Understanding or Not

There must be an enormous generosity in place within two conversationalists in order for hearing and understanding to occur. Both have to be humble enough to receive information and process it in the context it was meant. If one or both are too full of self/pride, either the hearing will be faulty or the understanding/wisdom within the context will be flawed. This flawed understanding happens in sublings, friends, marriages, nations, leaders, business, and it is never a good thing. This is one of many reasons God emphasizes the maintenance of humility as a characteristic we strive to live. God knows the importance of humbleness in communication and understanding, and really, what good comes from misunderstandings? So God knows what He is doing and please attempt to remain humble for His sake and that of all those around you. Everyone wins.❤


I Dare You to Go Have a Conversation

Today, I dare you to have three conversations, none of which involve any technology whatsoever. Think about who and what to say and look them in the eye and say it and wait for a response. It doesn’t have to be long but you have to be engaged and smiling. I dare you. ❤

The Power of Conversation

You know, as long as you you aren’t in the habit of over-using words, words have amazing power. Our thoughts and ideas matter and what we say and how we say it, especially when being shared with someone else wanting to converse, hold such enormous power. A conversation can change perspectives, soften hearts, harden them or share ideas meaningfully. It all depends how it is used. A good conversation is time well spent and never underestimate its potential. That is why prayer is so powerful, why relationships can be better, why perspectives can change. These conversations are vital and necessary to growth. Always make room and time for a good conversation. Always beneficial. ❤

Nipping Problems in the Bud

We had to let our lead singer go in our band for a myriad of reasons which everyone left agreed upon. And he did not accept our decision that was best for him/his deteriorating health as well as the band, so he decided to be divisive by calling other band members and causing problems and whining like a child. So, here we have a problem, a potentially big one. But his tactics were ineffectual. Why? How do you nip problems in the bud? Here is the easiest way… good communication. We talk. My husband says “Adults talk”. Children whine, adults talk. That is it. We talked. I talked and explained for the decision we had wrestled over for a freakishly long time and our line of reasoning beforehand. Then the band was prepared for his childish antics and knew we were on the right page. Some people’s pride will not release them of wanting to do what they feel good doing even if their health is compromised and a good friend steps in to intervene and save them from their self. And my conscience is clear and everyone is good and excited about our new members and energy and new songs again and we are moving forward together, more united for it and clear of conscience knowing we did the right thing for him and us. Good communication accomplishes that. And of course before any communication occurs, we pray first and God provides the right words at the right time for the right reasons. So really it is two fold… good communication with God and with everyone else. And then the details, good or bad, will work themselves out. ❤ 

Good Communication

The key is that good communication relies on a series of words conveyed, the hearing of this words, the reaction of the listener, and their return words. If there is damage to any of those parts or additional parts added (like body language, tone, eye contact or lack thereof, distractions, additions because of reading into it because of damage, intentional biases, any other thing or energy level or illness or frustration with the neighbor’s cat or weird things digesting or whatever, good, meaningful communication falls apart. It is one thing to say something, even flawlessly, and it can be quite another to be heard as intended and read properly, without insight into intentions or woundedness. So there is a problem we all have with communication these days, it seems. So, I pray more. I pray that I will say the right words at the right time for the right reasons and be heard that way. I think we all need to pray that more. You can mean something well and then be misinterpreted unwittingly or purposefully. So pray. ❤