Ladies Missionary Meeting

Twice a year, I am a part of a ladies Missionary meeting. We meet and pray and discuss missions and projects geared toward winning souls for the kingdom of God and we pray again and encourage. It is a blessed time. And there is no prayer unanswered nd no goal unmet. We pray throughout the year, as specifically as we can, and pray together and God honors our faithfulness, faith in Him and prayers. He listens. He is there with us. He answers. It is a time of great encouragement and in a room where most heads are gray from the continuance of time and maturity and rich experiences, there is immense power there. God blesses and is present in a tangible way in power and gentleness. He inhabits the praise of His people. He is there. I want you to know this. And we are humbly and powerfully praying for all who are lost and the church to snap to and act right and be who God designed us to be. So, God will answer these prayers and change will be upon us and answers will be carried out. Best to be on God’s side. Nothing else will matter in the end, or very soon at the rate it is going. Time to clean house. Know that we are humbly praying and that is so very tangibly powerful.❤

Can’t Get People to Church Here, Meanwhile in Honduras…

A missions team, including my son, is braving the heat as we speak to build a church building where the church can meet together and be a spiritual family together for the sake, cause and glory of God. We need this passion back, churches. It is beautiful!😄❤

A Bold Statement About Missions

Every single true Christian cares about winning lost souls to Christ. Every true Christian knows that Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved, has accepted Him as their Savior and wants their loved ones saved also. Every true Christian is filled with the love of God so much they want to please God by obeying Him and leading people to Christ. So here is my bold statement about missions. You cannot be a true Christian without being involved in missions. Missions can be the overseas kind or right in your family or in between in your church or community. We as true Christians know we don’t have to work to earn our salvation- we only need to humbly acknowledge His free gift to us and accept Him as our Savior- but every true Christian is so appreciative of the gift of salvation and loves God so much we want to help other people have this love and peace and joy and we know Jesus is the only way. That is what makes a true Christian a true Christian. Food for thought.❤

Revival Happens When Christians Serve and Worship Christ

Revival isn’t an event or miracle or occurrence to wait for. It is a direct result from Christians actually doing their job. Christians who serve and obey and worship make an impact on the world that is catchy, like turning on a light in a dark room. There is no mystery. It is our responsibility to be like Jesus for the world to see, starting with our own family and moving outward. ❤