Wear Thankfulness

Put thankfulness on. Wear it. Have thankfulness on you all day, ready to use and be. Our amazing, loving Heavenly Father loves you so much, has given so much. His Holy Spirit is with you now. Be thankful.😃❤️


I wanted you to know that the daily addict blog has inspired me (not directly, but through her writing) in recovery to mentor a relatively young new friend who is struggling in recovery to keep on track or get back on as the case may be. The road is rough and we need to help each other when we can.😃❤️

Working on It

We are always working on something. Most of the time, we are working on what we are passionate about. For some people, that is sleeping. For some, it is social networking or technology. For some, it is talking. For some, it is their work. For others it is trying to get away with as much as possible.

I want to give food for thought. Whatever you work on the most is your god, your idol. Because what we work on actively, passionately is what we are worshiping. So we need to be passionately working on our relationship and walk and obedience to and study of and prayer to God. Is that a little too radical? Going overboard? I don’t believe it is. If you look around, you see we have never been closer to the return of Christ. All this world and these bad people who think they are ruling things and setting things up for the antiChrist are temporary. When they are gone, only God and our relationship with Him will remain into eternity. So I think of time and worship and study of and obedience and prayer to Him is the most real thing we do, certainly the most important now and later. Something to think about.😃❤️

Loving Means Sharing Christ

To really love someone is to give them hope. Loving someone means sharing your source of true love with them, God who is love. How can we live someone shallowly and not love them spiritually. To put half an effort to smile or share something or give clothes means nothing unless you address their deepest need for hope only found in Christ. Love is deeper than a convenient sort of helping, it is sacrificially going out of your way and maybe even comfort to share Jesus’ gift of salvation with them. We all are called to do so. Everyone of us, not just the exception. All of us. That is revival. Praying and sharing.😃❤️