Is it Just Me or Is WordPress Messed Up Now?

Is the new update of WordPress bugging anyone else? It makes me want to write less. Sharing someone’s great post is not title-less. I cannot check my statistics as it flakes out. It was great before, why did they have to mess with it and screw it up? Maybe I am the only one. I thought maybe it was a bug so I uninstalled and reinstalled it and same things. It is off-putting. Just thought I’d let others know if you wondered why I am posting less and see if anyone is having similar troubles since the update?

The Choice to Remember

To a significantly great extent, we are given the ability to choose to remember or forget. Now I realize that traumatic events take a great deal of time and forgiveness more than time to get to that place, but it is possible. I am proof of that. I remember what went down, but no longer remember smells or details or pain or sounds and yells. I chose to forgive long ago and more recently asked to forget and God granted me that to the extent a human mind can. We have to remember some or it may be repeated or help someone else somehow. Also, it becomes a beautifully remade scar filled with God’s diamond dust healing to give Him glory for healing us from it and making us prettier and humble.

But I really went down a rabbit hole there because I want us to all start practicing the remembrance of good things. In fact, I suggest we get a notebook or memo app and write down who and what kindness was done to us in our day. Thr smallest thing, the biggest thing. We can choose to remember. And then we can, at the end of the day, week, month, whatever, look at them and smile and thank God for those blessings. It may encourage you. You may see patterns. You may appreciate more. You may whine less. You may share the idea with someone else who seems down a lot. It may help them. Old fashioned people call that counting our blessings, but make that fresh and call it “choosing good” or “good things to remember” or something. Maybe post some good thing to lift someone’s face to God for a minute. Maybe change the world one good thing at a time.πŸ˜„β€

Writing Slows in Summer AKA Ode to Summer Writers

In summer, I noticed writing slows, people’s thoughts are elsewhere, occupied by a frenzy of rushed vacations and manic relaxation. The flow of thought congeals under the pressure of too much heat and movement mixed, like a fan blowing hot air to quench an unsatisfyable need for cool and calm. And on we breathe, red hot as the air, miserable in the humidity, happier somehow in the rain that falls a few minutes every day to somehow provide a break, despite the miserable wetness of it. Rushed streams of thought are forced and flow thickly when they do attempt flow. Herein lies what I am observing on the blogs. Those unaffected by the heat and cludge of mass vacationmanship, those of us with more bills than income and can not get away, we still write. It is at least somewhere for our mind to go, our thoughts vacate to. So you fellow writers still expressing words from your thoughts, who still can, I thank you and delight in bathing myself in their richness. πŸ˜„β€

Handing it To You

I just wanted to shout out to the regular bloggers/writers out there. I can tell a whole bunch started out strong with new year resolutions and have trickled off to not write any longer. Writing is such a valuable sharing of ideas and expression of freedom and love. Invaluable. And what a worthy outlet! So this of you still writing away, good on ya and keep it up. It is beautiful to read your words and share life with your journey. Great job!!! Love you!πŸ˜„β€