Happy New Year Blessing!

I will be too busy tomorrow to blog, so I wanted to bestow upon you my blessing for your New Year 2019. Here is my blessing for you:

May you stay close to God and grow even closer to Jesus Christ every day.

May the journey He leads you on be filled with faith and hope every day.

May truth be unavoidable and overtly attractive in every aspect of your thoughts and actions every day.

May the Light and witness of Jesus in your life shine out brightly every day.

May you always see God’s goodness and blessings and worship Him no matter what happens every day.

May you make a difference for God’s kingdom every day.

May you stay humble and pray all day every day.

May the peace and joy and love of God be so strong in you that it trumps everything else every day.

May God be first in your life all day every day.

May you know what a treasure God made you to be and how loved you are every day.

May you smile and laugh every day.πŸ˜„β€

Humility is Power With Humble Origins

People with evil hearts and lying tongues put it out there that humility (the result of being humble) is a bad thing. Like you are a wimp if you are humble. Or a coward. Or ignorant. This is a lie. Being humble is the greatest goal we can achieve as humans. Why?

The Truth says that “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.” You cannot be meek without being humble. Humble is self- controlled and self-minimizing, which is power under control. There are few who have enough power and confidence in God their Father to control their power for His sake and obey and pray. This is an immensely powerful thing. The power of laying down power for the good of others and ultimately the work of God is extraordinary glorious and rewarding. It fill me with peace and joy and love. God honors humility. There is little He honors more. He said Moses was the most humble man on earth. This was a high compliment. Humility is not being kept low. Quite the opposite. It is choosing to stay low for the good of Someone Higher (God). ❀

Why I Look Back Less

Everyone is different. Some people love to reflect on the past immensely, every detail. I am weird (in a pretty good way). When God has brought me far, I don’t like to look back at how far He has brought me unless I get in a slump or sad time when I need a boost. Otherwise, I tend to get either comfy with my progress and ease up a bit or I wallow in too much self- thought. Not that I am narcissistic- so far from that, I am way too objective with way too many flaws for that. But I like to keep my humble on. (I will write about humble next.) Too much thought about myself is never good and is counter-productive to how I choose to live.

I like to live now. Every day has opportunities to grow and learn and mist importantly stay and get closer to Jesus Christ. I don’t want the past, it is in the pasture and I might step on something stinky. I want to focus on today, right now. Tomorrow is a theoretical construct which never arrives, so today is it. So today I will pray more, read my Bible, study, learn, live, serve. What better day could there be? One day at a time, this is doable. Today is beautiful!πŸ˜„β€

Hidden Blessing Surprises Everywhere

I needed a ball gown for tomorrow for a fancy gig. Having lost 50 pounds, last year’s gown did not fit and I could not alter it again. So I found this little gem at the thrift store for $4.99. It was sleeveless (which would not work for a keyboard- playing dancing singer. So, as it was way too long, I hemmed it and took that fabric to make sleeves. I call it my fancy peacock dress. See why:

So what did I learn? That God blesses us with hidden gems if we look for it and put some work into it. And if you re-read that, it is a deep, amazing truth. That includes hidden gems within us and within other people. Sometimes you have to search a little, put in some time, work on it a bit and just bless it back. And all of a sudden, out pops a gold mine that was just waiting for someone to see its worth and bring it out. God is so very good, beautiful gem friend. ❀