The Thing About Truth

The thing about truth is that it remains the unadulterrated truth whether you believe it or not, no matter what your feelings are about it, whether a million people say it is a lie, it stands securely no matter what.

If you do not believe the truth about Jesus and His Word, preferring lies that make you feel good or keep your pride puffed up or allow you to do what you want or allow you to lazily gratify self (or whatever reason you prefer lies), the truth remains the truth. It cannot change. It will not. It is pure. It is life. Life will not bow to death in any eternity unless you choose the lies that lead to death over the truth that leads to eternal life and peace and joy.

This n is what I live about truth. It does not require a defence, it is it’s own defence. It does not require your belief because it is preposterous to believe you are blessed to change truth by your approval or rejection. It simply and powerfully is.

Jesus Christ came to earth as a baby (which we are about to celebrate collectively) and taught law mixed with grace and mercy, compassion and love. Then He died for our sins. Then He gloriously rose from the dead to defeat the power of death over all who accept His gift. And now we choose to humbly accept salvation and live eternally starting now in the best way or reject Him and deny truth and pridefully and selfishly live life for us or for anything but Jesus. And that latter decision option I do not want you to make. God does not want anyone to make that rejection decision.

The truth us He loves us to the detail of our hair numbers. Choose Him and live. Choose truth. You will find it in the Bible and prayer.😄❤