The minority extremists may be in charge of the entertainment media and tv/movie world and internet, but I wanted to assure real people out there who love tradition and what is right that the majority of people that I know are heterosexual, believe in and love God, love their country, respects and appreciates our Preaident, are faithful to their spouse, have children they are teaching about God, and wish our majority was represented instead of this constant pushing the minority few who are deviants of nature and all that is right and good that God made. Did I do that all in one sentence? Wow. But I needed to voice it. I am soooo tired of being spoken to like that is normal and watching that be called normal for America what God did not create that way. I really do not care who is offended and prefers lies to truth. Quit speaking for us and quit causing God to be angered because you want to defy Him. I am a woman married to a man with beautiful children and happiness together loving God. My husband is the head of our home and I am very thankful for that and reapect and love him. My kids are last in command but versed in teachability. We are praying, fasting and we care about America, about truth, about right being right. We love our families. We want to please God our Maker. We love life.❤


Lies in Your Sites and Fire

The closer I get to the Lord, the more I see lies clearly and detest them. My daughter has been testing me in this and I have been calling her out and she is learning that lies will get her punished more than anything else she does wrong. My son learned this arpund her age also, so he gets it. “Mom hates lying so you better tell her the truth or you’ll get in so much trouble” I heard him whisper to warn her when he thought I was out of the room. This is great. There is a reason. Satan and his demons are the “father’s of lies”. They promise what they cannot provide (like power and security and wealth and pleasure, etc.) and lie like they breathe. They lie incessantly and only want to kill and destroy and torture everyone. So lies are not ok. God is truth so we must seek it, love it, live it to please Him. And I want to please God and not honor His enemy who wants us dead. Can I get a witness? Sometimes it seems like noone tells the truth but I know some do, at least selectively, and I do and my kids will it I have anything to say about it. My husband is an adult and has to make that decision for himself but truth is my goal for our family and I pray accordingly. It also makes you much easier see through lies around you. Truth is good. Keep shooting down the lies and focus on truth and build that up. Truth is oxygen and light for truth is God. ❤

Listening to Good Songs

We become what we listen to. This is why lyrics are important. What we feed our brain is what we end up like. Feed the brain good words, we are good. Truth in, truth out. Lies and corruption in, lies and corruption out. Bad words turns people bad. Good songs produce good people and bad songs produce bad people. There are exceptions but they are few. So my rule with myself and my kids is Christian songs only and Bible reading every day. Seems harsh? Think about it. If I feed my impressionable children’s brain sex and sleeping around and throwing people away and selfish things like “getting mine” and gotta have this or that, will that not impress the wrong ideals on their minds and encourage them to develop a strong lack of moral character? I think so. If I feed them truth, won’t they be more likely to embed that into a strong moral character and know the truth and discern lies when they see them? I think so too. So, have a wonderful day listening to some good songs with truth lyrics!❤

Truth of Stereotypes, Categorizations & Cliches

Every single person is unique. Every person was made uniquely by God out of love and careful thought. There is no love in judging people as being the same as everyone who is female or male or brown or peachish-tan or young or old or anything. For every woman who likes to shop and buys shoes like they breathe, I can show you a woman who works hard for her family and has three pairs of shoes (I am one of those). For every brown person who loves vulgar lyric rap songs, I can show you one who appreciates the sophistication of classical and jazz. For every man who thinks women were made to be their worshipping slaves, I can show you one who respects and teams with his wife. For every half-dead somber church member, I can show you a flaming charasmatic one. What I am saying is that the only true stereotypes or categorizations or cliches concerning people groups is that they are all ignorant constructs based on faulty or inadequate evidence to back them up. They are basically lies that foster division. And we must educate ourselves and work as a team as we were designed to do. Get over the propoganda and discover for yourself. I will be happy to introduce you to some people who would blow your mind, they are so very different than what people think by looking at them. All my patients are so stinking unique and amazing! I am too. So are you. So is evrrybody, that is the point. We were all designed by a loving God uniquely and on purpose and no person should ever be put into a stereotyping, cliche- driven category. It is demeaning and demoralizing and shows great disrespect for our Creator. Thank God we andre all unique and praise God He is so clever to give us all a mind to think for ourselves. Be you! ❤

1 John 3:8-10

1 John 3. 8. “The one who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work. 9. No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in them; they cannot go on sinning, because they have been born of God. 10. This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do what is right is not God’s child, nor is anyone who does not love their brother and sister.”

In verse 8, when it says Jesus’ work was to destroy the work of demons, the word destroy means to “loosen, break up, and dissolve”. It refers to glue between two boards being loosened so it can be separated and broken up. This means the demons have no authority to hold you prisoner when Jesus is your Savior and you are close to Him. Is that not super cool?!?❤

Time Challenge

I am challenging you to honestly write down everything you do today and how much time you took doing it. It is a great exercise in learning truth of yourself and what your priorities really are versus what you say they are. I did this when I was still on social media and it shocked me how much time I was on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Like 7 hours a day or some ridiculous amount. I realized I was worshipping social media and wasting time God gave me and dropped it like the bad habit it was. I have been social media free for a year now and my life is prioritized better, still working on it. But I challenge you to. It may be something else, but you have to honestly start somewhere when on a quest for truth, which we all should be and deep down are. Most people who don’t care to learn the truth are afraid they will have to do something uncomfortable when they find out. Don’t be cowardly like that. God gave you a “Spirit of power and love and sound mind”. And I submit to you that you are really worshipping what you spend the most time doing in that day. And if you do this exercise, truth will flow and you will take giant leaps toward deeper relationship with Jesus and God as you include Him more in your day.❤