The Doctor Has Indeed Healed Herself (With God’s Help)

This morning, I stood up and the room was spinning. I had never had that personally, but it is a big part of what I do professionally, as I am a doctor of audiology (hearing and balance). So, I have diagnosed vertigo for many patients and done the Epley maneuver to heal it. I went to church dizzy because I had to wait to have enough time to do the maneuver.

Praise God it worked and I just have to keep my head upright for 24 hours to solidify it. And I am thinking of the amazing way God made our bodies and the means of repairing them and the way He heals us so easily when we pray even when we don’t know how to fix things ourselves. So yes, this doctor healed herself but without God, there is no body to heal or means of healing it. How quickly we forget that and how beautiful and glorious it is to remember it.😃♥️

Be Strong and Of Good Courage ~

Be strong,have good courage toofor God . . .is always with you. Be bold,for God won’t forsakebe bravein His strength partake. Be daring,have good temerity toofor God . . .will go out before you. Be fearless,for God will protectbe unafraidand He will direct. Be of good courage,be strong too . . .for God . . […]

Be Strong and Of Good Courage ~