Perfect Toenails

I have friends, and I am not judging, that may have a bunch of kids and nursing one and busy busy busy but always have immaculate, polished toenails perfectly exposed to the world (as we can see in our flip flop/sandal state). And that is beautiful but and a nice pampered treat. However, just for me mind you, I find other stuff a wee bit more important than a weekly expensive visit to the nail salon for a pedicure. And while I have amazing feet and love them bare, I am more keen on function than aesthetics. If I out my family an hour and some hard earned money every week, I feel I have wasted money and time on a luxury I do not need. It does not improve our family’s well-being. My kids don’t eat better because my nails were done. Fingernails done is far worse though because that discourages hard work with my hands. Anyway, I guess I recently saw a momma care more about that than her kinda wild children terrorizing the place and got into people’s stuff while she gossipped  with the nail technician and played on her phone. I was just there with my son at the barber shop for his monthly hair cut. Crazy, I marveled, that outward appearance for some holds so much more sway than developing internal respect. If people don’t SEE a problem, though, they don’t have to acknowledge or fix it, so they ignore real issues and cater to the selfish side with selfishness buzz words like “I deserve it”. And that always drives me deeper to be reminded that God deserves our attention, worship, time, love and He REALLY does. He deserves us to care more about obeying than treating ourselves to more benefits and blessings than we really deserve or need. Just an extended thought. 🙂

Normal but Secretly & Weirdly Ambitious

My life appears on the surface as a normal, almost mundane life. And it is on the surface. I am just anotger housewife who homeschools our kids. I cook and clean (loosely), I do yard work, I work at home and love taking care of my family. So all that looks like I am a rather old fashioned woman who loves God and her family. However, what is busting out of me and secretly ambitious in me is an artist, singer/songwriter (have written many songs and published some), pianist, writer (have written and published 4 books- available on Amazon), am strong as an ox and love hard work, do public speaking, am an experienced doctor (who had my own practice for four years started from scratch), am intelligent, am more comfortable on stage than off, love skydiving, and can take care of myself and my family. There is tons of ambition in me awaiting opportunities to be used. I literally van do anything I put my mind to because I am atrong in faith and God told me I could in Philippians 4:13. I believe that. Firmly. Hands down. So don’t underestimate anyone ever. You do not know who they are by looking on the surface and people are rarely what they seem. God uses everyone and we who love God should help people fit their giftedness into the community for God. We are made to serve and worship with obedience. Don’t discount anyone. A beautiful old lady I was helping watch for a few weeks after her stroke from church taught me to draw, she had been a professional artist who had been widowed early in life and supported herself and her son by her art. No one, even me, expected this frail woman to teach me art skills artist nd on spire me to pursue my artistic gift. From that day on, every person had incredibly more value to me. You can learn something from anyone. Everyone has a gift. Everyone should use their gift for God and appreciate the diversity of other peoples’ gifts. We all have a role to play in God’s kingdom and in our communities and lives. We all have secret abilities. Search it out and you will be blessed.


The air is different. It is filled with sunshine ‘ warmth and pollen – filled scents. The jasmine is blooming and it’s scent fills our house and the whole outdoors around purchase house. This is literally the only time of the year jasmine is appreciated growing on the four walls of fence surrounding our house (the rest of the time it is a lot of work to trim lol) But for now, the smell is beautiful. And birds! They have come back from a sort of lethargy to play and mate and build nests and twitter and tweet and just be. Bees are working on pollenation, wasps are looking for nesting sights. All the world is and live and active and lovely. Spring is here, the rejeuvination of nature, the love and romanticism of all of God’s creation is here. Hope. God’s beauty is so evident here. How filling we just celebrated the resurrection of our Lord. His creation echoes this celebration and worship is so easy right now. Praise God for spring!!

A Warm Hug Sunset

So, as I went to pick up pizza for our family tonight, God blessed me with this amazing view. It was more vibrant with a deep warm red before I got to a red light to snap this pic as it was fading. And it took my breath away. It felt like a warm hug from God and I could not help but be in love with His beauty and care. It felt personal, like a gift to me (I do not care the reality of this lol). I could not help but thank God and praise His beauty. I just felt so much appreciation. Thankful that tomorrow we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, thankful that we have reason to celebrate and appreciation for hope of salvation. I was thankful for the beauty and being in the right place at the right time. I was thankful for having pizza with my family and yhat everyone is happy and healthy. I am thankful that God brought me through every heartache and loss and crisis to glorious new life in Him with my family that I love so much. I am thankful I have a working vehicle to run errands in. I am thankful for peace and joy and love and protection in our great country because of God giving it to us. God’s attributes and blessings to us are constant and perfect. So, I wanted to share that. God is working, I could feel Him, and He loves us and is in charge. He will hold us in His hands. “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” and you’re welcome for getting that great song into your head. Lol Love you! Praise God!!!

Sitting by the Pool

I am sitting by the pool, my kids swimming and having a great time. And there is this beautiful sunset to enjoy and fresh breeze. It always amazes me the clarity and beauty God provides in His nature. He does a really good job of both in the world He made. And no matter what dark noises go bump in the night drawing in around us, we need never fear any of that. You know this when you sit and pray in nature. You feel God’s provision and strength. There is no doubt who is incredibly powerful and quite capable of taking care of us and loves us to boot. There is no doubt. I wish you God’s peace tonight!

The Importance of Playgrounds

We are blessed to have many playgrounds and parks by us. It is so good for my kids to get out of the house, turn off the tech and use their bodies for playing on the playground. It builds their muscles and imaginations, trains their bodies and brings them enjoyment, and allows them to interact with the natural world God made. Playgrounds not only have man made equipment but also are full of trees, birds, brerzes, fresh air, etc. It allows them to experience God’s creation and appreciate Him. Invaluable! 🙂

God the Great Rebuilder

I am struck by how great God is at rebuilding people. I have heard testimonies and read autobiographies of people who were so incredibly transformed by the power of God. I have heard of countries transformed and that is the hope for our country. But about us, people can be murderers, rapists, bullies, addicts, prisoners for horrible leadership crimes and whatever the histories or past of anyone, when any person alive humbles their heart and confesses their particular crime to God and asks for His forgiveness and healing, God does that. And he fills in that person’s now empty chasms where sin had damaged and He reforms that potential structure even better than it had been before. God is a master builder and His love matches His skill and beautiful expression. He even does that for the worst of sinners, those with “little sins”, like slander and gossip and laziness and lying, who feel better and holier than everyone else and make sure everyone knows it and is judged sinful. These are the worst of them all, so readily do they put down and not lift up. But God can remind their lives as soon as they break out the humble and confess and pray. God can even make these vile folks gorgeous!! And in my life, I was a baddy, so bad, and God reformed me into a pillar of strength and beauty and wisdom and understanding, empathetic and warm where I was callous and cold. God did that. All I did was break and humble myself and pray a lot and read my Bible. God did all the work. I am so proud of Him for who He made me to be. He is so skillfull. And He can do this for anyone. 🙂