Ego, the Good, Bad and Ugly

We all have an ego. We all have some level of self-pride. This can be a good thing but can very, very easily be a bad thing and bad can very, very easily turn to ugly.

The good: We wash, dress, maintain our composure, fit the part, take pride in our work and do our best, enjoy our God-given gifts and talents, be brave and courageous, write as if we know we have something important to say, speak as if we know we have something to contribute, helping at church to serve God for blessing you. These are all good things.

The bad: any of the and love good things magnified too much. For example, speaking as if only we have something to contribute, writing as if we know everything, bragging about our God-given gifts and talents, taking too much energy into appearance rather than spiritual development, helping at church to get applause. These are all bad things.

The ugly: treating people as if they do not matter, thinking we are the most important people in our house, room, company, band, church, family, whatever. This is a bad ego magnified to excess.

The way to keep our egos in the good department (which should be our goal in any healthy, thriving society, family, church, band, company, whatever, is to stay humble, remembering that God is EVERYONE’s Creator and we ALL answer to HIM. How? Bow your head to God and pray. Read your Bible. Remember. Think. Listen. See opportunities to improve. No one but God is perfect or even perfect at one thing. God is. Remember.❤