The Beckoning Day

As the day beckons me on, it draws me deeper into it. As the journey twists and turns, I am compelled by mere curiosity to move with it around each new bend. I fly to heights unexplored after each journey up hills upon mountains and brave the darkest chasms beneath after riding it down to more unexplained courses. And I journey on. I do not give up. I do not yield. Why?  Because I am alive. Life is a breath from God and as such it is precious and beautiful and fascinating. Nothing more without God’s say and knowledge, no tide turns but with His I tervention and I sight and knowledge. I am not alone. Because of Christ, I am never without hope. The day beckons us onward. Rise to face it.

New Year’s Eve

Our band is gigging for NYE this year, like every year, our biggest pay night of the year. It is a blast and I love bringing in the year with happy, dancing, rejoicing people because of familiar music from our band family. This year is different than last because one band family member was list to controlling manipulative wife. Whereas we were very sad to lose him, we were glad to lose her for she was a pain in the butt since day one. She is the reason we interview wives when adding new band family members now. Lol So, we miss him because we love him but not having her will definitely make this New Year’s Eve so much funner (is that a word? Lol). So I am looking forward to a more enjoyable bringing in of the year, this mixed bag that it is. But here is the point. Life and New Year’s Eves are what you make of them to a point. The company you choose is vitally important though because one evil cold hearted grump in the bunch can cause much distress. Better to be without such a person if you are wanting to live a happy life or have a happy evening. Also, spouses should be supportive at all costs and not cold and selfish, thinking only of themselves. Keeping your spouse from doing something they love that benefits others and brings in money is selfish and dead wrong. Spouses should support each other and encourage them. It is ahndndnd reminder to me seeing a wife being so extremely bad at it that I need to be more supportive of mine. It is also a great reminder to be a source of joy where you go and not drag people down. Put on a happy face and go and enjoy! Should be an amazing New Year’s Eve gig!! Looking forward to it a lot! Have a happy and safe New Year!!! God bless you!!!! 🙂

Growing a Tree

When we want to grow a tree, the very first thing you need is knowledge of which tree does well in which zone or environment and which will get along well with the environment and critters living there. You need knowledge of shading, root growth, needs and requirements of the tree for growth, etc. Next is digging the right sized hold for the tree and pouring the right blend of fertilizers in the hole and water and great soil in an idral location for your tree. Then you either buy a sapling or the seed if really ambitious or buy a tree start or spend a fortune on one already big. Then you plant with great care, keeping the roots damp and happy as you go. You fill in around it with great dirt and water it again around and tamp or pack it down. Then you protect from critters as needed and keep watering as needed and fertilizing along the way as needed as it takes root. And all this can be found about anywhere and is not even that interesting unless it is your tree. But I wrote all this as a metaphor. The tree could be your dream, your marriage, your children, your spiritual walk with Christ, whatever you need it to be. But the point is that anything really worth most to you in the world is never an overnight thing. There are steps, plans, a certain order of things that the farmer/gardener/God knows that sometimes we have to trust and obey and just patiently wait and we will get there. God knows what He is doing and loves us. Keep trusting acndnd obeying and His goal for you will be accomplished and flourish/thrive. We may only see this step but trust that He knows them all and will keep giving us the next step as He finishes helping us with this one. Keep focusing on the Gardener/God. He knows.

True Love Warts and All

To love someone is to know them and be appreciative of who they are, despite what they do. Some things warrant a calling out, but that is also love. Presentation is the key. But in God’s eyes and true love’s eyes (because God is love and truth so they are all the same), no ugly thing separates us from loving a person. Nothing is bigger than forgiveness. Nothing is so great that change is not an option. There is always hope. Love screams that in the night. Love pleads it in the darkest hours. “I am still here loving you! Even in such filth, I see the beauty of your original design and you are magnificent!!” We all screw up, some more than others but we all do. We always can choose to be good instead at any time and God and thus true love forgives and holds and comforts and cheers. I know this because God did that for me. He never left me alone, even when I screwed up so much I couldn’t see or feel Him. True love stays. It reminds of inner beauty, it encourages good behavior, it cradles in the hard places, it strengthens the soft ones. Being light to a dark world requires us to love truly like this, like God does. And if we haven’t the strength for it ourselves, no worries, He will give us more anytime we humbly ask Him to. He loves us after all. 🙂 ❤ ❤ 

Design Differences

I am not generally an organized planner. I am a visionary, a visual goal setter and achiever, a big picture the details will work themselves out, stay up late and get things done and then sleep in person. I am married to an organized planner who rises early. What happens is I am criticized and verbally abused for not being an organized planner person who rises early and is immediately ready to function at high cognitive levels. I am berated for being different, wired differently by God for a purpose instead of encouraged to set goals and take care of big picture issues. I am squashed and suppressed for being different instead of encouraged. This limits my ability to be all God wants me to be. I say that not to bash my husband. He thinks he is helping me in his way and I know loves me and means well. The point is that we are all made differently to be able to work together to accomplish things for God, to be constructive and functional. When people are made to think and act like everyone else, not nearly as much can be accomplished. Yes, there is compromise so we can function and get along but there has to be a way to not kill a person’s design and spirit. We are all made to work together, all part of God’s design. 

Love Looks Like

The “fruit of the Spirit” are the attributes of God. God is love. So God and love are the same. They are loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle and self-controlled. God is these things. Love is these things. If something claims to be love or God and is not these things, it is trying to deceive you. This is how the truth sets us free. If someone can’t wait for you, they do not truly love you, they may love what you can give them. If someone is not kind and gentle you, they do not truly love you. Act accordingly. Do not move away from God and these things for anyone, do not “throw your pearls before swine”, as it says in Proverbs, meaning give away tour treasures to those who do not deserve them. Be aware. And when you set out to love people, love them truly. Do your best to love and live this way: loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle and self-controlled. Imagine how it would be if everyone did this. Imagine how much better if just you did…

The Forward Initiative

I hate New Year’s resolutions. Mostly because I am a much better starter than finisher in general and I am a strong proponent of honesty. In addition, there is little value in sudden moral initiatives set upon a certain day other than right now. The idea of suddenly being good in some arena to me diminishes somehow the necessity to be good in that arena now. If it is good, be that now, do it here onward, there is no magic in a certain day. So, now that you have my philosophy in hand, I am most definitely a proponent of initiating a forward, good, positive momentum in life starting right now. I have suffered to varying degrees for the last while with unresolved past issues. I have had one eye forward and one eye back. Not only is this crazy to look at and extremely uncomfortable, but it also prevents such a forward initiative. So, I have released the past to take care of itself after having done all I can do in the forgiveness department and I am onward to the present now with hopes that a greater future awaits me with the Lord. And God is big enough to help all this happen smoother and healthier and with much greater impact. And so here we go. Once I decided this, I have renewed hope and a really great feeling. My family can serve the Lord with renewed clarity and singleness of mind. It is beautiful!!! 🙂