On My Little Corner

On my little corner of the big bad world

There are many people everywhere.

They scurry on their lives like little bitty mice 

In a maze never going anywhere.

They go throughout their day finding tech and mice to play

And worshipping the cheese they have made.

On my little corner of the big bad world

The rats and mice mingle nicely.

Each have their place and no food goes to waste

Some are bigger, some are nicer, all the same.

But some of them you see wander differently

And put their hope in something that is greater.

On my little corner of the big bad world

I realize exactly what I am seeing

For God who made the mice and the rats and all they prize

Made them out of love and helped my vision.

God directs the mice and rats to come to Him

But they get to choose to be or not receivers of the vision.

On my little corner of the big bad world

Is a choice available for all to make

And it will change your life and make your eternity bright

It just lies upon you yes or no to make it.

And then you have eternity to be glad you made it. ❤


Life is in the Spirit

I caution that these are very deep thoughts. We are told we are made up of physical body, soul and spirit. This is true but not complete and certainly unable to teach us how to live best and where to focus attention for greatest impact and enjoyment and fulfillment in life. Physical life is the bones and marrow, the blood and guts, the neurotransmitters and muscles, organs, hormones, hippocampus, brain, automatic functions as breathing and reflexes with pain, purposeful functions as walking and thinking. This is our human form, our carnality, our base makeup, the physical self. When people focus on this, the most shallow part of their construct, we see behavior that grabs what it needs and wants, focuses on physical form, lusts, emotes, longs, drives for good or bad but just drives. There is instinct and materialism, the ability to work and move about. When people live here, their contentment is dependent upon their circumstances and environment being copacetic. This is a survival and dependent sort of thinking. Primal. Shallow. 

Deeper down is the soul that in my view contains the will and the drive to higher levels of existence. This is where everyone’s God – shaped void is (because He made us all and wants a loving relationship with us). Some recognize that and fill it with other spiritual things or gods or momentarily fill it with drugs or alcohol or sex addictions that elevate you momentarily and then leave again, the void still unfilled. This deeper level is the why people have to go deeper than the shallow to overcome addictions. This soul part is where the will also is. It can override the physical body when it is accessed and it’s power tapped into. This is a deeper level of function. Contentment here can only be reached when the God-shaped void is filled. Deeper level.

The deepest level is our spirit. This is where we access the spirit world. It is the deepest part of us and can trump all the rest when accessed and it’s power utilized. And here is where the Holy Spirit resides for those who are saved (have chosen to accept Jesus as Savior and this God as sovereign God). And when humble prayer is uttered in heart or soul or mouth, the Holy Spirit fills the God-shaped void in our soul and the result is a stronger permanent contentment called peace which is not dependent upon the lower levels’ situations or environments. The fruits of the Holy Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control) are signs and results/proof of the Holy Spirit being there. They are characteristics of God (the Holy Spirit being part of the trinity of God) that we have access to in the spirit that are not dependent on the physical body or soul but show up to train and use it properly and to full affect.

This is my understanding of life and how to make the most of it. I would urge everyone to accept Jesus Christ as Savior to receive the Holy Spirit and have this eternal fullest life possible and see for yourself.❤

Frog People/Poetry Against Drone People

American automatic amphibian

The frog changes so much

It starts unable to walk, just swim

With tail a wagging, needing, moving

It grows some legs and can swim faster still.

Still it is wagging, needing, moving

And then two more legs come out and it’s able

To now hop and need and move even more

And it eats with an automatic instinct, no thinking first

And it goes through life needing and moving

American automatic amphibian

Frog people I see, around me they live to

Move and need and eat automatically.

No precious love is seen in their eyes, 

Frog people move and need and grow and thrive

American automatic frog people.

Once was empathy, giving, sacrifice

Now there is mindless catching of flies

I refuse to be a frog lady. I refuse.

I will give, sacrifice, empathize, think, explore.

For God made frogs frogs and us so much more, as

American autonomous people.❤

Back to the Grind

Now into Monday, we are back to the grind, school in full force, the handyman is back to change out the doors and locks, something sorely needed (as it has become almost a challenge to get out lol) and led lights will up on the now screened in porch for lighting. So we can start using it in the evenings! And cooking and cleaning and normal stuff today and most of the week. I love being home and feel so blessed to be able to be. God blesses so much and I am so thankful. Have a beautiful, blessed day, friend!! ❤

All American Woman’s Day

So today I supported and honored Veterans, supported my son, came home and painted our new sunroom, cooked lunch and dinner, listened to my husband, took a nap, quilted, did dishes and laundry, bathed the baby, got Zach to get a shower, watched kids show me their projects, and am ready for bed because church is tomorrow and I am leading worship for children’s church. That was my day and it was as American as you can get. Something about starting the day with taps and the Star Spangled Banner and marching 3 miles for veterans around a beautiful lake first thing in the morning, as the sun was rising sure motivated me today. Makes me proud of our heros. Makes me proud of their courage and thankful for our freedom. I am so very blessed. Thank you, God! ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Who I Am

I am out there, one of the most prominent characters in the room, emphasis on character. I am strong, large and in charge but enormously fun and funny (well, I think so) at the same time. I steal the show by walking into the room and never ever mean to. There is nothing introverted about me. More like, I am an extrovert’s extrovert, competitive and enthusiastically energetic, not the cheerleader type but the motivational speaker/ best boss you could ever have type, producing in a fun way. I say all this to tell you my natural bent. This is how I am without trying or lifting a finger to be so, my automatic woman, so to speak. But. Despite all this and my natural inclination to speak or do and win an answer or action, who I am is not really important. Not really. I do not want to be known for who I am and my title or status or accomplishments or natural ability to lead or musical ability or fantastic ability to love. Not anymore. Now, having matured in years and faith and closeness to God, I realize positively and unequivocally that I want people to know who God is. I do not matter except that God says I matter. I want people to see the qualities of God in me, the fruits of the Spirit, I want them to know who He is. I want this with all my heart. God is everything, the most important. I want simply to be known as His little girl, the weird one. ❤❤❤


I wanted to encourage you today in good things of the Lord. He loves you dearly and longs to draw you close to Him. Humbly pray and read your Bible today. Don’t neglect that which is of eternal importance for the silly things of the moment. You are never alone or without a friend in Jesus. He is so good! Start the day with Him and then share your day with God and everything goes better. Have a blessed day and I love you! ❤