Poolside Pleasures

The kids and I went to the pool

After the house was clean.

We exercised and splashed and played

And rested after, so serene.

And God has blessed us with a pool

At Grandma’s house, so close

And what a blessing it is indeed

That they clean it also.πŸ˜„β€


Every Morning is New

Every morning starts your life over. Sleeping is a reset and recharge. Morning starts new with new opportunities, new grace from God. Stop worrying for today is all you have to think about. You have one thing to do. When that is completed, do the next thing. Fresh. New. Do away with the past, it no longer exists. Forgive all hurts and pains from yourself and others. Forgive freely because God forgives freely and you want Him to forgive you freely. Be as generous with others as you want God to be to you. Every day is a new start to do this. God says love today, serve today, forgive today, pray today. This is your only job. It helps to look at this day through the lens of eternity. In fact, we have a goal. We have a goal of eternity with Christ, eternal life with Him in heaven. And if we live this new day here with that perspective, it is simple, doable, lovely. Then tomorrow, you have a fresh new day again. Each day you life with the goal of eternity. This, my friend, is a beautiful day. And that will always be true.❀

Lamentations 3:22. “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. 23. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

The Flow of the Spirit

The Holy Spirit working in us is not usually a dramatic work, although He can function however He wants. He is God. I will never limit Him. But the Holy Spirit most often works in a beautiful flow. A flow of truth, of thought, of shows of love, of generous encouragement. We can easily stifle His gentle urging by distractions, loudness, super-activity, sin, clinging to unforgiveness, many things. But when the Holy Spirit is flowing in your life and you free yourself (or humbly ask God to free you) to listen and move with His flow, it is peaceful, joyful, gentle, kind, good, loving, patient, faithful, self-controlled and is intrinsically hopeful. There is a reason we need Him. These things are life to the soul and eternal life. Beautiful flow. ❀❀❀

Today’s Grace

So, a few good things happened today. I bleached then washed and scrubbed the windows and will re-caulk them once they have dried. Cracks have developed and one coat is not enough in Florida, folks. Also, we are insulating our electrical outlets that are on outside walls. We are insulating thr sliding patio doors and adding a new threshold to our front door and complete the replacement of our lights to LEDs. And whenever they get around to it, the installers will be here of a new solar turbo attic fan to reduce the power use and strain of the air conditioner to work. All these things are paying for themselves in no time at all and will complete our home to an energy efficient one. And that to me is the grace of God at work. He provides blessings to lift n our burdens- spiritual first and then that trickles down to financial and physical. And I want you to know that God provides what we need when we need it if we stay close to Him and stay humble. He truly rewards the pure in heart with the greatest rewards. I would be ok with heaven sometimes, an eternity with Him. But His grace and provision do not ever stop, know no bounds. He keeps loving, keeps giving, keeps blessing, keeps forgiving, keeps improving us. Wish everyone could see it, wish everyone could be filled with humility and draw close to Jesus and see it all. It is beautiful! Oh how I love Him.❀

Fence Phase 1 Complete

Today we finished phase 1 of the fence. We covered the posts with overlapping 1″x8″x8′ boards, elevated 1 inch for a subtle decorative feature. Came out beautiful and sturdy. Super happy to be finished with the greatest phase in size and demension. We start phase 2 tomorrow and that is very cool. Thank God. And another matter of thanks is our new favorite treat that we will be making a habit of. After mowing and a good shower, I took the kids skating. What fun! I forgot how fun skating was. My daughter’s first time. My son is a natural, faster than I am! We had a ball and it was a lovely cheap date for us. Fantastic!πŸ˜„β€

So Love This Holiday!

What a beautiful day! We have had so much fun all day long with a picnic family reunion (I finally got to cook for it!). Kids had a great time. We got to catch up with everyone. And we are about to top it off now with a great fireworks display. Happy Birthday, America!