Praising God When it is Good

For me, God has always had to get my attention and bring me back to Him through hard times, when things are bad. It reminds me of my weakness, humbles me, drives me again to the realization that I desperately need Him and I am exceedingly thankful and praise Him for helping me out of it. Then times get good for He has freed me from the bad again and I get forgetful and busy with life and forget that even when things are going great, my desperate need for God has not diminished one iota. And I just realized I was starting this pattern again and am going to work to prevent the crash to get my attention. I need God now as much as I do when I am depressed and lonely and sick. When things are good- we are healthy, kids are behaving, husband is treating me and the kids well, car is running, garden is planted, have lots of gigs for the band, etc.- none of that can happen without God. “Every good and perfect gift comes from above”. When the good is there, God has provided that good. Yes, He is faithful to help with the bad stuff too, of course. But right now, in good times, I praise Him for providing love and blessings and good times. I give Him glory for it and I humbly declare God is the reason for good times and good things. I praise Him! I want the world to know how much I appreciate God’s grace and blessing and love for us in these times of goodness. It is God and not me who has it all together and I am so honored that He chooses to bless us. It is His choice to generously bless us and oh how I love Him!❤❤❤


God Inhabits the Praise of His People

I love the Bible verse that says that God inhabits the praise of His people. To me, that is very exciting and encouraging and hopeful. He lives where He is attended to and rightly acknowledged for His greatness. So no matter what happens in our lives, good or bad, all we ever need to do to have the presence of Almighty and all loving God our Father, once we are saved by Jesus, is praise Him. So simple, so immaculately beautiful! ❤

Unexpected Results of Quitting

I will not say what particularly it was, but recently I had quit. I had given up the idea of something in particular that I humbly gave up to the Lord as an offering to Him. I said in essence, “This isn’t happening again so I accept that you are enough and I give it up to You. I quit and am fine with that. I trust You.” And that was that, so I thought. But evidently God had different plans or honored my humility or something because today He saw fit to provide that very thing to me. And it goes to show you that sometimes in the giving something up to God, He honors that and gives back more. I believe He wants to know we are fully prepared and fully willing to give up everything for Him and He honors that, rewards it even. God is so real and alive and working in me and so many I know that walk with Him faithfully and meaningfully. It is so very beautiful. Praise God! May the whole earth praise His holy name!❤

Original Music

My husband and I are working on original instrumental music! I have written hundreds of songs but very few instrumentals and this is so freaking cool. Love it. God knew what He was doing when He had me marry a musician. This is so good! What a gift! Just wanted to shout out and give God props for His insight. He does know best, friends. ❤ 

Christmas Shopping is Complete

Praise the Lord! I had zero gifts before yesterday and all gifts last night. I am happy and slept it, plum exhausted. So I feel a little guilty but it passed quickly. And wow, did I have a great dream. I was gigging with my band, some now members and some from the past. It was so much fun and felt comforting, like home. So I woke up late but happy and shopping is done and the best part is we finally have no plans today!! Praise the Lord!! I hope you have a great, relaxing day also. ❤

God in His Perfection

It has been impossible for me to stop talking about my Heavenly Father. I am sure you are tired of hearing it but my love for Him deepens every day, often every hour, and I long to share of His greatness. The perfection of God cannot be overstated, for it is the perfect blend of powerful love, beautiful glory, and sobering holiness. His creativity also embolden the breath of Him and nothing escapes His notice. He is everywhere and His grace and generosity accompany Him wherever He goes. Nothing is better than time alone with the Lord. Nothing fulfills like it or is sweeter.❤❤❤

God’s Plans

My own agenda is thrown out the window. I submit my will to God’s will and pray His plans for me are the ones I seek. I want to do God’s will and keep in humble prayer all day long and keep in reading God’s Word. He is the only hope we have, the solution to every problem, the Truth and love and everything good, the perfect One, the Physician of the sick and Deliverer of the oppressed. God made everything we know of. That means the most majestic mountain peak, He is more majestic. The most beautiful rainbow or sunset, God is more beautiful. The most tender and precopus baby, God is more precious. The deepest depths and highest heights we know if, He is deeper and higher still. Praise God!❤❤❤