Back on the Horse

I fell off the my horse yesterday. Here is what I learned.

If you fall for a minute, brush off the dirt, mend the wounds, ask forgiveness, and get back on the horse. Falling off is inevitable in a fallen world. Staying off is a choice. Get back up there and ride. The horse will understand. The Trainer will forgive and help you. If it is muddy out, be more diligent and listen better, obey better, serve better. Use the horse to help serve more. Don’t choose to stay in the mud after a fall. Thr mud is no life. Get back on the horse. Don’t focus on thr mud beneath you, focus on the destination, the road and the Trainer.

Count on the Trainer’s wisdom and advice from the Training Manual and His Words and follow it again. Never fall off the same way again. Do your best to stay on the horse. Be humbled but not humiliated and learn from it. The Trainer will help you.❤


Renewed Strength from One Humble Prayer

God renews my strength and anyone’s strength at the opposite end of one humble prayer. God honors that smallest of sacrifices of one humble prayer. Vast mountains can move after one humble prayer. Governments can change after one humble prayer from a contrite and pure heart. Lives and focus can change from just one, you guessed it, humble prayer. Just do it. Just humble your heart before God and pray and you will be amazed at the depth, sheer power, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, peace and joy of our loving Savior. ❤

Being Humble is the Key to Everything

The base nature of man is drenched in pride. We say “humble” and the sinful nature cringes. People don’t get it. Pride is the biggest obstacle to peace and joy and close relationships- to God or anyone else. Being humble is the key to every great joy in life. Being humble is the key to success. Because God can then step in and do His work which is a million times greater than ours. Being humble allows growth, relationships, success to flow. Everything truly and eternally good comes from being humble. It is the key. Fight the knee jerk reaction to remain proud and allow the humbling of your mind and soul. Everything will change for the better when it becomes a habit.❤

Being Humble vs Being Humiliated

The difference is who is humbling you and your choice in the matter. This is important. It is a matter of will. Being humble is willingly choosing not to be the most important thing n in your life. Being humble is beautiful and noble and allowing God to be God and trusting Him for the best in your life. It is acknowledging God as God and you as important but under Him. Being humiliated is when someone else exerts their power and decides to keep you low for their selfish reasons or power trip, so they are playing god. That is no good. God punishes people like that. But God lifts up the humble and has a soft spot for them. ❤

Humility is Power With Humble Origins

People with evil hearts and lying tongues put it out there that humility (the result of being humble) is a bad thing. Like you are a wimp if you are humble. Or a coward. Or ignorant. This is a lie. Being humble is the greatest goal we can achieve as humans. Why?

The Truth says that “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.” You cannot be meek without being humble. Humble is self- controlled and self-minimizing, which is power under control. There are few who have enough power and confidence in God their Father to control their power for His sake and obey and pray. This is an immensely powerful thing. The power of laying down power for the good of others and ultimately the work of God is extraordinary glorious and rewarding. It fill me with peace and joy and love. God honors humility. There is little He honors more. He said Moses was the most humble man on earth. This was a high compliment. Humility is not being kept low. Quite the opposite. It is choosing to stay low for the good of Someone Higher (God). ❤

Humility is Not a Four Letter Word

I post a celebration, everyone reads and likes. I post humility and suddenly have the plague… no reads, no likes. It is not popular in this faux reality culture we are in to put pride on a pedestal and yawn or snicker at humility. It is not popular. And yet people will claim to be God’s. These two facts do not agree. There is enormous disparity between claiming to love God and being proud. Yet pride is celebrated still. This should not be. It is very ugly, very wrong to build ourselves up when God is the One we should lift up. This is always true. God should be lifted up in prominence and we should be humble. He is the Creator. We are the created. Humble is our natural position and where we will operate with the greatest joy, peace, contentment, ease, everything the most meaningful. Humility is a great word.❤