Walking Home

This beautiful red shouldered hawk landed by us as we were walking home from the store. Such a beautiful bird. And while it was too far away for a great shot, this was descent and I marvel at the great detail God put into such a bird. All of them, really. All of us too, really. Such masterpieces! Praise God!❤


Beauty Like the Oleander

There is beauty in this world because our Creator is full of glory/beauty. The idea of beauty has changed over the years to now mean physical attractiveness, the prettiness and symmetry of the physical body, the shell, regardless of the substance and makeup of the hear, soul, mind and spirit of a person. And this becomes the goal. Look pretty, be seen as pretty, have people look at us, selfies galore, “I am pretty so I matter.” And this is only a teeny tiny part of the beauty God designed in us, and really the least important part. Like those who have been disfigured or just even less lustly attractive/asymmetric in some way. Are they less beautiful? Heavens no, they have the same mind, the same soul and the same spirit. Here is our greater impact of God’s fingerprint. We are nothing if not unique displays of God’s glory/beautiful! We are His will, His plan. We are made for Him because of Him. We cannot get around that. Those who focus on the shell alone and how lust full they are when looking at that shell are like gardeners who take great pleasure of the beauty of the oleander, despite how poisonous every part of that plant is- leaves, stems, flowers. All, if ingested, will kill you and if touched can irritate the skin or blind you. That external, superficial beauty alone means nothing in the light of eternity, do not desire it. The beauty/glory of God shines out most powerfully in the focus of attention and energy on perfecting the soul, mind and spirit He made just for you.❤

Spring At Last

I know some of y’all are still knee deep in winter, but that is one reason we live in Florida. Here it is spring! I love this season because it is planting time, pruning time, preparing for beauty outside time! Wonderful! I am dirty every day again and working outside every day doing something! It is phenomenal. The kids are old enough to help so my back is not hurting even. And I used to love my solitude with the plants and now I love my time with family and the plants and mostly time with all of the above and celebrating God and His creation. Nature is such a luxury for just being in God’s glory and beautiful design. Nothing brings me more peace and just sheer joy than that. So happy spring!!! And for those up north, it will happen soon, there is hope! 😄❤

Getting my Praise On

I just want the universe to know how perfect and loving our God is. He healed me and my daughter. He is healing my son and husband. God provides us shelter and family and friends, work to do, service to provide, freedom in our country, peace and joy and love in our souls. And it would have been enough just to make us all, but He also loves us sincerely and specifically. Take some time to thank and praise Him for that. We are all so blessed! God is so very good!❤❤❤

To the Point of Objectivity

The closer you are to God, the more you consider Him in all things rather than the sources of disturbances. You remain objective and focused amidst persecution and mistreatment. Names are called and you consider the Source of Life and what He suffered for us and then objectively consider the source of cruelty. You forgive more freely, purposefully, faster. You forgive before the entire name is in the air like an arrow shot from a bow toward you. You decide to be God’s and not defend yourself, knowing He judges rightly and will handle it for you in some way in His timing, and you pray for those who don’t get the implications of that. God isn’t One to mess with. When His children are mistreated, you can bet that unless they repent, they will very much wish they hadn’t. They mistake God’s patience in wanting more people saved and giving so many chances for weakness or being far away or passive. Far from the case, God generously pours out grace, hoping He will love you into turning to Him. I digress, and return to my point. There is a vast satisfaction derived from becoming objective in the midst of incessant criticism and other spiritual attacks. We focus on God and He provides objective glasses and grace to push through it to an even stronger you. This is beautifully peaceful and joyful. Hard to explain how melodious.❤

The Hanging of Clothes

The tedious nature of hanging the clothes,

Of washing a dish,

Of cleaning the stove.

I used to dread such tedious things and wish for a break from all that.

And now, as the years passed,

I am hanging the clothes,

I love the touch

I love the labor of love

And I treasure the bodies that wear all the clothes and I’m glad.

It is the smell of the wash

The company it means

And the oft neglected clean

That makes me so glad and at peace and content.

I am washing the clothes

My loved ones wear

The more I have to wash

Proves they are there

And I am blessed in good measure by dear God allover to have so many to love.❤

Movie- Inspired Thought about Stories

I was watching a strange story, The Curious Life of Benjamin Button, or something like that. It had bad parts, but it was thought- provoking. Of course, being a mom I can never watch a whole movie start to finish so I see them in parts (which is the suckiest part of being a mom lol). Anyway, it struck me that life has way more meaning than was presented but that all life matters, everyone matters, everyone has a story. Some are inspiring and beautiful throughout and some are just in moments, but everyone has a story to tell. And what a shame some people wait until life is nearly spent to take the time to tell someone the story, and they may be unable or unwilling by then to listen. So, I am purposed to continue living my life out loud and proclaiming my story from the rooftops as I go. And I hope my story can inspire my children and anyone who hears it. I will be raw and real, “warts and all” as thr British beautifully put it. And please write or tell someone your story. God purposed it as He purposed you and you are beautiful, as is your story.❤