No One Greater

God is greater. I don’t care who you are, God is greater. Does not matter how much money or status or power you have, all that is temporary, God is forever. The eternal God deserves the praise. He reveals His glory in what He made and what He made is infinitely better than what we re-assemble. God is greater and worthy of our constant attention, prayer, devotion , worship, respect. May God’s name be praised in all the world! And He is love to boot! The more you talk to, learn about, worship and praise Him, the better your life is and becomes. When He is the focus, the balance is soul is correct and focus is right and everything else falls into its proper perspective. Read His Bible/Word, contemplate Him, talk to Him, praise Him, sing songs to Him and about Him and you will always be glad you did. God is greatest.❤❤❤


Clarity for the Asking

Some things, I am learning gradually but do not yet quite understand 100%. One of these is the perpetuation of prayer, it’s continuousness in my soul and spirit of asking God stuff. I can have an issue or problem on my mind or soul or spirit and rather than issuing the same prayer about it more than once, God continues to hear that prayer and at the right time when I am ready to receive the answer, God indeed answers that problem. I had that happen today and I am out loud giving God the glory for the answer to a problem of about a year now. And I received the answer through a fellow blogger’s blog tonight, Joshua Shea, and he is searching, not a Christian yet to my knowledge. But I am quite certain the answer was from the Holy Spirit nonetheless. And the glory goes to God almighty, who can answer our prayers and clarify our issues however and through whomever He wishes. I am floored by the amazing God we serve! Oh how I love Him!❤❤❤

Always One Step Back

No matter how your mind travels or how far you wander away from God, He is always just one step back. That step is a humble prayer.

Today, I am not going to lie, I was exhausted. My mind was wondering all over the place and it was really hard to focus on God. A lot of running and rehearsals and two back to back gigs, kids things, so on. I was whooped and still had two consults today. But standing at the end of the day after the kids were asleep looking up at the stars in the back yard, I finally could humbly just praise God. And He was right there hearing me. This is how beautiful our God is. His mercy and grace and love for us is enormous. We fail Him and screw up again and He is never more than one step back, one humble prayer. Praise God!!❤❤❤

Watch “I Want To Praise YOU Lord MARANATHA SINGERS” on YouTube

I absolutely love this song. I forgot about it until God reminded me today of it. If we had a heart as this song represents, what glorious light we would be to the world.❤❤❤

Busch Gardens Today

Today, the kids and I and their friends went to Busch Gardens for my son’s birthday. All day. With $13 only. And I have to tell you that despite the hurricane (and prayers I offered up through the day for the areas hit), it was probably the perfect day to spend at Busch Gardens. All the rides except one was running, no lines at all, barely rained until we were leaving, all was just about perfect. I had never been able to ride all the rides and see all the animals before in one day! And my son had the best birthday of his life. So, here I am exhausted physically but exhilarated in my heart for him. And I saw later God’s protective hand on the areas hit so feel so very blessed. God is very good all the time. And He is in charge of everything. He handles enormous things with ease as well as any little trifle of ours when humbly asked. I praise God today for all He is and what He does to prove His love for us all. Amazing!❤❤❤