Clean Freak

I am not a clean freak but I am recently very much like a clean freak lately. I spring cleaned our house over spring break, mom’s house over last week and this one and Great Aunts Evelyne and Ellen yesterday. I am headed over to finish mom’s cleaning up. And for someone who is not a clean freak, I sure am acting like it lately. Lol

I am thankful for n opportunities to serve people because it is always serving God also. That energizes me for things I don’t enjoy. I always remember Jesus didn’t rnjoy what He went through for n us but He did it anyone to show us love. So the least I can do for Him is show love by being inconvenienced. Life is acting about Him and not me. And it is a good life!❤


The Joy of Serving

My family just got home from Sebring, where my Great Aunts Evelyne and Ellen live and we had the joy of serving them! We got to spring clean their Florida porch top to bottom. We are exhausted but God gave us a beautiful day and it is still beautiful.

What a joy it is to serve! And we had a picnic lunch afterwards on that porch we had cleaned. How delightful to help as a family someone who cannot do these things themselves! What a great day!!!😄❤

An Inch

My son grew an inch overnight. Seriously. And don’t get me started on his shoe size. I should have invested in Nike- shoes, cleats, ugh!

I realize my son is becoming a man. He sounds like a frog when he talks. I will only hear the voice I knew as my son’s from recordings I had taken. He pays attention to his appearance. He has girls interested in him. He is growing up.

But I am not sad that I am losing my little boy who I wanted my whole life since high school graduation. I am hopeful that I have a young man who will be and is a good man, a good friend, a good husband, a good father, a good American and most of all a good Christian. This was always my goal, not to keep him forever but to give him to God to become a man God loves and blesses. And after many conversations with my son, we are definitely headed the right direction. I am so thankful!!❤

When God Corrects Me

Sometimes I screw up and sometimes is being nice. However, God sees fit, in His amazing and infinite grace and mercy, to correct me. I used to hate that because I was a bit of a control freak when I thought I was right and intended right to happen of my own volition. I have matured, thank God and n only because of Him, and release control to God, who is actually capable of carrying our the absolute best in any situation. I have been wrong lately in my thinking. And He showed me this tonight. And great was my praise.

The surest sign that you are maturing is that each time you screw up takes less time for you to realize it, confess and repent, become humble enough for all that in thr first place, and praise God for His wisdom and sovereignty over everyone and everything. And I really don’t want to go over my screw up and bring more attention to myself. I really want to n lift up the name of Jesus and glorify God. I want Him to have all the props because my obedience of Him is also due to His grace and mercy. He sees fit to correct and loves me enough to love me back every time. It is truly beautiful how He works n in my life in every big thing and every little thing. And I love seeing my kids love Him too. Makes my day! God is so very good friend!! 😄❤❤❤

Old Town Gig Tonight with Blue

We had a gig tonight and my son’s dad messed up our weekends again so Blue (our dog) had to come with us to the gig. The gig was 7pm-11pm in Kissimmee, so was a late night for all of us, especially when the kids and Blue are in bed by 9pm. So I had no idea how it would all work out. And Blue was great, and after much prayer that he would not try to eat any tiny dogs, he was fine all night. And he got a bunch of attention and love also… so glad we got him bathed before we went. A great night and I am thankful. God is good at helping with huge things and these little tiny details. Praise God!😄❤

The Beauty of God’s Design

The way God created everything is perfect. If you just sit and ponder the scope of the world He made, the love He fashioned it with, the fingerprints He left behind in it, it just leaves me speechless. This is why I write. Words flow better onto paper than out of my mouth. But I love sitting out in His creation, feeling every bit a part of His masterpiece, and just ponder His perfection and glory. That is my favorite thing to do. While hiking or rowing a boat or sleeping in a tent or walking. And now that I am older, I also enjoy just sitting and looking at it. Just amazing!😄❤

Remembering a Dream

I used to love the idea of a cabin in the woods close to the farm. It is still a beautiful thought. I saw one today being built step by step in the woods in Canada. It was sweet.

No matter what little dream you have, it is never too late to realize it. I may have to wait for heaven, but I am quite sure God has built what we have been passionate about for us, or something even better with that flavor. But dreaming is never bad. It gives hope, lightens thoughts, brings happiness.

The dream of helping troubled youth is still there also. And someday I may realize that dream as well. In the meanwhile, I play piano at church, teach Sunday school for women, homeschool my kids, be the best wife I can be for my husband and the Lord, and help wherever I can.

This is the deal. We work faithfully for the Lord with the bigger lingering dream in our minds and hearts and who knows. Keeping your ear to the ground and a bit of well timed blessings and sweat equity may find your hopes someday becoming a reality. Keep your dream. In doing so, you keep your passion. And in being faithful to God n in obedience, you prove you are worthy of that dream.❤