, in high school, Mrs. Hendricks, my teacher, told us to journal every day as part of our assignment. Being the perfect student (lol), I dutifully obeyed and realized that writing things down got them out of my head. It calmed my mind some, something very difficult to do. And I found it brought some order to the chaos of my thinking, making it flow more deliberately and purposefully to help people who may have similar thinking or may not. If people can be helped by my words, why on earth would I keep them to myself. And if I am the only one who is helped, it is still worth picking up the pen, or typing into the computer nowadays. lol I am honored to have been shown these gifts that have helped me so much. So if you have it in you to write, you definitely should write. There are so many benefits. Even if it is just a journal only you see, you remember where you were at this time and it may benefit you later. Next, I will be focusing more on my art so I can maybe have one night that isn’t full of colorful penguins dancing in the clouds. lol 🙂