Honest Discussions Make the World a Better Place

Misunderstandings, anger, division, stress, disunity, all these and more can be eliminated with an honest and objective-as-possible discussion. And by honest, I mean adhering to truth as mentioned in the Bible. Honest discussion can even prevent disagreements! It is highly recommended for every social predicament fostered by misunderstandings and lies. I recommend it. A moment’s discomfort at bringing it up is worth millions of sleepless hours or added stress or division. Try an honest discussion today! You’ll wish you had tried it much earlier. (And be sure to pray first.) 😄❤

When All Else Fails, Talk About It

There is an unwritten stupidity in many of our heads that prefers to stew and mull things over and brood rather than having a potentially uncomfortable conversation. However, quite often the other party is not even bothered by the matter or at the least most often not to the same extent. Yet we brood and suffer and pity ourselves and fester in a darkness of our own making.

So, I have opted from now on to have those potentially difficult conversations here and now rather than decrease the years of my life over them when it may be avoided. Better a moment’s discomfort than a long drawn out death over it. Tired of that. Tired of keeping it in. I was not like that as a kid, and by golly I am tired of eggshells. I will walk rightly in the fruits of the Spirit so as not to harm anyone but I will not puss foot around anymore when a conversation needs to happen. Now that is proactive for everyone’s good. So much negativity and energy can be saved if real eye to eye conversations happen. So much good is done that way. And here is my new manifesto… Keep moving forward wisely but with fruit (of the Spirit). I will do the right thing as often as I can, every time if possible.😄❤

The Listening Ear

For about two months, I believe, two friends of mine way back in high school decided to earn a bit of extra money. They put an ad in the paper (what people did at that time) that they would listen to anyone talk about anything for $30 an hour, also placing a caviotte that they were not therapists, lawyers or professionals and would give no advice at all but just confidentially listen only. They received many, many calls and eventually withdrew the ad and quit when inundated with calls and really were overwhelmed with the burden of carrying so much information from all those people. A great entrepreneural construct gone awry. Made lots of money but sanity is worth far more than money.

I think of this story every time I listen to people. A listening ear is a great blessing or a great curse.

But a larger point is exposed and bare here. People need to talk and there are few to listen. People are few to listen partly because most people are so wrapped up in themselves, partly because no one wants the extra burden of hearing someone else’s reason to talk, and partly because it does not relate to them. And this is sad. Until. What a great word that is. Until the listener remembers that God listens to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we can point people to Him. God is our listener. And with a universe of experience and unlimited power and love, He is pretty good at both listening and helping. And if we can point people to Him, you will be giving them the best advice and tool of their lives. God is always with us, loving us and of course listening to us. Always. To eternity. Amazing. His ears are not slightly burdened by our sharing. And He can freely help with love too. Amazing. So our listening ear is a conduit of God to point people to Him. That is beautiful!❤

Tickling the Ears

I noticed blogs stroking the ego and positive blogs have much greater success than blogs which are introspective and critical of societal anti-Jesus’-way behaviors. Perhaps the latter are seen as judgmental or worse, condemning or strike a nerve of those wrestling with sin and feeling pretty bad about that. People want to feel good rather than be truly wise and want growth and improvement in the kingdom of God. And this used to tick me off because the Christians it was meant for were too much like the world we are supposed to be alien to. But I thought about this, the Lord popped into my head the following verse: (2 Timothy 4:2.) “Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. 3. For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. 4. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”

People want to hear good stuff, which is why we need to share the Word of God to everyone. Time is short and is certainly shorter today than yesterday. We need to strive for improvement and do a good job loving on people. Most of the time that is positive but sometimes correction is in order and we must be as encouraged and thankful for that than the good stuff. We need both to grow and be healthy b in our relationship with the Lord and others. ❤

10 Things to Say Everyday

Here is my short list of things to say every day at least once.

1. I love you.

2. Please and thank you.

3. Thank you, God.

4. What a beautiful day God has made!

5. I praise You, God, for Your glory.

6. Lord, I need help today.

7. I was just thinking about you.

8. Yes, Ma’am/Sir or yes, please and No, Ma’am or No,please.

9. You are most welcome.

10. Thank you, God, for all the blessing You have given me today.❤

Pondering the Still Small Voice of God AKA Telling Truth from Lie

In a world all tumbled up with lies, I just want to shed all that and listen to God who is Truth. But how do I know which voice is God’s and which is everything else’s lies? Here is what I have realized with God’s help, no doubt…

God has a still small voice. He is quiet. I remember the poignant sentence, “A lion does not need to scream that he is a lion, he just walks in and it is clear.” God is the quiet voice that is simple and clear and true. If there is confusion in it, it is not 100% truth, which is the only truth I am interested in. If there is confusion or distraction or mystery or dogma or power plays or money or lust or tech or twists or science or truth presented alongside the word “but”, all these are not 100% truth. So these things are all lies from the enemy of God to destroy the people God made and rule them prior to their destruction. Lies are the only way they can do this. So all that noise is not truth, is not God speaking. God speaks clearly in a still small voice. And He does this because He wants everyone saved, even the simple people He made. The simple love message from God is the truth. The Bible is truth and the Word of God. So when I get out in nature, I pray and listen and when I hear a bombardment of thoughts and temptations and ideas, I know that is not God speaking to me. So I dismiss those voices in Jesus’ name. When I pray a question and listen after praising God and saying the name of Jesus out loud in humble thanks, I will quite often get a quiet yes or no in my heart/soul. And that is it. Simple, clear. In general, the more a person talks, the less truth they are pushing. Convincing arguments generally derive from pride and levels of lies. The truth is straightforward. Generally, the less people say, the more true their words are. Not always, but most often. Remember that God is Truth and speaks in a still, small voice to a humble heart. Beware of any other words❤