As most of you know, I am an Audiologist, a Doctor of Audiology- hearing and balance systems, have been for 20 years. I have, for the last 15 or so years, done consulting work (even while I was working at other offices) for some very good hearing aid dispensers in the area in 4 office locations. This means I independently saw and tested patients for the insurance company to ensure they needed them and got what they needed. Why is this step necessary? Because Audiologists understand the entire hearing and balance system and are morally and ethically trained to do no harm. Hearing aid dispensers have no such disposition in general unless they choose to.

As I had to resign from doing consults due to a non-compete clause, the lady owner gave me grief, guilt trip, anger, bad mouthing the group who hired me, etc. To be truthful, I was surprised and want nothing to do with her in that attitude. In addition, she said hearing aid dispensers can do everything an Audiologist can do. That is ludicrous! 9 years of college on just the hearing and balance systems versus a 3 month course and passing a test to be a hearing aid dispenser. That shows either her ignorance or immaturity. I can diagnose, provide medical clearances, treat hearing problems, diagnose vestibular/balance problems and provide treatment, perform therapy, perform intraoperative monitoring, test for tumors, diagnkse and treat central processing disorders, diagnose and treat babies with hearing loss, teach and train about hearing and balance systems, evaluate work spaces for potential hearing harm, protect hearing from hearing loss, provide aural rehabilitation, etc.

So, I thought it might be helpful to know the difference between Audiologists and Hearing Aid Dispensers because even some dispensers don’t even know. It seemed necessary to show people the difference. I hope this was informative and please ask questions. Have a beautiful day!😃❤️

Hard Talks Start with Best Friend Talks

My son has a problem. I was using all my self-control not to be reactionary. My gut said “Call Shawn”, my best friend. I am so glad. She has walked this road with her children in years past (her kids are older than mine). And her faith is so very strong. It had to have been the Holy Spirit prompting me. I texted her- couldn’t call because was around too many ears. She prayed and gave me great, wise advice. I followed it and got through. Praise God for best friends and wise council!! God is so very good! He provides so much, blesses so richly and generously gives wisdom when we ask for it. Praise God!!😃❤️

OTC Treatment of Basal Cell Skin Cancer

So, I have a small patch of basal cell skin cancer that started on my left upper cheek after repeated sunburns there. It stayed dark pink then started getting white bumps on it and raised areas and started spreading.

As I don’t have health insurance and the medical system is ridiculously expensive and won’t do a thing without an expensive biopsy. That, mixed with the fact that basal cell skin cancer is not life-threatening but just unsightly, I searched for over the counter self-treatment options and this is the treatment plan. It is based on science that highly acidic (or basic for that matter) environments kill cancer.

Materials: cotton balls, bandaids, hydrogen peroxide, Bragg’s apple cider vinegar

Technique before bed: 1. Wash area with soap and water. 2. Fill hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) cap with H2O2 and hold tightly against skin over area for 30 seconds. 3. Pull off about 1/3 cotton ball and dip it into the apple cider vinegar. Have two bandaids ready to apply. 4. Apply vinegar cottonball to problem area and apply crisscross bandaids on top (cover the cottonball completely). Go to sleep. (If you can’t handle a little burning pain, take an ibuprofin 15 min. before you do this.)

5. It will tingle or burn, depending on the depth penetrating, this means it is working. Hang in there. It will get bigger and uglier before it clears up, you are drawing up all the extended root system you cannot see on the surface layer. Parts may be red or black and skin will be rough looking halfway through- all part of it. 6. In the morning, remove the bandaids and wash with soap and water. Apply 30 second hydrogen peroxide in cap held tightly to the skin again. Wash with soap and water gently. Pat dry. Apply vitamin E or C oil or bag balm or mary kay night cream or some soothing cream. Put a dry bandaid on top to protect and not scare people and minimize questions. 7. Repeat steps 1-6 for up to 5 weeks or 2 days after red or black is completely gone from the skin.

Now, I caught it early and have been doing these treatments for 2 weeks and 1 day and I will show the pictures I took (tried to take them in the same spot, same light, same distance from the camera). I just have a little redness now so may be done in 3 weeks, will see. I hope you have found this information helpful.

Basal cell skin cancer on cheek. Has raised areas, is bumpy hard to see, detected early
Basal cell skin cancer 3 days into treatment. Area has increased and more brown/red areas

Basal cell skin cancer 1 week into treatment. Bigger and more dark spots, the roots coming up.

Basal cell skin cancer 1 1/2 weeks into treatment.

Basal cell skin cancer 2 weeks into treatment.

Basal cell skin cancer area today. Getting there.

Social Graces. Anyone?

The biggest social flaws of our present day deal with the overall topic of lack of social graces. To me, it is not old-fashioned to be polite and make eye contact with and give whole attention to the person you are speaking to. Attention please, has often been my thought of late. I detest the expressionless and evasive, distracted phone starers that try to talk to me or wait on me at the register (if there’s an actual real person at one).

Generally, people don’t look at you and talk anymore. No one is important or respected enough to stop texting or scrolling to speak with them. It is sad and pathetic. Communication used to be celebrated, an art form, and those who were good at it prospered. Now people don’t even care. It is a strange world we live in.

I believe we who care can change that one conversation at a time. Let’s put our phones down and talk to people. Let’s make a goal of 30 minutes of eye contact every day in conversation. Let’s be polite and courteous and loving. This showd love and respect. When we stop and give full attention, it says, “You are important enough for me to listen and reapond to you. I don’t want to miss what you are conveying with your words or expressions/body language.” We might start a trend.😃❤️