“Wait & See” is Valid

My Grandma Batterson was a quiet and thoughtful woman, very clean, classy and practical. I would have some perceived emergency and tell her and she would much too calmly tell me to “wait and see”. Frustrating at the roller coaster moment, I see her beautiful wisdom now. Because, you see, most of the time the matter would resolve itself and alway with prayer it would be resolved at least on my end. Sometimes we have to do something, our moral obligation, the right thing, do something. But that is our requirement. When you get busy serving elsewhere or doing chores or work or even take a nice walk or bubble bath and pray, all will be well. And those very few instances we screw up and God forgives us but the person doesn’t because of their own sin of unforgiveness, we are not responsible for that anymore and still have peace and joy. So there is an art to 1. humble prayer, 2. Do your moral part and 3. Get busy doing something else. And my wise Grandma’s advice can then help you too. And on her heavenly behalf, you’re welcome. 😄❤


On Missing

Sometimes you just have to miss an important person from your pass. Miss them, think about them, love them, pray for them, wish them the best, and move the heck on. Sometimes you have to feel it and then walk on. It just is. And if that person was meant to be there and God wanted them there, they would be there. Accept it, miss them, cry for a bit if you need to, hug a trusted neck if you need to, and then keep moving. Stop if you need, then get up again and keep going. Has to be done. We got this. God helps.❤

Praising God When it is Good

For me, God has always had to get my attention and bring me back to Him through hard times, when things are bad. It reminds me of my weakness, humbles me, drives me again to the realization that I desperately need Him and I am exceedingly thankful and praise Him for helping me out of it. Then times get good for He has freed me from the bad again and I get forgetful and busy with life and forget that even when things are going great, my desperate need for God has not diminished one iota. And I just realized I was starting this pattern again and am going to work to prevent the crash to get my attention. I need God now as much as I do when I am depressed and lonely and sick. When things are good- we are healthy, kids are behaving, husband is treating me and the kids well, car is running, garden is planted, have lots of gigs for the band, etc.- none of that can happen without God. “Every good and perfect gift comes from above”. When the good is there, God has provided that good. Yes, He is faithful to help with the bad stuff too, of course. But right now, in good times, I praise Him for providing love and blessings and good times. I give Him glory for it and I humbly declare God is the reason for good times and good things. I praise Him! I want the world to know how much I appreciate God’s grace and blessing and love for us in these times of goodness. It is God and not me who has it all together and I am so honored that He chooses to bless us. It is His choice to generously bless us and oh how I love Him!❤❤❤

For the Glory of God

The earth was made for the glory of God.

People reflect the glory of God.

Artists are inspired and worshippers sing,

All at an impulse because of one thing,

The meager the highlands, the Bible, the trees,

All shout the glory of Jesus their King.

And none can compare to the intricate details

Of the tiniest blocks that make up our details,

And nothing diminishes, always enhances

The artistry deep in the scope of God’s plans.

And I can’t for one minute be silent inside

For God’s glory is present and in me resides

As I bow my head and say any prayers

I feel God’s glory is standing right there.

I give Him the glory He only deserves

And praise Him for morning, more glory He serves.

Mind Over Everything

I may have told this story before, a long time ago, but it is poignant. An elderly man has developed a sever allergy to a tree outside his bedroom window. He is so congested, he cannot sleep and it is becoming a huge health problem. Being betrayed by his wife, who told the doctor he still sleeps with the window opened, the doctor demands he keep the windows closed so the purifier will work and he will be relieved of his symptoms and have the relief of sleep. His elderly wife closes the windows with strict instructions to keep them closed and follow the doctor’s advice. She took out her hearing aids and tried for sleep. The man could finally breathe but was feeling so claustrophobic that he still could not sleep. He always slept with the window open. He had to. He knew his wife would wake if he got up but he knew without her hearing aids, she could not hear a thing. So after she started snoring, he picks up and throws the alarm clock and hears glass shatter. Feeling so relieved that the window was now open, he slept a long, deep sleep as he had not in ages. In the morning, his wife yells this, “Why on God’s green earth did you break the mirror?”

See, he thought the window was open so he behaved as if it were. We are like this man, sorry to say. We are stubborn and prideful and convinced we should do what we want or feel we need to do. And God tells us to do the opposite. God says be humble, be teachable, do what I say for I know the past, present and future and can help you best. And so following God is our choice. We can obey or fight it. God will get His way eventually for He is God, and we will be rewarded if we help and not dig in against Him. ❤

Little Girl, Big Strength

I am a little girl. Granted, I have 43 years of maturity but I am still a little girl. I am strong, very strong both physically (which can change in a heartbeat) and spiritually (which is who I am), but it is only because I have faith that God is true when He says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” ( Philippians 4:13). And I know my God. My strength is in being close to Him. Some people believe their strength came to them because they have been broken or endured/survived horrific things. I have. A lot. But I have seen that destroy people as well as strengthen them. Heck, I’ve seen myself so depressed it was difficult to move. And here I am today helping other people, taking care of my family with joy and peace and love and even gentleness, serving wherever I am asked, working on our house and landscaping. Me. Full of strength and vitality. Because I am extraordinary? Nah. I know much more amazing people than myself. My strength, and I am letting you in on a big secret here, is my closeness to God who loves me and made everyone and everything we know or can imagine. So, you can be just as strong. Maybe not the same but better with your specific design God molded for you. Strength is in All Powerful God and I am only strong when I am close to Him and obey. ♥

Still Sick, Still Going

Living my life sick is like living 100 miles an hour as a snail. I feel like I am barely moving through a whirlwind. But such is life. Everything is done. My illness will be soon. My daddy always taught me to push through. And except for sleeping in until 11am this morning, I have pushed through. Worked on band things, worked on the house, shopped, did crafts and school with my daughter, cooked a all while blowing my nose a hooked coughing all day, and I am still alive. Thank you, Lord, for that. But now it is time to sleep. And thank God for that!😄 God bless you and I hope you don’t catch this virus. ❤