Leader From Birth

I have always been seen as a leader, a “natural born leader” and just accepted that as fact. Now, some 40 years later and yes I am a little slow because I was a lot stuck in pride and busyness, I am exploring why. My hope is that some of you youngers that may have “natural leadership ability” from God, recognize it and develop it for Him.

That is actually my first point. Good leaders are led by God. The closer I am to God, the more He uses me as a leader in a myriad of circumstances. Leadership in its pure form from God is first of all humble and teachable by God and His Truth, the Bible. You cannot lead people if you do not know where to lead them. The blind cannot lead the searching. Proud leaders are weak and a distortion of their gift. They may accomplish great things through force but it is for themselves and their gain and peace does not live there. God planned leaders to have just as much peace and joy as everyone else so humbleness and closeness to God is essential for that.

Second thing. Leaders can not give way to laziness and delegate only. They must be the first to do the work, know how and why, be able to teach others, get down and dirty with those being led, work hard. This is natural and my energy always rises to the need. The will drives the leader to this. A lazy leader is ineffectual and sets the self up for high turnaround, discouragement and a critical spirit. Bad.

Third thing. Respect. Respect is enormous. Respect for God, for His Truth, for the sanctity of life, for the rules, for the fact that every person has a unique skill set, for the fact that every role is important. Nothing is done without every person’s skill, like our band. The lead singer may believe he/she is the most important person in the band because they are up front, but if the band suddenly stops or just the drummer drops out or the instruments are off key, the lead singer becomes insignificant to the mess. See? Respect and treatment of others according to the Golden Rule is vital. Everyone is vital. And everyone is interesting, they have and unique story. And believing the fantastical one in your head may be much more interesting than theirs but let them tell it anyway. Hear them. Ask questions. But draw a boundary enough to remain leader and not buddy for like a family, many are the friends and siblings but there is only one or two parents. Parents give and receive respect but are not buddies.

Fourthly. Consistency of high moral character is invaluable to retain those led. Invest in them. My dad always said to leave it better than it was when you got there. Do that for people. Be smart enough and wise enough to dig out and encourage strengths and enhance those in people you are leading. Grow them, alienate no one, never criticize, just guide with wisdom, again with never be lazy. If you lack wisdom, ask God who is generous with His. Remain humble and teachable as always. Promote people, pay them their worth, be generous with people when they work hard and earn it. Reward good work and moral integrity. Discourage moral flaws and disengenuity. Encourage your people to encourage each other. Keep them busy to minimize tech and gossip time but not too busy that they never have breaks. Promote a moral family atmosphere of growth and commitment and worth. Names, not numbers. Love people. Always eye contact and strong handshakes. Care.

Lastly. Leadership is lonely. Leaders have many acquaintances but very few true friends. It just is that way. You have to be strong when others are not and when you are not. Few understand the challenges of that or get you. Few care outside of themselves and their little circles. But God does and He will recharge you. Take some time. Exercise for energy, keep close to God for strength and wisdom. This puts you in a position of power for God and your people, humble service to Him, peace and joy and contentment for you. Then you can make the hard decisions and guide and God guides you in and way that benefits everyone. This can only happen close to the Lord, so we have returned to the first thing.

I hope this has blessed you. Feel free to ask questions or give me and topic to write about in the comments. If you are not a leader, maybe you get them a bit more and the responsibilities they hold. If you are a leader, maybe you will be refreshed and inspired to try something new, some new approach and get close to God to recharge your batteries. God bless you!❤


Church in Us

We Christians are the church. The church us people. Buildings keep you comfortable and cozy but church is us with God. Tithes should primarily be spent on doing God’s work and not fancy buildings or elaborate tithes. When that happens, people lose faith in giving and the work does not get done. When we started viewing church as a business, the church started suffering. We need to get back to God’s plan for the church in the Bible in Acts. Some small church groups are starting up and it is beautiful but we need more like this, change to grow the church and revive her, which is Christians. Revival is embraced when people are living the truth and are believe in God’s will and vision for His church (us) again. When God’s design for HIS church is followed, He draws people into faith, moves hearts, changes lives, transforms hope.

