Quilt Progress, Pine Tree and Moon

Never thought I would like such a dark block but I believe this is what hope looks like visually. Darkness may be all around, but Jesus is our bright light like the moon here that makes it all right. Happy place. ❤ 

Oh the Delight of Dusk

My favorite time of the day is dusk in summer. I love the beauty of it, the rich colors of the sunset, the luxurious tranquility, the nature coming alive again, the serenity of swinging on the porch swing and be accepted with it all, one of God’s fellow creations. I have had some very hard days lately (don’t usually try to focus on that) and have cried more than my fair share of loved ones gone. I miss them very much. 💔 But drying my tears, I swing at dusk and here are the remnants of color, birds twittering, the blessings g of a hummingbird, a tree frog emerges from behing the wall sun decoration to eat, flowers are blooming, herbs are growing, talking to God I am calm again. I am thankful and blessed. My tears are dry. I am content that God is with me even if no one else is, which happens. God is all I need and the world He made is incredible! There are so many nuggets of perfection of beauty to feast on. The quilt is coming along. My daughter is in bed. My son is visiting his Grandparents for 2 weeks. Friends gave me a fresh bottle of red wine which go n perfectly with the chocolate cookies I just made. Life is pretty amazing just as it is. All is well. The rest will wait for heaven. Until then, I love you. Get outside. ❤

Never Underestimate Thread

Quilting is my current art form and is a patience building exercise. I am working on the return of Christ and that is a complex picture to paint on fabric, but never underestimate thread, strategically placed. It is like inky from a painter n in the right hands. And God is masterful at His art and is helping me. I was never this good, and God is the master. He weaves brilliant quilts a trend tapestries into our lives. He takes blocks of experiences and threads them together with love and care to create within us a masterpiece. God does this as we cannot because He is a master with thread. Do not ever worry that your life is tattered and ripped, for God can make those shreds into a magnificent, beautiful masterpiece. You are worthy in His loving eyes of His time and skill. Do not underestimate Him. He is not finished with you yet, beautiful friend. ❤❤❤

Beauty in Scent

My one real luxury and the only thing I splurge on for myself is good perfume. I love to smell good, it gives me a boost and happy feelings. I am known for it. I don’t knock people down like that lady at church last week (I could barely breathe for an hour!), but I smell good. Even if I work hard, I smell good doing it. We all have to have one thing, in my opinion. Today, it is not about me, however, for my whole house is richly wafting with the lovely scent of beautiful bacon. The family loves bacon, and we happened to have some from a lovely buy one get one (thank you, Winn Dixie lol), and now the scent is making everyone happy. And making them salivate. There is something about a beautiful scent that helps with perspective somehow. When living at the farm in Michigan, we had enormous lilac bushes outside the kitchen and front door. You walked in or out or through open windows the smell poured in and bathed you. You couldn’t help be smile and be comforted. No doubt life is much more complex than that but we all could use a boost anywhere we can get one. ☺ Hope you run into beautiful scents today. God did a great job with them and I am sure heaven will smell amazing too. ❤❤❤

The Truth About Gender

Life is very difficult. Life is very very difficult for children. The main reason is this: parents. We have a generation of parents with enough knowledge to have a firm opinion/bias but not enough to have an informed decision and certainly not enough to be sacrificial in their parenting to allow a child to blossom in love and care into their own individual. Children pushed into an identity will accept it often because they are children who need to be taught and who know little without proper training. Children (and I have a couple, taught many, and babysat even more in my life, so I am basing this on life) are born boys or girls. They, without any coaching, will act like boys or girls. They may be confused about how to open containers but never naturally confused about being a boy or girl. Unless their parents or teachers or important adults or peers in their lives confuse them and inflict a life of confusion on them. And I believe this is a spirit of confusion, an evil spirit that wants to destroy that person or as many as possible, a destructive spirit, not God. I believe this is a spiritual matter and not a physical or mental one. It seeks to take lives. These beautiful children are being attacked and those who truly love them will love them and encourage them in truth and love and more truth to see the amazing person God made them to be with amazing, unique gifts and talents. They are indeed born boys or girls and that is the gender they are, but gender is really just that. Men or women can live up to their full potential and and are made lovingly by God who loves them and wants to have a relationship with them and hold them through any storms of life and celebrate through every victory. This is the beautiful truth. How glorious the truth really is. God is truth. ❤❤❤

Bettering vs Obeying

There is much celebrated emphasis on bettering yourself, self-love, self-awareness, all very self-centered. And while we are all very important, from the homeless beggar to the king on velvet, we are not the only person our lives should be about. I have felt lately that my greatest strength (and I am notably strong in many areas) is the decision to humbly obey and worship God. Humble obedience says the opposite of self-centeredness. It says I am not nearly as important as my Creator God and He deserves my respect and worship and the honor of humbly obeying His ideals for my life. He knows what is best for me and everyone and I trust Him completely. That humble obedience is stronger and more deeply fulfilling than a million people focusing on what greatness I may possess. The Creator is greater by a million times than the created. And that is true even though we are lovingly and purposely made and thus very important. Focus is the key. Knowing our God is phenomenally motivated. How beautiful He is is poured into His beautiful creation, seen all around us in soft landscapes, glorious sunsets and the beautiful souls of people of all ages, races, backgrounds, textures, passions, pursuits. The diversity of beauty He created should put God on the highest throne of the world, a place of high esteem and honor and of course love and respect. I serve an amazing, magnificent God. I am proud to be humble and obey and worship Him. That is worth the emphasis of my life. ❤❤❤