The Quest for Rest

Restlessness accompanies busyness “in my world”, as my daughter so aptly puts it. I have had trouble focusing on God, concentrating on tasks, depression trying to resurface, etc with such a terribly busy schedule. There must be a balance I have not found yet between serving the Lord and fellow man with gladness and sleeping. Tending toward the workhorse (thanks for that, daddy), I want to help make up for so many who are not doing their share of serving. Maybe it is the strong humanitarian in me but “see a need, full a need” for me is quite literal. But in doing so, I can overlook little things like, say, sleep. I am tired. I have lazy people asking me to do more but no living person asking me to sit down and have a spot of tea and rest a bit. So, as my dad always said “I’ll rest in heaven” and he is, but I will try to sleep a bit now after prayers before I am worthless in my service. I am supposed to love and care for myself as well as other people too, I guess. ‘Night.❤

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The good: Our band family had a great family gig today at the mall’s food court. There was singing, dancing, congo lines, great stuff. And my kids could come to it and have a blast and participate. They knew all the songs and played Morocco and egg shakers. It was a blast and I killed those congo songs, just saying. Pays to have gone through a reggae phase. Lol

The bad: Missed my friend today a lot and band family no longer with us. I wish there was a way for me to turn that off but for now, I feel it hard and do the best I can with God’s help.

The ugly: Got a bit lost on the way home and ended up very tired through Winter Haven. Oy. Must to printout my own directions and not rely on following someone. Lol 

But all in all, a tired but great day and gig. Glad to be home. Headed to the shower and then bed. Church tomorrow with my kids!!! I have a lot now… my two and the big bunch from church. Momma first and foremost. 😄❤

Tired Now

I started an exercise regiment for my kids now in school. This is because I started to notice more of them and it reminded me that they have my genes and will be prone to carry more with them. So, we are becoming healthier on purpose. And I realized that healthy takes a lot more energy and time. Lol So, in addition to a schedule busy with band gigs and church kids choir and landscape work, we are also doing school and extra healthy exercise and diet and stuff. So wow. And all these things happened in one day along with having to sight read a song for a wedding I was asked to play for with a cellist (practice was today). So that was fun. Everything in one day and I am exhausted. Literally exhausted. Doing a lot one day or a few days is a lot, but we are at a little more than a month of this pace now. Oy. Ready for a vacation. Figi, maybe? Hawaii? For now, I will say a prayer and go to sleep. Sweet dreams. Remember to make God your priority for He made you. Love you. Zzzzzzzz…❤

John 4:6

John 4:6. “Jacob’s well was there, and Jesus, tired as he was from the journey, sat down by the well. It was about noon.”

I find great comfort in the fact that even Jesus got tired from a great journey. We are on this journey of life and occasionally, like today, I get tired. I am in good company. I will sleep now and tomorrow be refreshed.❤