Practically, meetings of Christians can happen anywhere, homes, parks, any available and inexpensive building. Church is encouraging each other, problem solving, helping, serving, worshipping, teachinf, reading God’s Word, praying, fasting, giving- all together for unity and all together for God and furthering His work. That is it. No drama, no complications, no exorbitant building program, no political agenda, no push for power, no gossip or slander, etc. That is what church is supposed to look like and be. If we get back to that, God is very pleased and will bless us now and eternally. Obedience to God is the highest calling and a mandate for every Christian. We need revival. He is coming aoon and we need as many saved as possible. Now is the time to obey and get our hearts right and stay close to God. We will need Him even more from here to eternity.❤

A Tale of Two Women

There were two sisters who were born only 15 months apart. Both girls were raised in a Christian home, went to Christian school and church, and had parents that prayed with them at mealtimes and bedtime and had a hard-working father and mother who was a housewife. Both girls were taught the same, brought up with the same morals. Despite these commonalities, there were some differences. The greatest was that one daughter was favored and a bit privaleged by the residing parent and the other girl had to do all the work. Regardless, the girls ended up quite different. And it is opposite what most people think of. The privaleged, favored child did not appreciate being treated so well. She did not grow up happy at her better treatment. No. She ended up jealous and spoiled. The girl who was treated to all the work appreciated life more, loved nature, felt confident that she could take care of herself (because of her experience doing so) and yhis girl was happy. 

So, my point is that spoiling your kid is not beneficial. Neglecting is not good either but there must be a proper work load on your kid to give them self-confidence and enjoyment of accomplishment that only comes from doing something. One learns nothing from doing nothing, but one learns something from doing something.❤

Meeting Goals

So, two days gone and 20 CEU hours accomplished. My goal is ambitious but doable. Tomorrow, I will fulfill the last 10 hours and renew my license in time to see my patients Monday. So, I am motivated to accomplish my goal. 

Thinking about that a bit, I realized that goals are really easy to accomplish if you set the goal realistically and have the proper motivation to do it. It has to mean something to you. It has to be realistic. That being said, all that is the easy way which does not grow you as a person of faith. I can do this of my own power no problem. Big whoop. To grow faith, you live close to the Lord and motivate yourself trying to please Him. Then your goal is whatever He puts on your heart and mind to do and then He gives you the power to do it. It may or may not be realistic but my favorite verse is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”❤

My New Year’s Resolutions

I will do less that doesn’t matter am more that does.

I will be a better servant of God, my family and humanity.

I will teach my children meaningful lessons.

I will strive to honor God in everything I do and say.

The past is gone, the present is a gift worthy of intention, respect and appreciation and is in God’s hands, and the future is in God’s hands.❤

On Feeling Alone

It is a lie that we are ever alone. Sometimes I forget that and feel how I am feeling right now… alone. My loving God is one humble prayer away. Yet sometimes I forget and have to remind myself. Why? What is so great that it blocks my vision? And the answer I determined is that it is a cumulation of little things, a myriad of distraction bricks that add up to one large brick wall to shade me from the brilliant truth. The anniversary of my Daddy’s death, the death of a great friend, the rejection and abandonment of another, kids needs, spousal needs, being constantly criticized, demands of time, coaching, leading choir, the band, teaching, cleaning houses, etc. It seems like I should be savagely content with so many people around me pressing in at every turn. But these things, at the end of the day, drain me and as I sit in the dark alone in my room, waiting for my brain to stop so my sleep can come, I wish strong arms would hold me and I feel so so very alone. The distractions, you see, again forged a chasm between the many things requiring my time and attention and my precious Savior who should have it all. My priorities flipped and I confess that I need alone time with God desperately. So tomorrow I will arise early and walk with Him. And He will help me as He always has done and I will get my mind right with His help. I will remember that He is always with me, always loves me and comforts those who mourn and admit they need Him. And I will repent of my falling for the distraction scheme and busyness and remember that no is a good word when you need time with God, nothing wrong with that. Yes can never be the only word or the distraction liars will walk all over me again. Tired of that. I will fight. God will help as He always does. ❤❤❤

It Won’t be There; It Won’t Matter

God gave me a vision through His Holy Spirit in the shower of all places just now. I started by crying out at the hurts faced today and the Holy Spirit started speaking and giving me a heavenly scene to look at…

“During the melennial reign of Christ and in Heaven soon betrayal will not matter; it won’t be there. Evil will not matter; it eill not be there. My sins will not matter, they are forgive; they will not be there. Money will not matter; it will not be there. Poverty will not matter; it will not be there. Selfishness will not matter; it will not be there. Love will matter; it will be there. Christ will matter; He will be there.”

What a beautiful focal point for me, what comfort and hope, what power to draw from that big picture. Not far from now, all the bad stuff will not matter; it will not exist to our knowledge ever again. Wow!!!❤❤❤