Eye Sight

As I age, my eyesight in some ways is much worse than it was. Being perfect most of my life, and being in a family full of glasses, I figured it was a matter of time. That has proves to be the case, but God gave me 43 years without glasses and with perfect vision. I have been blessed. So now I need glasses to see things close to me, so when I read or work on the quilt or many things. I can get by without them but my mind must infer the correct words from the blur and it requires more energy and I get tired and a headache. Sounds really old right? Well, in other ways as I have (ahem) matured, my eyesight and heart sight is increasingly more keen. I can see behind the mask people wear. I can see past the tough guy act. I can see the motives in the eyes. I can catch glimmers of hope in a Christian’s eyes. I can see a child in wonder who wants to know something. I can see when people need love. I can feel a person’s pain and see what they really need past rheir wants. I guess this is spiritual maturity, affecting your eye sight down to your soul. So in some ways, my eye sight is worse but I am completely good with that because far more importantly my spiritual eye sight is so much more acute and more like Jesus’. That makes me very very happy.❤❤❤

Sun Kissed

Too much sun today, from Homeschool Group meeting and then pool time. Lots of sun, lots of heat. Did I mention hot?

So the pool felt good but added to the sun part. And I thought, isn’t that what we do in life? We play with fire, get close to it, have a little more fun, stay a little bit longer and before we know it, we are wounded, burned. Christians seem hell bent on seeing how much of the world they can enjoy and still be saved, how close to the fire without getting burned. Instead, we should be enjoying the fruit of the Spirit and seeing how different we can be from the world as we worship and serve the Lord. ❤

List of Blessing to Count

So, if you need a lift in your outlook, like I did today, here is a list of blessings from God you can appreciate and thank Him for…

1. Breathing

2. Health beyond simply breathing like walking or just arms and hands to use

3. The Bible to read

4. Prayer, which can happen out loud or in your mind

5. Transportation

6. A home to live in

7. Air conditioning or fans 9r ice or just shade

8. Trees and beautiful nature around us everywhere, birds singing, dogs barking, cats purring…

9. Parks

10. Bath tubs for bathing or showers

11. First aid kits

12. Pillows

13. Food

14. Church

15. Books to read

16. Salvation through Jesus Christ!!!!

17. A bed

18. Coffee and chocolate

19. Friends (sorry they are so far down on the list oops)

20. Family (yeah, they should have been higher too)

21. Clothes, including Comfortable underwear

22. You get the picture. Continue your own personalized list. Now don’t you feel better???😄❤

Chivalry is Nearly Dead

So, Steve replaced the battery contacts and charged the battery and I am running it to keep it up. Praise God!!! And thank you, Steve also. And I decided while I had to run around a bit to stop and put air in my tires, as they need it. And waiting in line, some jerk pulls in front of me to beat me to the air. In a monster truck. With a smolder on his jerk face. And his lights are on in my face. And the old me would have whipped his tail. Literally. But the closeness to Jesus has calmed me. So now I realize it is just that in the end times people are lovers of themselves. Only. And I feel sorry for the selfish guy and so many others missing out on the joy and happiness of chivalry and service. It may be nearly gone, but when Jesus returns, wow, I will not care then. ❤


So, Steve is out for hours on a 30 minute store run and the kids and I get in the minivan to go to church, where I was to start the first week of kids choir practice (and I am the choir director), and the car doesn’t start. And it hit me. 2 things: 1. The devil is a coward and does not want me to start this choir because it will be great for the Lord and these kids, and 2. It sucks to be without transportation. We’re my husband here, and I don’t know where he is so long, we still couldn’t get there because he bought a brand new enormous van with only 2 seats. Being without the ability to travel, and in the suburbs where public transportation does not run, is no fun at all. And I remembered back to all the days we did have transportation and did not thank the Lord. And I am sorry for taking it for granted. I am so spoiled to have always been able to go here or there as needed. Thank you, Lord, for taking care of me so well all these years. I am very appreciative.❤

I Exist, So I Write & Read

God makes some quiet, some loud, some meek, some strong and some of us writers. I am not professing to be amazing at this but I do know that if I do not write, I go insane. My passion to write drives me. Writing is sharing, conveying ideas, giving some of yourself away to risk some exposure in hopes of being accepted, sharing, feeling companionship, being social. I write truth because I am a humanitarian and wish to free and help people. I write poetry because it is an extension of my artistry with a more direct purpose. I read because I know and understand the author through the style of writing, the medium chosen, the choice of words, what was said, what was left out, gaining their knowledge, seeing God’s fingerprint in them. There is an exchange. I am an extrovert, wild and untamed, but I am crazy about introverts and love them study them through their writing. You can tell about men through their writing also. If they don’t ever write, they are not serious or committed or are purposeful in leaving no evidence, if you know what I mean. You can themoellell whether the author is kind or wise or shallow (which is just so sad for it shows either ig orance or fear) or just incredible. I can see immediately if the author knows Jesus Christ as Savior and for how long. It is beautiful to read, to write. Please continue on this journey and thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. God bless you and your writing!❤