The Choice to Remember

To a significantly great extent, we are given the ability to choose to remember or forget. Now I realize that traumatic events take a great deal of time and forgiveness more than time to get to that place, but it is possible. I am proof of that. I remember what went down, but no longer remember smells or details or pain or sounds and yells. I chose to forgive long ago and more recently asked to forget and God granted me that to the extent a human mind can. We have to remember some or it may be repeated or help someone else somehow. Also, it becomes a beautifully remade scar filled with God’s diamond dust healing to give Him glory for healing us from it and making us prettier and humble.

But I really went down a rabbit hole there because I want us to all start practicing the remembrance of good things. In fact, I suggest we get a notebook or memo app and write down who and what kindness was done to us in our day. Thr smallest thing, the biggest thing. We can choose to remember. And then we can, at the end of the day, week, month, whatever, look at them and smile and thank God for those blessings. It may encourage you. You may see patterns. You may appreciate more. You may whine less. You may share the idea with someone else who seems down a lot. It may help them. Old fashioned people call that counting our blessings, but make that fresh and call it “choosing good” or “good things to remember” or something. Maybe post some good thing to lift someone’s face to God for a minute. Maybe change the world one good thing at a time.πŸ˜„β€

Learning a New Instrument

So, having been a pianist for as long as I can remember, I have decided I don’t quite have enough to do and have decided to learn the bass guitar. I love the bass and have always wanted to play it. And I understand theory but do not want to learn that way because practically with working musicians, it helps very much to free float, be able to change keys in a heartbeat, walk around, just learn the instrument well. I took acoustic/classical guitar for 3 years as a kid so I have a start. So, for the glory of God and worship to Him, here we go… yippee!πŸ˜„β€πŸŽΈπŸŽΆ

Guarding our Words

Too many flippant or sarcastic words have come out of my mouth, infortunately. I realize it has been my greatest sin. I read again recently where we will have to give an account for every careless word we have said into eternity. That is sobering. So, I decided to repent and confess all those times to Christ for forgiveness and commit that verse to memory so I have that strong motivation to make me pause and guard my words before they come out. Words matter. And people need encouragement not sarcasm. They need truth instead of someone being right. God wants to hear praises too and not a constant wants list. Let’s guide our words and be a refreshing light to the dark world around us.❀

Praying for the Ungrateful

Committing to pray for everyone in your sphere means you are praying mostly for people who either don’t think it’s a big deal (so are flippant) or are ungrateful for the prayers. We should never expect a different response because Jesus Christ, Maker of the universe and King of all kings, deserving luxury and worship, died a horrific death and then majestically rase Himself from the dead for everyone to have a opportunity to be saved. And most people are flippant about that or are ungrateful. Why would we be treated better than the King of kings and Lord of lords?

Why are people like that? I believe it boils down to 1 of three options:

1. Rebellious pride- spoiled selfishness

2. Ignorance- not knowing how important and eternal these things (prayer, savation, Bible study, obedience) and decisions are

3. Laziness- procrastinating and/or laxidazical.

And we need to pray all the more for them. The people in our sphere we are responsible to pray for. And it is the most powerful and important thing we can ever do and gift we can ever give. We are looking out for their eternal and spiritual welfare and future and present concerns, even if they could care less. We are loving them despite their blindness. Isn’t that what Jesus did?❀❀❀