Truth Wins

Truth wins. In this world of evil, sometimes it doesn’t seem like it or it is hard to tell which is truth and which is lie and the evil one would like us to believe there are no fine lines of right versus wrong. Well, the fact remains that there is a definite right and definite wrong and a Truth that always wins the argument, wins life, wins eternity in heaven and that is the Bible. Skeptics and atheists have tried to prove it wrong more than any other book, writing, document, anything. They want it to be wrong so desperately but they end up converted or make up a lie and stomp off in a huff. Read the Bible to know the Truth. Read it to know right from wrong. Then choose the right, choose Truth. You will never regret it. You certainly will regret rejecting it.😃❤️

Loving Means Sharing Christ

To really love someone is to give them hope. Loving someone means sharing your source of true love with them, God who is love. How can we live someone shallowly and not love them spiritually. To put half an effort to smile or share something or give clothes means nothing unless you address their deepest need for hope only found in Christ. Love is deeper than a convenient sort of helping, it is sacrificially going out of your way and maybe even comfort to share Jesus’ gift of salvation with them. We all are called to do so. Everyone of us, not just the exception. All of us. That is revival. Praying and sharing.😃❤️

Schedule Change

I am going to bed earlier now, as a new, necessary habit. It is not preferred, as I am a night person, but as I now have to get up early like so many people do, it is prudent to get enough sleep. And I picked up a nail in my tire and they won’t have it in until Tuesday after work, so yikes, I have to stop before work and get air again. Ugly.

Sometimes, we have to change our habits. It is usually not wanted or enjoyed buy it is for our good. Mine is for work. Someone else’s may be for their health, for their spiritual growth, to help someone they love, whatever the case may be. The best reason is in obedience to Christ to strengthen the relationship with Him. I hope to always do that, whether working or at home or church. Jesus comes first and always is on my mind. 😃❤️

Four Crepe Myrtle Trees Change Homes

I grew 4 crepe myrtles up into beautiful trees- pruned, watered, fertilized, sprayed when necessary. They were absolutely beautiful and always made me smile. I loved those trees.

Well, my controlling husband decided bamboo is preferred in that spot along the driveway, so he was ready to pull my babies from the ground and throw them out. Just like that. Who cares what you want. Left a bad flavor in my mouth, so to speek. Then I stopped being mad and changed course.

What would anger accomplish. Justified, sure, in my eyes,but is it Jesus’ way? Do I follow Him or not? When He was teaching, He said many things about it,all wrapped up in love and prayer and forgiveness. So I decided to forgive and find a precious home for my babies.

My mom has a few crepe myrtle starts that never thrived. And she has space and a carport that exposes her van to the morning sun up until 2-3pm. So she needed shade. So, of course, it is only natural thay they should go there and be beautiful and useful for my mom. And as they are 6 minutes away, I can help them thrive. So I transplanted them (having to cut some of the roots to do so) and one is thriving already, one is doing ok, and two are healing up now. Praise God they will live! And by next year, on the way to striving.

When we surrender to Christ, we give up the right to be overly attached to anything or anyone other than Christ. Jesus comes first so we love and pray and forgive when wronged. God is so good!😃❤️