A Bull by the Horns

Headlong I barrelled against the forces that destroy. My God is my Champion Bullfighter and I went along for the ride today. It is not always the case that vigor and energy unite and forge against the bulls charging me but today, I met my opponent headlong and stood strong. Standing is sometimes all we can do. Today, I might have even made a few inches forward. With caretaking two parents, one because he is now more childlike than not with dementia and one who complains and demands, and the immense load I continually seem to have to bear unwillingly on a day to day basis it seems, two young children who need me, a husband close to recovery from knee surgery, neighbor children drama, hot weather on painting outside day and bugs, my day was full of charging bulls. And I say thank You, God, for being my Champion today. We made it through and even a little ahead and I am thankful for it. That is all, I want to bask in this moment. Tomorrow will bring a new series of bulls charging as time is growing to a close for them to have opportunity to take me and my family down. But I know the secret to successful bullfighting. I know the Champion Bullfighter personally and I know that He has already killed these bulls, they just don’t want to go down gracefully… they want to take as many down as possible as they go. It is pathetic. Some days I barely stand but my secret Champion is always with me for as soon as my distracted self remembers it again. I need to keep alert and prepared, and on days like this I need to bask and celebrate. God is good all the time. He is the only One who is. Praise God He loves us!