Falling vs Fighting to Win Any Battle

Being humble is the key to winning every single battle. And allow me to clarify. Being humble is in no way, shape or form the same thing as being weak. It is being so very powerful, using every ounce of strength enough to fall before the Ultra-Powerful God of the universe and admit you need help and ask Him for it. Then He fights for you and He wins for you any possible battle ever. And the shame is that most people will not allow God to prove this truth in their lives. They prideful want to cling to each battle and keep it going for years and keep trying or running (addiction fantasies) for years, getting depressed or beat down or bitter or ruined. The winning is so simple if you choose it but it requires taking off the pride and clothing with humility and falling before God. So simple. So true. So beautiful. Worth a go, truly. It works. My life attests to this truth.❤


Sick of Selfish Pride

I wish people would wake up one morning and say, “I am so sick of being prideful and selfish. I really want to be humble before God as Jesus was and serve out of love and appreciation for all God does for me.” Wouldn’t there be an unprecedented revolution? Wouldn’t it be the most we could ever do for God to start that initiative and give Him glory? Wow! I cannot think of a more noble and heroic way of thinking.❤


Why do we want more despite having so much?

Why do we revisit the past in our minds we thought we long let go of?

Why do we want to do one thing and then fight ourselves about it?

I believe the answer is not simple and is simple. The simple part is a lack of focus on God. The less than simple part is it is easier for us to be in the physical than the spiritual. We wrestle the physical world while wrestling the spiritual one. We are constantly doing this and it is not always easy if we are tired or run down or not spiritually fit or praying. Our selfish peaks through. We see grass as greener elsewhere and find out it is a swamp in reality and damage is done. We give in to the enemy constantly bombarding us with attacks. We battle, battle, battle all the past and the present while trying to focus on the future with God. It is complex and ambitious. In fact, for me it is overwhelming sometimes, but I am learning to keep in the Word and pray and humble myself before the Lord and tell Him about it and ask for help. And when I do that, He gives me what I need for that moment. He loves me, you see, and is big enough to help. So, I guess all the complexity is me trying to do it all on my own and the simplicity is that God really can do it all and will help when I humbly ask Him to. Praise God!❤

Rock Bottom

Been there, done that and it is not pretty. Rock bottom is not really rock but deep sludge that threatens to slowly drown you, in my case. Some people have an accident or incident that would probably feel like landing on rock after a 3 story freefall. But I digress, not wanting the glorify the bottom, whether rock or sludge. I merely want to say that I am not there anymore and will not be again. I can say that definitively because I am now standing firm on God’s promises. His promises are all throughout the Bible and all are mine through salvation in Jesus Christ, Yeshua. You see, there are three choices when you hit rock/sludge bottom. 1. Very selfishly and eternally die. 2. Proudly stay there and/or scramble up and drop back down repeatedly, indefinitel eternally. 3. Humbly pray to Jesus Christ for salvation and forgiveness and get up eternally. So, really two choices are quite foolish, if you think about it. Pride versus eternal life. Hmmm. I prefer humble myself, that was my choice. Every person can make this same choice anytime they want, foolish pride and eternal death and pain or humble acceptance of the free gift of salvation and obedience and eternal life. Hmmm. Doesn’t seem like a hard choice to me now. At the time it was, which is why I had to hit rock/sludge bottom to begin with. Jesus is hope, you see. Truth, peace, joy, faithfulness, gentleness, love and hope, the whole bit. Just something to think about. ❤

Hardest Thing

The hardest thing to do in life is humbling ourselves. It is not out of pompous attitudes or beliefs of our grandeur, necessarily, but that of letting go of selfish pride and humbly praying to God and admitting we are sinners in need of a Savior and accepting Jesus Christ as just that. That is a step most people have the hardest time with because then we can’t do whatever we want unless we want pure and holy things. Even shy people feigning humility are proud and selfish internally, sometimes more stubbornly so. It takes a great deal of courage and bravery to kick our selfishness to the curb. But exactly that is what God REQUIRES for eternal salvation. He doesn’t suggest it or think it would be nice. Oh no. He requires it. And some people just choose eternal damnation rather than humble obedience. And I can think of very little more pathetic and saddening than that. My heart hurts literally for them. ❤

Humble Walk in Pride Central

Self-absorption is our greatest problem as a society, in our churches, in our government, everywhere. It is the dark side of pride. Walking humbly amidst throngs of self-absorbed people is like a meek, little kitten walking across the road of racing lions. And yet, we are told by God to be humble. And truly, we cannot pray effectively without being humble. Sometimes walking with God is very much like walking quietly against the flow of a roaring crowd. And I’m ok with that because Jesus always holds my hand and walks with me. ❤

Eating Humble Pie

So, my son’s baseball coach had promised him he would pitch last game. He didn’t put him in, he went back on his word in ambition to win (which they didn’t anyway), teaching the team that ambition beats integrity. But I digress, this is about my son’s lesson tonight. Tonight, coach let him pitch. He had thought he never would so did not practice. So when he did finally get in, he did mediocre, not great as he had envisioned in his own mind. And thus he learned that we must be ready just in case, be ready in all circumstances to be our best when called to be. He learned from his bite of humble pie, and I did too. I was reminded that I need to be ready when called upon. I haven’t kept up my exercise regimen because it has been so busy lately with school and their baseball 4 nights a week and pick up practices. And I feel tired, my back hurts, and I have no room in my schedule were God to call me to serve Him here or there. This is unwise of me. So I am getting back on the saddle, going to bed earlier and reorganizing our schedule with what is flexible to move and get up and go again. I also need to be ready when called to help where needed. So I too have eaten some humble pie. I am glad for it. ❤